Inf cert suggestions

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by xkefKa, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. xkefKa

    Ok here's the deal,I like to play inf a lot,I know they have some problems at the moment,but I'm hoping SoE can change them with time :)

    For the snipers and beta players,Im playing terran,aside from getting SR-7 bolt action when I can,what should I be focusing first as an INF? what certs?

    I enjoy long range sniping a lot,going around the bases,finding a confortable spot,shoot some ppl,move,shoot some more,never to be seen, x12 scope seems a pretty obvious choice attached to any sniper rifle of my choice,but what about the rest? what abilities? tools and so on? which ones are pretty good and which ones are worthless?

    If you guys could give me some help i'd appreciate :D
  2. Cer0

    Someone mentioned it before but definitely get the hacking certs, very useful when wandering solo. Ammo belt is also insanely useful, SR7 only comes with 30 shots TOTAL. And with the current buggy render range/hit box triggers you can go through it quickly. Armor and health buffs are always useful for our squishy class. Claymores are a still to be seen useful item. I play like you in a overwatch position, so I rarely get "visitors" so I can't justify them yet.