Increase base capture XP by 2 for every single attacker death that occured on the hex within 2 hours

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  1. Trysaeder

    and give the defenders another +15% (total +30%) when every single flag has been lost to the enemy.

    Fighting for a reasonably small (1000/500/250) XP reward at the end of a successful capture is rather uninspiring. Epic battles have been replaced by mass zergs overrunning defenders, or the same zergs being farmed by better prepared defenders.

    There's no real emotion involved in territory control. It's just a question of 'where's the best farm now?'
  2. Trysaeder

    While this thread was based on the old experience system, I still think that the concept of activity = EXP should be revisited. It has been nearly 8 months and the sense of achievement and emotion in regards to territory still doesn't exist.

    It makes no sense that a huge, hours long battle (those are quite rare these days) should give the same capture reward as an empty base. On the flip side, trying to retake a base that has all but fallen to the enemy should be more rewarding than standing on the walls sniping enemies running across an open field.
  3. Konfuzfanten

    We dont need more XP for base capture, we need more XP/reason to defend.
  4. Tobax

    I do recall in PS1 having some really good base fights and then getting more exp for it and feeling good about it, it makes sense too as you feel properly rewarded for capping a hard base to take that took real effort instead of the same exp regardless of if it was easy or hard to take, plus they could always put a hard cap in to limit how much exp a base could give out.
    Though I think if you did that then the defender exp also needs to be looked at as most people look down on the 10% so it could put too much emphasis on attacking and you need the defenders there for that extra attack exp to exist.

    Funny that just proves what I said above about people looking down on it. You get 10% extra exp for everything you do, there is no limit on that so the more you defend the more you earn, that there is your reason plus they'll be tieing more benefits into bases.
  5. Konfuzfanten

    ohh i like my 10% extra XP, there is a reason why i got

    Facilities Defended: 3057
    Facilities Captured: 890

    The problem is still the same, way to often its just 3-4 friends, a few randoms and i defending against 5 times our number.
  6. ScrapyardBob

    It's an interesting concept, I could see the devs adding a few variables:

    How do you define "contention". One way would be that you only count a base as under contention if the capture bar is not 100%. Once the capture bar moves back to 100%, an XP bonus is handed out to the winning side. The downside of this definition is that unless the attackers are allowed to get in there and affect the point, the defenders get no bonus XP (other then the area bonus) for holding them off.

    So defenders need to be rewarded in two different ways. One idea would be to scale the defender XP bonus within a hex based on how badly outnumbered they are. Start the base XP bonus at 15%, then allow it to scale up if there are at least 12 players within the hex. If the odds are 2:1, boost the defender XP bonus by 2x, if the odds are 5:1, boost the defender XP bonus by 5x, maximum of 8x15% (120%) bonus.

    For attackers, the concept of a XP bonus bucket that starts filling up as soon as the capture bar starts moving is a good incentive. It encourages them to get in there early and take the capture points. It encourages them to *hold* the capture point, because if the defenders manage to move the capture bar back to 100%, it resets the bonus bucket.

    XP bonus bucket concept:

    #1 - Reduce / remove the existing flat XP earnings for taking a base/facility. Move the majority of the reward over to the "bonus bucket".

    #2 - The bonus bucket should be filled up with kill / objective XP earned by your team within that hex during the time period that the capture bar is not at 100%.

    #3 - If the capture bar hits 100% (attackers win, or defenders drive them off), the winning side gets paid. The losing side forfeits the points that were in their bucket.

    #4 - Payout from the bonus bucket is split how and to whom? This is the thorny issue. Right now, players are encouraged to show up at the last minute of a capture to gain the full reward, even if they didn't help take the base because you get 100% of the payout if you are there when the clock hits zero.

    So the dev team would need to figure out a way to issue "shares" that you earn by fighting in the hex while the base is under contention, then hand out the bonus bucket XP based on those who have shares. Maybe you get 1 share every 10 seconds while in a hex that is under contention. At the end, the bonus XP is split among all shareholders.