I suck in playing with shotgun

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  1. patrykK1028

    So shotguns are weapons for noobs. I cant play with them, am I under-noob level?
    I dont know when to use them.. BioLab - I always find enemy who is 15+ from me, even most of the rooms are too big for me. Crown type bases - I always get dropping fps when in face to face. Any other base - Im out of 15m range 99% of the time.
    And whenever I equip shotgun, I have feeling I could do 2x better with carbine, AR, SMG or LMG.. But when I play with them I never have feeling I could do 2x better with shotgun
  2. Hatesphere

    they arent weapons for noobs, scrubs just hate them since they play too aggressively against people with shotguns and never back off from a fight. They require map knowledge and the ability to close range without being spotted.
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  3. SinerAthin

    Shotguns require that you're good at approaching your enemy without getting gibbed in the process.

    They require an aggressive, but also calculated playstyle.

    Your aim may suck but you'll still perform well with a Shotgun, and that's because it requires another skillset: positioning and planning.

    Turning sharp corners, using indirect routes, rushing your opponent, sometimes even waiting in a spot for them to come to you.
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  4. DrPapaPenguin

    Shotguns are pretty much Light Assault centric weapons, they are the best class to utilise them. And yes, they require a lot of experience with utilising the terrain, hiding your approach and judging the range. And finding the best time to troll the cries of spanked children in chat mid-firefight, if you are master-class :p
  5. Alan Kalane

    A quick tip for using a shotgun
    [TIP] NEVER ADS( unless you use slugs ) [/TIP]
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  6. Prudentia

    completly wrong

    especially with pumpactions the Basic Action of "quickscoping" gives you a significant range boost. as you gain ADS Accuracy before completing the Animation you can not only get short Bursts of accuracy but also retain 100% non ADS movement Speed most of the time and even get some short times of 75% movement Speed while ADS to throw off the enemies aim due to the variable Speed.

    basicly: ADS like you are on Speed when using a shotgun
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  7. Hatesphere

    never say never. ADS with a shotgun in this game is an advanced technique with limited use, but it can extend the effective range of your shot gun by a few meters. doesn't seem like much, but if you can recognize when to use it, it can be useful.
  8. Longasc

    If you have trouble with shotguns, get the Full-Auto Shotguns and play Light Assault.

    I find the other types of shotguns requiring a modicum of skill, auto shotguns don't need skill but an extended magazine does the trick! ;)

    <- like the Pandora and Nighthawk. I don't use Shotguns as NC as I forgot to buy one. :p

    be mobile! also no hate for BCP video please
  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    you're wrong. you heard most entitled players say that because they can't stand getting insta-gibbed by them in closequarters. fact is, shotguns need a different playing style and, if you master this style, they are insanely powerful in the right hands. but their power comes at a huge cost: once you leave the effective range, shotguns become pea shooters at best

    that being said, slap everyone telling you that shotguns are too powerful and only noobs use them.
    1. they are supposed to be more powerful compared to automatic guns at closerange (why would they otherwise exist?)
    2. firerate, ammo capacity and range is extremely limited. thus, unlike most automatic weapons, they have very limited killing potential and rather excel in 1vs1 situations or when flanking a group that isn't aware of your presence when it's too late

    and that's pretty much my advice for you when using shotguns:
    1. if your enemy is further away than 10 meters, disengage and hide behind allies. or hide and let the enemy come to you.
    2. attack from directions that enemies won't expect. surprise them! light assault is best with shotguns, obviously. but other classes like heavy or medic are good with shotguns too. flank groups, kill some, then escape and reload quickly to repeat. support your approach with flash or conc grenades
    3. avoid long hallways or large rooms. avoid running outside with pellet shotguns. it's the worst thing you could do
    4. with shotguns, you'll obviously be in closequarters. the pain will be right in your face. use a tanky setup with shotguns to sustain more damage. higher-rank nanoweave is always a solid choice for the suitslot
    5. the only attachment you'll ever need for a shotgun is EXTENDED MAGS. it is vital for a good performance
    6. shotgun choice:
    - if you feel less confident about your aim skill and situational awareness, use an auto-shotgun. if does less damage per shot but is more forgiving when missing shots. and it reloads fairly quickly.
    - if you feel pretty confident about your aim, use a pumpaction, it kills in one shot at closerange but has low firerate
    - for average players, semi-auto shotguns are good with high capacity and good damage
    - the baron is a special case with less damage output but more range and tighter pellet spread compared to other shotguns. its range reaches into the 'medium range' field
    - if you're NC, the jackhammer is probably one of the best shotgun at least for a heavy as it has the highest range due to its tight pellet spread
    7. stick to pellets (default ammo) for now! dont use slugs if you start off with shotguns
    8. use a good backup sidearm as your shotgun will likely be completely dry after using it against 2-3 enemies at once
    9. go to VR first and try the shotguns/playstyle which may suit you best. then join the real battle and pump your enemies full of pellets. dont get discouraged from a few deathstreaks, keep practicing. good luck
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  11. Iridar51

