[Suggestion] Improve the accuracy of long range airborne cannon

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  1. keven

    There are four kinds of weapons in single aircraft position 1.One of the weapons positioned for long-range operations is currently embarrassing.Such as M20 KESTREL.Unfortunately, it has the same accuracy as a close range airborne cannon.This makes it difficult for it to hit the front of the enemy (especially mosquitoes .ect) at long distances.Despite its large magazine and non damage attenuation, the high accuracy and high firing speed of the initial weapon make it no inferior to M20 KESTREL at long distances.And its bullet ejection velocity is only a little faster than the initial weapon.So the single-aircraft enthusiasts around me usually use M20 KESTREL to get a purple medal. Until the number of killings is 1,060, they will refuse to use it again.

    M20 KESTRE feels like a long-range water pistol, even if it hits the enemy plane in the right predict, it's like a lottery draw.But the initial weapon gave me the impression that it was a high-precision sniper gun that could accurately hit enemy planes even at a distance with the right predictions.

    To sum up, I hope to improve the shooting accuracy of M20 KESTRE so that it can play its long-range advantage correctly in small aircraft duels.And this change will not affect the large target too much. It can hit the target effectively before and after the change.
  2. keven

    M20 KESTRE in this article refers to the corresponding weapons of the three camps, not just the blue side.
  3. TR5L4Y3R

    how bout we give infantry and vehicles some good counters first before we keep buffing what is already difficult to fight against, thank you very much ..
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  4. LodeTria

    The kestral is an A2A nosegun and not a very good one.
    Dunno how G2A relates to this.
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  5. adamts01

    This lack of accuracy on the "long range" gun always bothered me as well. It has no damage drop-off but it doesn't have the accuracy to take much advantage of that.

    As is though, it's still the best nose gun for libs/gals. And you can be pretty terrifying in close range duels simply because you never have to reload.
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  6. TR5L4Y3R

    ftfy ... it´s a nosegun, it still can be used against heavy armor like any of the noseguns and it´s still more accurate
    than the friggin ranger and walker from range ..
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  7. keven

    In a single-pilot aircraft duel,M20 KESTREL's opponent are usually initial nosegun or three barrels nosegun. In the remote area(>200m), opponents will be like flappy bird to avoid your dominant area and approach you.(Of course, even if the opponent flies straight over the dominant distance, the accuracy of 0.5 can not be effectively aimed.)Once you get into their dominant distance(100m<initial nosegun<200m three barrels nosegun<100m),unless you are much more skilled than your opponent, or you will crash because of the low output damage per second.

    "How about backing up and pulling the distance as far as possible?"It sounds good, but without back flight function, it can only be achieved by pointing the top of the head to the back and jetting towards the feet.This retreat is neither lasting nor faster than the opponent's forward flight.Or turn around and run away at the risk of being shot down by biting your tail.

    Of course, it's only natural that long-range weapons have no advantage in close quarters.It's just that I want the enemy trying to get close to pay the right price at a long distance by improving accuracy.

    This change will be work to the far and small full face of a single-pilot aircraft.And it doesn't affect the large targets that should have been hit.
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