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  1. Midax

    This is crazy, you sound like you are trying to turn infiltrators into a super solder or something.

    The breath delay is not that huge a deal. If they are only stopped for such a short amount of time that the breath delay makes you miss, then you have a very good chance of having them move out of the way while the bullet was in flight. Move in a little closer or move to a spot that you are flanking some cover they are using.

    You haven't used the cloak once in 20 hours or do you mean the prox censer? Either way both are useful for base assaults. Just because you haven't had a need for it doesn't mean they are bad. I use my Prox censer to keep an eye on generators I have overloaded to catch engineers trying to repair them.

    You do have a knife and pistol. They both work. I do wish that you could one shot people with a knife to the back. There are some close range rifles you can get. I am pretty sure each side gets one full auto rifle, one simi rifle, and one bolt rifle that can take 1x to 4x scopes. I personally use the bolt action for close in work because it is still a one shot kill on a head shot and at short range with a red dot it is ridiculously easy to get a head shot.

    Infiltrators don't have jetpacks for the same reason LA don't get scoped DMR like engineers and HA do. They don't want people to easily get up in perches with long range weapons. Get someone to drop a spawn beacon or galaxy drop onto a good spot.

    The exp rate on infiltrators is very fast as it is. When you have a nice zerg on zerg battle the exp just comes rolling in. No other class can pull in exp as fast, the only thing that can come close is a well run lib crew bombing the hell out of a zerg. When you don't have a massive zerg battle to feed you exp you can infiltrate a base and get good exp hacking and bringing down generators, kind of a crazy idea huh.
  2. altonyc

    I think the breath holding is fine. You think it's annoying for one shot? At least you don't have to hit your enemy 3-4 times (the breath hold doesn't usually last this long for me). That is something fine with the infiltrator.

    I really want a cqc weapon for the infiltrator. When they had shotguns during beta, I loved it, but I do recognize that it was probably overpowered to give the cloaker a gun with such a small ttk. An SMG would be really nice (something like the TR pistol, at least; I play Vanu, so I get the beamer...not a very fast kill, and my inconsistent fps at short ranges makes semiauto difficult to get headshots with). Knife is fine, you do it Halo style, shoot the guy a couple times in the head then melee to finish him off. It would be nice if the infiltrator had weapons conducive to infiltration instead of sniping, since I mainly hack with my inf, but I can deal.
  3. MrMurdok

    As far as the sniper role, the Infiltrator does fine, I just got back from a one hour play session where I made 60 certs picking off whoever was brave enough to stick his/hers head out in the open.

    Scout rifles are a welcomed addition, I'll need to check more into them before giving an accurate opinion on them, HOWEVER, I would love to see more options of hacking/going behind enemy lines for us. For example:
    1. sabotaging/converting AMS Sundies
    2. converting stranded MANA Turrets
    3. lazing tanks for airstrikes/missile strikes (friendly players controlled, of course)
    4. some sort of demolition charge we could plant on tanks if they don't pay attention

    Yeah... 2cents fired away
  4. Aktarus

    something who disturb me alot to is that light assault soldier get C4 but we dont im fine with their jetpack if we had it we would be OP with the ability to go in insane sniping spot wich is already possible via aircrafts...... but srsly should be one of our main role as infiltrator to sneak into position and plant c4 on peoples who hides in a well defended camping spot......
  5. Warhawke

    Actually that was essentially what snipers were in PS1. We had the sniper rifle, ammo for that rifle and another primary weapon in the event the enemy needed some close end love and affection.
  6. iller

    This is a good point of course, but I think the overlying problem is that every other class in the game is way TOO accurate with all of their weapons while in near-constant motion. Yeah they're using the whole "spread while sprinting" Mechanic that I guess is a staple of most FPS's these days. And it's a good system in theory. But they forgot one little important detail: ....you don't just suddenly "Aim perfectly" a split second later just b/c you stopped sprinting. If there was some kind of delay after sprinting before reduced spread kicked in on all these other classes, then the INF would get a lot more opportunities to "win with accuracy".