Is it me or is cloaking useless?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by xanos, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. xanos

    I know people can see through my cloak when i get close, but why can i be seen over fifty meters away?

    Combined with the useless close combat weapons and there is no reason to use a infiltrator to infiltrate with. As soon as you try, you are dead.
  2. ThElement078

    You're not really supposed to charge into battle even whole cloaked, think of cloaking as a defence, moving from cover to cover and taking some shots, by doing that and flanking the enemy I you should be more effective. From the enemies flank, approach them from the back then unleash hell, try using scout rifle, their not much they are still the best you've got for close combat. Remember, your enemy can't look behind you, once you get one or 2 kills, immediately cloak and run the hell away, try jumping and swerving from side to side to confuse the enemies. Be warned though, It's very high risk and you have a high chance of dying.
  3. ThElement078

    In other words, use it wisely and invest in certs and you'll find it useful, Although it DOES need a buff....
  4. Verral

    In beta the cloak would be highly visible on low graphic settings, basically making you more visible than you are normally. I do not know if this has been fixed or not.
  5. xanos

    I already do this. I dont charge into combat wearing the cloak, dont be silly.

    The thing is that it dont seem to make any kind of difference at any range! What use is it if it dont help!

    As for the scout rifles, they are useless. I have emptied a entire mag into a un(super)shielded heavy assault and he just turn around and kill me.
  6. m44v

    Go to a warpgate, ask a friendly infil to cloak and stay still, strafe left and right while looking at him. You are kidding yourself in you even think that that's camouflage. I have been able to OHK enemy infiltrators while they stayed cloaked from long range because is easy to see.

    Sniping is the only thing infiltrators are useful.
  7. iEatGlue

    What m44v said. I snipe cloaked cloakers all the time at long range (with default graphic settings). You can also see their outline with IRNV scopes.

    Good snipers don't need the cloak and good infiltrators play light assault.
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  8. Scan

    Totally agree. The infiltrator just isn't good at infiltration. Cloak is noisy and well it's not doing the job it should. As soon as I activate/deactivate it people will be alerted. And they will see you every time if they come looking. What the hell US the use of having a stealth suit that's so loud it might as well yell "infiltrator in your direct vicinity!!!"

    Someone with half a brain wont be fooled by your cloak. It's too easy to spot if you know what you are looking for and you'll know as soon as you hear the sound.

    Either do something about the noise, make us "not" die from being hit by three hits, or make us way more harder to spot.

    Otherwise we're doomed to being snipers with a really tight suit that can make you change into a big mirror.
  9. Ashur

    If you put your settings on low you will not only see cloaked infiltrators, they will shine white and become a massive target. So yes, cloak is **** unless you're using it to just get in to sniping position.
  10. Stordito

    Devs, reconsider shotguns or close combat weaponry.
    also give him claymores or mines or some other explosives IN GOOD QUANTITY.
    infiltrators should be able to hack common pool vehicles and jam sensors/vehicles/turrets, too. imho

    this class is useless as it is.
    so sad because it was starting to get fun again.

    I always played as infiltrator back in PS1, now I don't see any reason to spend any time (or money) into that.

    please please please
  11. Flaeb

    You buff cloaks, then they will add Darklight or something to spot cloakers. I like it the way it is, don't use cloak to run through enemies. Instead, use it to run from cover to cover until you're behind enemy lines, then you can start causing trouble.

    If you're playing as a sniper, it's great to snipe people, then stealth to reposition every 5 kills, by doing so, the enemy will be confused in trying to find you. Stealth is fantastic. Keep practicing and exploit it's advantages.
  12. Ghoest

    The cloak isnt useless.
    Its a highly effective tool to use with proper movement.

    You cant just cloak and be invisibly invincible - you actually have to play smart with it.

    you learn to move from cover to cover. You sneak behind people. You never stop moving in the open - unless you are shooting someone in the back..
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  13. iEatGlue

    IRNV scope.
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  14. Flaeb

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  15. Goats

    Nope, it was like that for a week or two in beta, but before that they were completely invisible, even while sprinting, on low settings. We're back to that again, it's a huge pain in the ***.
  16. Moomington

    Funnily enough, no matter in what direction I actually look, my character or someone else automatically yells ''Keep your eyes peeled, we've got a cloaker!'' or something in that direction.
  17. Ripshaft

    lol it's you. Your cloak is exceptionally effective camo, but it's not total invis. If the enemy already knows where you are, you need to be crafty with how you use it, not just assume that they wont see you. The cloak is in a pretty good place, just learn to use it.
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  18. Scorponok

    and from what ive seen the cloak seems to block out most of the heat you give off as well towards those that use IR.

    The cloak has its uses but don't expect it to make you totally invisible to the enemy. I can more often than not track a cloaked sniper to their new spot and take them out when they settle down but you lose sight of everything else. It's great for getting out of sticky situations and squating in the nook of tree while everyone runs by you. You need to learn what areas it most effectively conceals you in. If you're on top of a damn hillside or rock silhouetted against the sky or have far off objects in the background you're dead. Any idiot that is looking for a cloaked infiltrator and has some sort of pattern recognition will notice the fuzzy wall that shouldn't be there.Hidden in the nook of a tree, rock crag while dirty TR/NC run by, you're golden.
  20. Terezi

    If it was full cloaking it would still be eh because of Infils none too stellar close range. Also try slipping past distracted enemies with it instead of hyper aware ones, you'll have a much higher success rate.