    Couldn't disagree more.
    In certain situations ADSing with a shotgun may prove beneficial, as I explain in "ADSing with shotguns" part of my Gunplay Guide, here's a link, just scroll down a bit.
  12. nehylen

    While i agree with most of the rest, i don't necessarily with that. Considering 1.the "all or nothing" nature of pump action shotguns, 2. the small increase of the magasine provided (4=>6) combined with 3. the impossibility to cancel an on-going reload sub-animation, i'd advise to invest in laser sights rather than in ext.mag for these, and also the Baron.

    The "large clip" (8 rounds )semi auto can be played with laser sights too, depends on what you prefer. On the other hand the auto shotgun and the smaller clip semi auto (6 rounds in clip) make the ext.mag attachment quasi-mandatory.
  13. Fortress

    Great! Don't use them until you start directive hunting.
  14. a-koo-chee-moya

    Shotguns are the exact opposite of a noob weapon. They require a quick assessment of the situation and the utilization of every tool in the kit to get within the TTK advantage range.
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  15. Yeahy

  16. Alchemist44

    I sucked with them too. Unlocked slug ammunition for them and things got much much better.
  17. Longasc

    For those doing ADS, which gunsight do you recommend or do you use iron sights?
  18. y3ivan


    unless using slugs
  19. Alan Kalane

    Okay, I've read this. To be honest I'm not a specialist,just an average (or slightly higher ) player so the raw data you present in the article makes me admit you're right. ADSing with a shotgun may be worthwile in some scenarios. But in most scenarios you're better off with hipfiring since it's a CQC weapon and aiming in CQ is much easier while hipfiring than ADSing.

    When I first started playing this game I was trying to ADS every weapon including shotguns and that was a terrible mistake. Not only it's hard to hit moving targets in CQ while ADSing but you also loose 25%(in terms of shotguns) movement speed. I actually had to ask my friend how to aim a shotgun. And the simple advice he gave me changed my experience with this weapon.

    It's not like I'm a big fan of shotguns but when you play NC there's almost no way you can avoid using one...
  20. MorganM

    To start with:

    When to Use: Tower defense; never leave the tower. Only engage people in the tower; don't shoot at people outside on the ground. If you need to leave the tower; switch guns.

    How to Use: Good scenario is towers where control point A is in the tower. As soon as you see it flashing drop down from the spawn room, drop down from the stair well, and engage threats. Don't just twich and shoot right away. Take a half-second to actually be sure your sight is ON your target THEN shoot. It's not like automatic weapons where you can pull the trigger and 'dial in' on your target while having enough rounds to finish them off. That's still a Higby way of shooting but it's how a lot of people do it. You can NOT do that with a shotgun. You must be ON target before pulling the trigger.

    Play to your advantage, disengage when you don't have the advantage. If your target is more than 10m away, disengage.... and try to lure them into your kill zone. Dip behind a corner or through a doorway, anticipate they will chase, and smoke them when they come in close.

    Play aggressive. Know the bases. Again start with the tower layout. It's almost identical across every continent. Learn where people typically hide / camp. If you roll up on an enemy you get the advantage. With the burst damage of a shotgun you can kill them before they even have time to react.

    I find Heavy Assault to be the easiest to use with a shotgun. Play aggressive, pop your shield, charge in, and wreck them fools. Your overshield buys you more time to kill more people when you are out numbered in a point defense situation. You can run Clear Vision implant and throw concussion grenades very close giving you a huge advantage when outnumbered. I always run with med kits.

    Light Assault is a good choice but totally different play style. You can't just tank multiple dudes like an HA. You MUST get the drop on your enemy. Again very aggressive, always moving, but use your jump jets to get into positions where you can literally get the drop on your enemy. This takes a more intimate knowledge of buildings. You have to know more than rooms, halls, and door ways inside. You have to spend a lot of time as an LA exploring the places no other class can get to. Then use that with your existing knowledge of where the ground dwellers usually are to bring together some lethal strategy.
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