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  1. RyanGUK

    I'm using PSA just because I'm evil & know it'll get your attention muahahaha. For good reason though.

    Just had a thought and wanna know whether I'm right or wrong in how Instant Action works, and whether there's a way to make it more effective.

    As I understand right now, Instant Action (I'll call it IA from now on) is just a redeployment to the places where the biggest fights are. It doesn't reflect whether your faction is winning or losing, it just boosts the amount of people in that area, so you could be joining a battle and being on the losing end of it or the winning end. IA only gives you the biggest battles on the continent you're currently on. Correct me if I'm wrong for any of the above

    So as much as thats fan dabby dabby, everybody loves a big fight and all that, is it that useful? I'm thinking it could be used differently as a reinforcements tool instead of a "heres the big *** fights" tool.

    With IA being changed to a reinforcements redeploy, you could use it so that you can deploy cross-continent to the places where your faction is most outnumbered. If there's nobody in that hex and it's being ghost capped, it'll send you on your merry way to that point to try and defend, and if you defend correctly you should get both a reinforcement and defense bonus (imo).

    Where I think this'll excel though is when you have like a massive zerg coming towards a base, you're holding it down and then all of a sudden, all your comrades drop from the sky to assist you, levelling up the playing field and really creating a more even fight which I believe is better than a big one that's one sided.

    It'd have to be tuned like an enormous amount but I just don't think many new players pay attention to the "Reinforcements Needed" bit of the map, and I don't think that shows cross-continent either. Hell, you could have reinforcements needed feature to prioritize what users need to what the game thinks you should be doing!

    Thoughts on this?
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  2. z1967

    Darnit I took the bait. You got me there.

    Other than the abuse that the PSA tag gets, then yes I like this improvement over the current system.
  3. Akeita

    The current instant action tends to drop us behind the front line of the enemy. Always use a stalker cloak/Underboss loadout when I use that button :/
  4. RyanGUK

    That's another thing isn't it, it never really drops you near anything. At most it should drop you next to a sunderer or a squad beacon.

    If you're reading this thread and agree, please post to say & give it some attention! :(