Increase cost of c4

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  1. Mambakiller

    I play assault alot, i have unlocked double c4 also.
    But, in the light of the vehicles having their resource cost increased by a lot, making it VERY HARD to spawn mbt or other vehicles BACK TO BACK ( in case your tank gets destroyed immediately, as it usually happens), i think the cost of the C4 brick should be doubled.

    I use c4 a lot, don't get me wrong, i fly above and drop them, i got a 27 kill streak once, i am happy with it.
    But,it is not balanced with the increased resource cost for maxes or any other vehicles.
    Before you jump at my jugular, think a bit , how much c4 it is needed to eliminate a tank or a max, how much a c4 brick costs , how many times can be acquired back to back via resupply from sunderers, and how much a vehicle cost, and how many times we will be able to re spawn such vehicles, back to back.

    I like an infantry based game , but frankly, there are way more better games that focus on infantry only fights out there, so balance both sides.
    250 points for a brick should feel more in line with the new incoming GUO11 "improvements".
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  2. Dingus148

    Search "GU11 C4 and post in any of the threads that come up. There are plenty of threads on this already.
  3. Ravenorth

    Sure, if every c4 that despawns goes back to your inventory.
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  4. Roll Fizzlebeef

    100 resources is plenty for what it is and what it does.
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  5. Shinrah

    250 Res, with MAX´s up to 350? How in hell will anyone be able to resupply his consumeables then? It´s ridiculous in the first place that stuff like Medkits/VariousGrenades cost resources, sure Mines and C4 are powerful and should cost resources, but what game charges you extra for handgrenades?o_O
    Also, I´m still of the opinion that it´s 9/10 your fault if your tank get´s C4´d.
  6. Nicholai


    If you successfully use the C4 to pop a tank or a Max, you SHOULD be winning the efficiency war. Loosing 200 to kill 450 is fine. Loosing 100 to kill 350 is fine. This is what should happen when you succed at using the right tool for the right task.

    The real problem is ranged infantry AV weapons continuing to be resource free. That is what's going to make the increased costs of GU11 terrible for tankers.
  7. RobotNinja

    C4 should not be doubled. First, you're not factoring in the fact that C4 is not the ONLY infantry resource in the game. There are plenty of other inf resources that break the bank. On top of that MAX cost is being ridiculously increased.

    Also, your whole "I'm a you! I don't like tanks either!" spiel is a bit disingenuous. Seems you like them equally well.

    And you make it out like jumping over a tank and dropping C4 on top of it is like the easiest thing in the world. If it's an oblivious driver, sure but when your spawnroom is surrounded by 20 tanks, libs, esfs, infantry platoons instagibbing anything that steps a toe outside of the
  8. Tasogie

    LOl no, C4 is expensive for what you get. You pay for more tansk because you can do ALOT more..... your value for money with a tank is easily 5x that of a C4 block....
    Dont bother spamming threads with this rubbish under different names every day either.
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