Infiltrators need a HUGE boost to invisibility or their 100 shields back

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  1. NXR1

    Well HA engineer and Medic really are the only 3 classes that need 1000 health since LA is a commando/scout class and Infiltrator is an infiltration scorched earth class with weapons for all ranges and when they nerf the HA shield most likely infil will replace it as the frontline soldier role while heavies will purely be for anti vehicle
  2. Zero M0nster

    I really think that we should just get our 100 shields back, because IMO the devs will never change the cloak visibility stuff.
  3. Rikkit

    Nope not gonna happen, the infil brings not enough firepower to the tabel to replace a havy.
    An Infiltrator can't supress a door, or anything else, and base capturing is all about supression...
    The closest class to havy is the medic. with his aoe heal, he has a bigger effektive health pool than other classes (except havy)
    And the medic has access to AR wich are one of the strongest weapon classes in game.
    also have you ever tried to break a medic rezz partyl?

    Long live the necromancer!
  4. ALTRego

    Don't have a clue what the OP is trying to say. I have no problems with any of the other classes when I play a cloak. Most guys like to brag about how they takedown all these cloaks. I haven't seen any changes to my playstyle nor do I expect one in the future.
  5. Yeahy

    Infi will replace the frontline soldier role?
  6. Scorponok

    give infiltrators back their shotguns and everyone will be happy ^^
  7. OldMaster80

    Yeah everyone loves being instakilled by someone you can barely see coming. Btw I've been playing infiltrator for 60 % of the time over the last 2 years.

    The class doesn't need any change, this thread is just a rant from a player that clearly has no skill.
  8. Scorponok

    i know i was being sarcastic :) ive seen from alpha/beta what that went down when infiltrators had shotguns lol. it was a disaster.
  9. NXR1

    Weapons for all ranges and the only real long range weapons cloaking device so you can get behind your enemy you can hack terminals and spawn vehicles you can hack turrets and destroy vehicles when the HA gets his NMG shield nerfed then probably very few people will play as him and a large amount of people will go infiltrator making infil the most played class and the most useful
  10. Leftconsin

    Infiltrators need to stay nerfed because of shotguns.
  11. DrPapaPenguin

    Cloak is not, never was and never will be an invisibility hat. Its more of a very high quality camo net.
  12. ChironV

    OP: I feel your pain.
    As time goes on more and more people are becoming experienced with the visual effect of infils.

    As a result I have had to back my sniping off to 230m to 250m range. This of course makes it problematic because of rendering lag.
    Doing close quarters work with an SMG is almost impossible due to time restrictions of hunter cloak and the fact that other infils are dumping down lots of motion sensors.

    Now I am forced to use stalker and my commissioner for close engagements.
    Stalker - Commisioner, motion sensor, grenade belt - emp nades, anti-emp effect implant

    Emp nade with the anti-emp effect implant means that my shield is up and running while the enemy just had theirs stripped off by the nade. One knife shot, or 2 commissioner shots (depending on if they had nanoweave on)

    Motion sensor is also good bait. Put it out in a out of the way spot and when an enemy pops up to destroy it, emp nade them and mow em down when their shield goes out.

    Setting out a motion sensor can get you mad detects when in heavily assaulted base, not to mention it gives valuable intel to all your friendlies in the area.

    Pace your movement when using stalker. Having your cloak drop makes a noise. So does starting it up. You should pace yourself so the only time you drop your cloak is when you are behind an enemy with your commissionar against their skull.

    Still with the current state of the game, yeah you will die alot.
  13. Axehilt

    Seems fine to me. Out of the classes which aren't completely and utterly broken (MAX), Infiltrators remain my highest KPH and usually highest K/D class. Mostly SMG with a little Scout Rifle and very little Sniper Rifle play.

    It's a brutal, aggressive class and the invisibility is enough to minimize incoming damage and constantly wipe enemy spotting unless they have good detection (which EMP nades can knock out, even though they're still rather underpowered overall and deserve a buff.)
  14. Champagon

    I consider myself a horrible infil player.

    However when i am in the mood for sniping or stabbing people i find it pretty easy to get around infantry and snip/stab from behind, it's all on how you play the class. I think infil cloak is fine right where it is.

    If people are noticing you then you are doing it wrong.
  15. Seryi

    Cloak works fine for its intended purpose, you just have to remember that cloak is NOT invisibility. You're harder to spot, not impossible to spot, especially when running around.

    The way you properly use cloak is with the idea that you'll be able to go unnoticed on someone's peripheral vision when they're running around in a heated battle. You should NOT be relying on it to keep you hidden when someone is looking straight at you. Even Stalker cloak isn't foolproof.
  16. iller

    well thank you for clarifying.... ....I think any of us who've tried stalking around a base have been randomly gibbed by PPA atleast a dozen times by now. Kinda hard not to be when Magriders can still dance around on top of cliffs that we can't even climb up without jetpacks...
  17. Maljas23

    Its more like active camo than actual invis. Treat and use it as such.
  18. Bruhja

    Infiltrators get smg's and handguns that hands down ttk faster than point blank shotguns loaded with slugs.

    If anything is BS it would be that.

    Just tonight I was toe to toe with an infil and his pdw killed me outright before my shotgun could get enough rounds out to kill him, never mind the fact that I hit him 2x's inside of 5 feet with slugs.

    Or a commissioner having more base damage than a shotgun or even an LMG. Someone needs to go back to physics class me thinks.

    This happens way too much.

    Its almost like in an effort to make the infils balanced with the other classes they went to far in some respects.

    Invisadudes should not be able to instagib.
  19. breeje

    as a infil i believe the cloak/health are good and balanced to other classes
    if i have to change 1 thing to become more balanced then i would ad 4/5 sec to the cloak before it drains
  20. LightningWolfTigrBer

    Well there's your problem.