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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Moonheart, May 15, 2015.

  1. Moonheart

    I've certed everything I wanted to have on my infiltrator and on my battle flash, and now I'm going to start to cert the sunderer for the few cases I pull one from an enemy terminal as an emergency measure.

    From an infiltrator's point of view, what do you think is the best way to cert the sunderer?
  2. Navron

    If you're pulling a Sundy as an Infil, it's probably for deployment or gate diffusing purposes. Otherwise, there's no real reason (yet) to pull one from an Infil's "point of view". And if you're solo for gate diffusing, it'd be cheaper to get a Harrasser. So for the Sundy, deployment shield and probably AA weapons.
  3. BloodyG

    Stealth for small battles, deployment Shield for big ones and i use Firesuppression if things get hairy it can save you.

    You should already know how to get in most Bases without Gate Shield Diffuser so its not really needed, it's more usefull for a BattleBus though.
  4. Procyon72

    I think stealth is useless on a sundy. Your sunderer will either get found by people following the trail of players spawning at it, or by those who see it with their naked eye. As in, not on the minimap. It is a big vehicle after all.
    GateShieldDiffusor is situational, if you know the baselayout you dont need it nine times out of ten. Especially as an infiltrator who can simply spawn the sundy inside the enemy base.

    I would go with

    FireSup, because GSD is useless to me and so is smoke
    Deployshield, so my sundy doesnt die to a single soldier
    Racer, because its just better for everything
    Kobalt with Zoom, to take out enemy infantry
    Walker with Zoom, to prevent ESFs from farming you

    no AV weapon, because no av weapon will save you from a tank when you are deployed and solo.

    If you really want to go into Sunderer, i suggest you also get one with dual Furys and drive that to the Point of the Base. Requires some friends though.
  5. BloodyG

    Stealth can be useful if you can pull the Sundy unnoticed and you play solo or with few friends, but most of the time i use Deployshield too.
  6. breeje

    i use the battle bus whit dual fury's when i play with friends to attack the tanks from inside the base
    if you friends have good aim and trigger discipline the battle bus can flip the fight
    deploy shields with dual fury's to make an inside base spawn point
    this is when i stop playing as infil and go as engi or max

    but the real infil sunder will be placed outside the base with stealth
    somewhere high for snipers and somewhere with good cover for the smg infil
    i am planing to use the cloak shield when it comes out for this play style
    now i wish that i could lock my sunder so that only friends and teammates could spawn from my sunder
    to prevent players that run directly to the base or stay close to my sunder to shoot at the enemy
  7. DirArtillerySupport

    Did you fully cert the motion spotter?
  8. Moonheart

    Yes, but this is not a recon rent post, thank you
  9. DirArtillerySupport

    Don't quite know what that means...but nothing beats Fury+Thermal+ Motion Spotter. License to slaughter.
  10. Moonheart

    How is it actualy working?
  11. DirArtillerySupport

    You see arrows running towards you on the minimap and you're already lined up on their glowing heads before they come around the corner. You can even fire before they appear.
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