[BUG] Is AntiAliasing Not Working At All? The Game Has Noticably Worse AA After The Update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tortricat, Nov 19, 2022.

  1. Tortricat

    When I got into the Sanctuary it was a jaggy edged mess, choosing the new AA options in graphics settings did nothing at all, disabling it and changing it showed no visual difference, I also restarted the game after choosing a AA setting, still no difference. I also changed my AMD graphics options to "enhance the application setting" from "over ride" and no difference, also no difference when setting it to "use application setting".

    The AA settings are completely useless for me, nothing works, anyone else experiencing the same issue?

    My Specs
    Gigabyte Gaming OC 6800XT
    Intel i7 12700kf
    16GB Kingston 5200mhz DDR5 Ram (But I think it is set to 4800 mhz)
    ASRock Z690 PG Velocita Motherboard
    Western Digital Black SN850 NVMe

    AA looks much worse than before, while it is not as noticeable outside of Sanctuary, I can still notice the annoying jaggy edges on structures more than I could before. I know it is much worse because I get a lot more FPS now.

    Previously, before the graphics update I played at a super resolution beyond my native 4k 55" Hisense H9G TV at 5120x2880 and I would get 60-90 FPS in large battles all high/ultra settings with Shadows off and Ambient Occlusion off, fog shadows off. Now I can play at 5760x3240 and I get 80-110FPS in big battles, this is because AA has degraded in quality.
  2. Grandizer

    The patch notes did say TAA needs refinement, coming in a future update.

    I just logged in after updating today. As soon as I came into the game, it was set as Edge AA and to me, on a 3070 TI, it looked worse. Just the overall visuals seems, off. Can't put my finger on it. Inside warpgate spawn, it's like looking at the game through a filter, like the contrast has been washed out. Ima mess around with the map and see what happens. It could be the sky ambiance and it's effect on the terrain. Esamir, right now, has a hazy winterlike sky so maybe it's just rendering different than I'm used to.
  3. CalineLaBourrine

    For now it's disgusting, it's a horror a shame. Only the FXAA works, if the TAA is not functional soon I will say goodbye to my change.
  4. Tortricat

    None of it works for me.
  5. Tortricat

    This is horrible, the devs seem to not know how to implement anti aliasing on their game engine. Its a jaggy mess that annoys me, it is very bad and needs to be fixed or I will quit this game and so will many others, bad anti alising ruins gameplay because it is annoying to look at.
  6. Tortricat

    Does no one care about this? It is a serious problem. This supposed graphics update did nothing to, I don't notice any difference, I only notice that it is worse with how bad AA has become.