I see almost no AA

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  1. SarahM

    Of course, there's a few burster maxes and skyguards running with the zerg, but outside of that, I see no one pick up AA, aside from a manned base turret here and there.

    Is this similar on other servers?
  2. phungus420

    What server are you on? I see the same on Helios. On Connery it's a massive flak fest that virtually negates air battles (at least anywhere interesting). It's very server dependent.
  3. SarahM

    I'm on lithcorp.
  4. Zan_Aus

    Briggs is pretty good, people will pull enough AA to deal with the situation but not to the point where the sky is a wall of metal. Seems pretty balanced.
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  5. deaded

    After the couple last patches, Ive seen tons more AA on my server. Not only the usual AA turrets which are always occupied, but also burstermaxes and Skyguards. And, if that wasnt enough, ppl seem to have brought out their A2A missile ESF's much more this weekend.

    It's like ppl have decided and understood that libs are now viable XP-pinatas :) And thats what was needed, Im not complaining even tho I spend most my time in a lib when friends are online. We have started bringing AA-Reavers instead of a 2nd lib now, ESF is still the best AA. If you are somewhat close to careful, G2A still wont kill you. Its "free" squad repair XP for the pilot if no ESF is following you.
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  6. veiledcascade

    OMG the cert gain for AA is so massive it's totally worth our time.................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. Increadibly long pause trying not to laugh.

    long cd/ virtually immobile may as well be a static gun lets be honest your pretty damn limited in that suit.
    pilots don't like getting killed and would rather commit suicide or alt f4.

    planes just fly away...in the hands of a competant pilot meaning we sit there twiddiling our thumbs, if we change out to a different class to actually move around the map they player has to wait for the cooldown.

    It's flat out the most unrewarding role to play, engineers run by you and don't bother healing your ***, or drop ammo.

    6 of my last deaths were due to having no ammo and i've certed into increased ammo capacity as well.

    Often the groups just up and leave you where you are in the middle of no where....redeploy go air and leave your team behind you seems to be the way to go.
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  7. ent|ty

    Yep, so I'm getting less interested in going AA MAX, because of that.
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  8. SharpLight

    Nonsense, I am manning turrets all the time and sometimes I can't find an empty one to enter! From the warpgate defense towers I cover the battle to take over Camp Connery, from there I cover for the Bio Lab and Amp Station. Cover from the Crown for Ai Alloys and the Tower and then from there I give cover for the guys going forward.

    You probably don't dare to fight in the hot zones and just look for stray vehicles to farm.
  9. SharpLight

    Thread clearly about AA Phalanx Turrets and you post a long virtually unreadable message about your ineffectual use of the MAX o_O
  10. Zer0range

    They've probably been run over by tanks.
  11. SharpLight

    Only the OP Magrider runs over turrets, oh wait you are one of them....:rolleyes:
  12. Isila

    Pulling AA in this game is an unrewarding and soul-crushing experience, so few people do it unless the airspam gets so bad that they have no other choice. You get almost no XP for it, almost nothing in the way of kills, and you get the distinct pleasure of watching lolpod baddies and libs make straight runs on a target, get off their explosive spam, then turn off and get away at ~25% health, probably with a couple of kills under their belts, to go and repair away all the damage you did -- gaining them even more points in the process -- before coming right back to do the same thing again.

    AA is useless unless there is a LOT of AA, at which point no individual AA unit is getting much out of it. Air, meanwhile, just goes around the AA and finds some place where there isn't any AA (not hard to do as they can fly across the continent in a minute or so) and go spam there.
  13. Zer0range

    Yes, I'm a turret.
  14. SharpLight

    What is it with you kids and having the last word even if you have nothing smart or witty to say? (Rhetorical Question ALERT, please don't answer I had enough of teenager's bland humor)
  15. Zer0range

    I'm not going to respond to your immature poppycock.
  16. Verisimilituder

    ''Yes, I'm a turret.'' was the best possible reply to your inane post, and so YOU went in for an attempted ''have a last word'' because his response owned you. Man up, you lost that one.
  17. SarahM

    Nice to see that at least some people care about AA. I've been using a max w/burster myself lately, but there's not much you can do with just a single burster arm.

    Still, at the times I play at, there's often a distinct lack of AA.
  18. Krave

    as long as it is not rewarding anything (2 certs in 3,5 hour zerg defense due to "deterred" enemys not giving the slightest point of xp) there will be not many who are willing to waste their time - then it turns into a downward helix the less AA you have it gets more and more unlikely to down an enemy reducing the outcome even more leading to less AA ...
  19. JP_Russell

    I play AA/defense tower coverage a fair amount. I often prefer going to a continent where they're pressed up against our warpgate so I can use the defense towers to provide whatever kind of support is needed, which is often AA. If they're in full force, blowing up all the turrets, I'll pull a single burster if I have to.

    It's usually the work of an XP pauper, but the fights come to me and I get to keep the pressure on enemy air and keep them from doing whatever the hell they want there. Sometimes they get greedy and pay for it ;).

    It'll hopefully be a lot nicer once vehicle damage XP is in, though. MAX upgrades aren't cheap; I need those certs, man.
  20. Verisimilituder

    Give us back PlanetSide 1 AA MAXes (and give the TR MAX some sort of super flak), and things would improve. Even if they limited it to only be available for 1 arm, which would probably be a better idea...

    No MAX except a newb MAX uses mismatched arms. If they had actually had weapons that were exclusive to one arm, mixing might've actually had a purpose.