In a Bizarre Twist of Fate...

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Phrygen, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. Phrygen

    Mattherson is now the best and most balanced server.

    School starting really fixed things.
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  2. Mr_Giggles

    Kinda late starters aren't they?
  3. NoctD

    Best is questionable... are the hackers gone? Have the factions stopped truly hating each other?
  4. Phrygen

    haven't seen a hacker in awhile, but its pretty even on all servers.

    Factions hate each other.... less. Retaining some is good for meta.

    compared to watterson right now (and the other TR dominated servers) it is great right now.
  5. NoctD

    Sounds pretty decent then.

    Connery isn't TR dominated though and I'm having a blast on it... factions do compete, but there is enough mutual respect for each other, and I'd consider it more a rivalry than any outright hate.

    Glad to hear things are improving on Matty though!
  6. Phrygen

    yea connery seems like the other decent server.
  7. Regpuppy

    Waterson calling in. still having a rough time on our front. Looks like a lot of our non-NA brethren are still having a rough time in Briggs, Miller, Cobalt, and woodman. Send relief.

    Sincererly, Waterson NC.
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  8. Mr_Giggles

    Unless you're NC. Tried them again a weekend ago and again I question the sanity of these players. Met up with a group taking the twin towers on Esamir. Now you'd think that the bridge would be next, but no. The entire convoy drove across 3 VS territories and ended up at a tower the TR were holding and started fighting them. Why? I don't know, it's not we could take anything. And then the VS back doored us because their WG is right there so we ended up getting obliterated.

    Seriously, each time I go to play around on my NC I leave the game more confused than ever.
  9. bodmans

    check the WDS score, for some indication on faction(pop) balance. Connery seems like pretty decent on VS/TR but ***** NC a bit
  10. EliteEskimo

    I couldn't agree more Phyrgen, overall TR have balanced to a slight population advantage during prime time when our best outfits get on. After prime time it turns into a NC/VS server when TR outfits go to bed, and as more time passes on the VS dominates the late night populations with anywhere from 40-50% population. In the morning and afternoon it's a primarily an NC server with mixed TR/VS populations and as it gets closer and closer to prime time TR gets more and more population and power as the TR outfits come on. Overall the only time that it's bad to play on Mattherson is late night after prime because the Vanu zerg hard core, and with their Lancer Spam+ZOE Max spam they are rather hard to counter.

    Mattherson was always the best server in the game for prime time fighting, and we also have some of the best outfits in the game, but now it's expanding to before prime time too which is pretty cool.:cool:

    No point in playing late night most of the time when Vanu still have multiple good outfits on with 40-50% population and the 903rd/HNYB/ and BWC go to bed. I'm not one for giving enemies free certs.:p
  11. NoctD

    Its not a population problem but rather one of having quite a few bad players and little organization. During prime hours when there's more leadership they seem to hold their own well enough, but there's just plenty of clueless NC running around. Plus terribad music blasting at the NC WGs, etc.
  12. jak

    Yeah, you guys don't play late night. It was actually decent last night because the VS only had 43% global. Night before we hit mid 50s.
  13. Van Dax

    TR are winning, now its balanced
  14. Lucidius134

    My TR alt is on waterson. Feels bad man.
  15. Phrygen

    Vanu as still dominant past 12p.m. eastern. Its because of the average age of Vanu players i would guess.
  16. Lucidius134

    I'm assming "Lol Dubstep" is related to average age aswell.
  17. Delta102

    For WDS on Mattherson it has been ping ponging between Vanu and TR depending on the time of week. TR starts out strong early then Vanu picks up mid week when there outfits start doing ops. Last week was a lot closer though on a daily basis. What is surprising to me is that NC have picked up there game and have now surpassed the Vanu for this week. I suspect that on Mattherson NC are in the position to play Kingmaker, they get to decide whether TR or Vanu will win, though I doubt they'll be able to win themselves.
  18. Van Dax

    I know, I'm mostly just poking fun.
  19. Phrygen

    TR won by what... less that 1000 points
  20. Van Dax

    see second post