I WANT to be good at LA! HELP

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Frostttt, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. Frostttt

    I would really love to be good at the LA class. I do sufficient playing the class as if it were a Call of Duty game and just running in, killing everything. But I know there are better ways to use this class. I consider myself a fair shot, and I only manage about a 1.5 - 2.0 K/d playing LA the way I am. I would love tips, even a GUIDE to give me some sort of a template or idea. I've been reading these threads and I think I have a general idea what I'm doing wrong. Just want to top it off before these servers get back online so I can finally figure this class out. Thanks :D
  2. Sobieski14

    I'll throw some tips, even though your a "Terrorist":mad: to the Terran Republic.

    Think of the LA game-play like playing chess, apply strategy in every new situation you walk up too.
    * With the jet-pack, you will be able to ambush your enemy from various angles.

    What also depends heavily is what kind of LA are you?
    (1)* Do you prefer the medium range combat with some health pots.
    (2)* Do you prefer getting up close to the enemy with some C4.

    If your number 1, I'd go with a carbine/smg.
    If your number 2, I'd go with a shotgun.

    Personally I love shotguns, due to the 1-2 shoot kill ability versus the carbine.
    * But it is also a different type of game-play.


    At various times, lure your enemy or surprise them.
    * Do not go head-on against your enemy, unless your really good at dodging enemy fire.
    * HAs will believe their shield will save them... But not from a shotgun round.:p


    If you encounter an enemy MAX.
    * Do not use your main weapon, use your C4. <-- 100 certs for 1 x C4
    - How to kill him with C4?
    (1) Lure him to you, but don't let him see you place your C4.
    (2) If you can predict his path, or if he is stationary, fly over him and drop the C4.

    If you land close enough to him, it will kill him, no matter how high his HP/Armour is.


    Get the adrenaline buff.
    * Being faster is always a advantage, dodging enemy gunfire and get around corner in losing the enemy.


    How to dodge the "Q" spam system.
    * Players today will first want to spot you, for their buddies to know where you are at.
    - If they lose sight of you, the "dorito" on your head will disappear, thus you invisible again on the enemies radar.

    Keep in mind, "Listen" you can hear enemy soldiers call out, "ENEMY LIGHT ASSAULT SPOTTED".
    * That will be your cover is blown and the someone knows where you are at.
    * I've noticed people generally spot before they shoot, use this to your advantage.

    I've got more to tell, but I'll take a break for now. :p
    * There is much a light assault can do.

    My current k/d 2.1+
    Base capture 100+
    Kills 1200+
    Deaths 500+

    I'll post the specific screen-shoot, once the servers come back up.
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  3. Frostttt

    I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out with this. Doesn't the C4 cost 700 certs? Is it really necessary? If it is, I'll save up for it, but if I can make due without it, I'd love to. I currently only have the default NC gun. I believe it is an SMG. I have the HS/NV sight, I don't use it very often, but have it. I have the grip also. Uhhmmmm, I bought that health thing, that regens most or all of my hp. How much is the adrenaline? I'd buy that for sure, and I want to get the smoke grenades if they're really what they're talked up to be.
  4. CaaKEE

    remember when you were a child and tried not to touch the ground while walking? try that on LA, gonna make you much better.

    also be sneaky, Snipers gonna hate you, avoid HAs and MAX(unless you have C4). Cimb ****, never go the easy way, the easy way is too obivious. its not hard to climb a amp station or a plant w/o been seen.

    Remember, you can fly.

    Im runnin the default NC with reflex 1x and grip
    Ammo belt lvl 3 (Still need moar ammo sometimes)
    jetpack 4
    2 C4.

    3k/d with 2900 kills.

    be sneaky. You have NOTHING more than your mobility, use it.

    Bad english is bad.
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  5. Frostttt

    You have better English than most of the morons in this country. Which order would you purchase your upgrades in? I want to avoid spending cash on the game, so I am left with earning my certs. Meaning, I need to purchase them in an efficient order ^.^
  6. CaaKEE

    If you re goin for C4s, do em first, If you dont like em, get 1 or 2 medkit and upgrade your jetpack.
  7. Sobieski14

    The 1st purchase for C4 will be "200 certs"
    The 2nd purchase for C4 will be "500 certs"

    Is it expensive?
    * Without a doubt it is, but imagine how much money you destroying when killing an enemy MAX.
    - You can sit back and relax that the player you just killed lost his resources for that MAX unit and now has a 10 min cool-down to buy it again.

    1 x C4 is extremely effective at killing MAX units, destroying vehicle/infantry terminals, also strong vs wounded vehicles.
    * Sadly it will only bring the health down of turrets and vehicles down to half hp.

    2 x C4 can destroy tanks, base turrets and MAX units,
    * 2 x C4 will critically damage a AMS Sundrer APC "It will be in the read, so you need to guard it for 20 secs for it to blow up" < -- If they start fixing it, all is lost.

