if i buy the ns 11-a

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  1. Ghosy01

    do i unlock it for all the factions?
  2. Ghosy01

  3. WalrusJones

    Likely, as of friday.
  4. Torok

    all NS weapons are shared by every faction, this is said in the tooltip, so for example if you buy the rocketlaunchers bundle you will unlock them on every character i guess
  5. Ghosy01

    oh thanks thats a relief i bought it already

    When GU5 comes out, which is in a couple of hours if my timezone conversion was correct.

    Edit: Its also retroactive so even if you bought it before GU5 you'll get it on other accounts
  7. Ghosy01

    my server just said a message saying its going down in 10 mins what a waste now i have to wait hours just to try it out
  8. WalrusJones

    It is very good at hitting targets at extreme range.

    Its a nice gun, plus now you'll get to try it out on ALL your characters
  10. WalrusJones

    And load it with batteries.
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  11. Zaik

    yeah, any character you make will have it unlocked after the servers come back up, assuming no weirdness happens.
  12. Krayus_Korianis

    Only the Medic and Engineer classes.
  13. Cl1mh4224rd

    Hah... "****! What you mean the ammo's sold separately?!"
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  14. WalrusJones

    Engineers don't get AR's.
    There is a reason medics are "Combat medics"

    COMBAT medic.

    We have rifles that will kill you dead.
  15. Krayus_Korianis

    Huh, learn something new every day. Don't have to get all ragetastic about it.

    On a side note, not even residents of New York State get AR's.
  16. WalrusJones


    I am very defensive about my combat medics role being for combat as much as medicing.
    People in game assume we are just medics, but our assault rifles have some of the best TTK's of not shotguns in the game (Especially if you are TR,) and the best range of anything not equipped to a sniper (OR a NC HA -.-)
  17. Ghosy01

    you guys extended the life of my thread by one million
  18. WalrusJones

    Someone forgot that we are COMBAT medics.
    I had to correct them.
  19. ACE McFACE

    Well, medic only but thats already been said, plus I said characters not classes
  20. Blue4tw

    its not entirely true