    Keep in mind, you can only select either a "Health pot or C4".

    Adrenaline, should cost around 50-100 certs, and its a one time upgrade.

    Smoke is a interesting subject, I've used it but not too much really.
    * Atm I am finishing my jetpack lv5 and 2 x C4 upgrades 1st.

    If you really want to use smoke, use it as a distraction.
    * If the enemy knows your in the area.

    Since I am shotgun type of LA, I'll probably use the flash-bang to light up the rooms 1st and then go in guns blazing.
  8. Frostttt

    okay, thank you sir.
  9. Frostttt

    Okay cool, thanks a ton. I think I'd buy the first C4 before I buy the adrenaline, then the second C4. You think that's a good idea, or no?
  10. Sobieski14

    Well, I'd need to know which class you want to choose.
    * Since it sounds like you want to stay with your default weapon.

    This would be my build order.
    * 1x reflex scope.


    This is where you must decide if you want to the "Medium range, or Close range"
    * The hand rail will help you control your recoil form going side-ways, and making it go vertical.
    - Great tool if your doing medium range combat.

    * The laser compresses the cone of fire of your cross-hairs, this compresses the bullets to hit your target.
    - This would benefit close range engagements.
    - Even when, flying, or flying right over your enemy or flying sideways. <-- This confuses "ALOT" of players and it can give you the edge.

    But keep in mind of your weapons stats.
    * I am TR, high ROF "Rate of Fire" with low dps.
    * Your NC, low ROF with high dps.

    Your default weapon should have similar stats, different carbines/smgs can offer more balanced stats to your liking.


    Adrenaline Buff , you choose when to get this.
    * It is much worth it.


    C4 vs Health pots, again you must choose, you can't have both equipped at the same time.
  11. Sobieski14

    Get 1 x C4 then Adrenaline, or the other way around.
    * It is much faster getting certs for these 2 upgrades than going for the "500 cert 2 x C4".
  12. Frostttt

    I'm definitely going to stick with the gun I have right now, maybe down the lines get a shotgun. I'll use C4 over the Health pots definitely. Which is the reflex scope, what does it do? I don't mind the iron sights, so unless it has some sort of utility, I wouldn't purchase that.
  13. Swiffle

    What did you think of flashbangs? I've never seen them used or been hit by one yet.
  14. Frostttt

    I haven't either, I'm sure they're good. It's a flash, no way it couldn't be.
  15. Sobieski14

    This has yet to be determined.
    * The last time I tested flash-bangs was back in mid beta, and its been a while.

    I'll be buying it once the servers go up and test it out.

    I solo versus many squads of VS and NC. <- Not saying I always win.
    * Most of the time I pick of 2-3 players and then move around to shake the rest off and then counter-attack.
    * If the range of the flash and duration has improved it can be an amazing tool.

    There is a loss however, you will lose the frag grenade.


    I'll post a vid of some breaching techniques.
    * Getting through windows very quickly.
    * Gota have that quick counter strike crouch key ready. :D
  16. Purple

    if you have a good vantage point over people then make sure that you can kill whoever you fire at quickly. if one gets away they will figure out where you are and make it their mission to kill you.
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  17. Sobieski14

    Thus you must keep moving, think like a sniper for example.
    * Re-locate after a couple critical shoots.


    Here is my stats being a light assault, about 10% is from other classes.

    and current camo, works great during the night.
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  18. Frostttt

    I just played LA for a little bit, had a 1.9 K/d I was using the adrenaline, im saving up for my C4 now! Thanks for the tips, it's clearly working. A bit more practice and I'll be hunting you ;)
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  19. Sharmanti

    Around 3KDR (rapidly climbing, recent gamesessions, more like 4-5 KDR) LA here, recently went 59/6 while assaulting the NC scumbags.

    My tip is to basicly do what people won't expect. Utilize the jetpack like crazy.

    There's a few tricks I can share,

    Corners are your friend. Being chased? Run around, fly straight up, drop down behind the enemy and finnish him .
    Be where you aren't expected, above the enemy. People tend not to notice you there.
    In a gunfight and need to reload? Fly straight up above the enemy. They go crazy and are so confused over where you went you can just land behind them and kill them.
    Be patient.. Look, firing will give away your position. If you want to be efficient you have to be patient, strike when they're still and you can set 3 bullets in their brain. I always run out of ammo when I have to fight head on with people.
    c4, run around corners, drop em, watch the firework. MAX units are very sensitive to these, so blow em up. They're usually slow and with the "I KILL EVERYTHING" mentality. So just bait them with your *** lol


    It's insanely fun to run around those "jump platforms" on bigger bases, where you jump from tower to tower and get seen by enemies. They will follow you and make a jump. So just plant c4 where they land and wait. When they land, smile and click the button
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  20. Sobieski14

    Dealing with a MAX unit.
    * Just posted the vid up today.

    Planetside 2 - Light Assault vs MAX Unit

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