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Discussion in 'MAX' started by Ethernalvoid, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. Ethernalvoid

    Hi,i have 1000 certo to spend on a weapon,but i'm not sure about which is the best. Can some expert of MAXs explain the caratteristic of the weapons and suggest me a good weapons combination?

    Thanks a lot in advance :D
  2. JackOfClubs

    The Hacksaw is by far the best NC MAX weapon. In every category that matters, it is the best. The Mattock is (effectively) just a Scattercannon with worse damage and the Grinder... No. Just no.

    That said the Hacksaw really needs to be brought down in line with the rest, so if that bothers you in some way, just stick with default.
  3. Ethernalvoid

    I heard the hacksaw is inaccurate compared to the scatter. How is the hacksaw at close and at mid range with slug ammo?
    Thanks in advance for the reply ^_^

    PS: how is the dual falcon against infantry and vehicles? I heard that they are very good if you get some skill with them,they can snipe infantry and can kill vehicles
  4. Playful Pony

    I'm having a whole lot of fun with the dual falcons. They are not great, but if you get some practice with them I'm sure you can put them to a reasonably good use, I sure have. When you have a pair of them you can do a fair amount of damage to enemy vehicles of most types, the blast radius is not big but enough to do damage to infantry at a distance and of course a direct hit from one will instantly kill your average infantryman. If you get some skill with them manage to shoot them accurately they can be pretty deadly to even infantry, they will win out against AP MAXes and can do a bit of damage against armor. You won't have much chance against most aircraft of course =p.

    Hacksaw is a pretty good weapon. Of course it has a reputation for being the ultimate, and if your looking for raw killing power under certain situations, I'm sure it is the right choice. I have a couple of them for my NC MAX, and they are extremely lethal in the confined spaces of a Biolab and similar situations where the average range of engagment doesn't go much beyond 10 meters. Of all the shotguns it is the one I would pick currently, but personally I wouldn't walk about with just one of them, I feel the dual setup is required to be truly efficient. Same goes for AT and AA MAXes, I have this NEED for the dual falcon or dual burster!

    Sure, go for the falcon if you like it. I can't guarantee you'll enjoy it as much as one of the other weapons, but personally I'm having a whole lot of fun with them, and they are reasonably effective.
  5. JackOfClubs

    Less accurate on the first shot, more accurate following. Same for slugs really.

    The Falcon is a one-shot kill for infantry if it's a direct hit, it's very accurate but rather slow with a fair amount of drop. Dual Falcons have a higher DPS than a single rocket launcher, but it's all in the reload time. If both shots hit simultaneously you did slightly less than one rocket's worth of damage.
  6. Ethernalvoid

    The reason why i have doubts about buy hacksaw is to avoid this :

    In this video the hacksaw is TERRIBLE over 5-10 meters. I think the dual scatter is more accurate at mid range and can kill with a dual shot in any case,but i'm not sure,can someone confirm this?

    Another little question: can the dual falcon kill running peoples? (obviously not at long ranges,but at mid range)

    Thanks in advance for the answers ^_^
  7. JackOfClubs


    The pellet cone for the Hacksaw is worse, but the maximum CoF size is less than half than that of the Scattercannons. Unless you're shooting very slowly to take advantage of the higher first shot accuracy, the Hacksaw is better.

    [EDIT: Let me put it this way, there has never been a time when I thought to myself, "If I had been using the Scattercannons I would've killed that guy," while using the Hacksaw.]

    And if you can hit someone with the Falcon, it will kill. It's just a matter of skill (and dumb luck).
  8. Armchair

    Yes....if you hit them with both....good luck.
  9. Ethernalvoid

    Considering the damage value of the document you have posted, what is the amount of shield and life a player have?
  10. JackOfClubs

    As far as I'm aware, 1000.

    [Edit: Er, 1000 total. I believe the split is 500 each, but honestly I'm not sure.]
  11. Purg

    Depends on what role you want to do.

    If it were me, I'd get the Scattercannon for the other arm - then slugs at 150 a pop, then extended mags at 500 a pop. While it feels like they've nerfed the already poor accuracy at range it can still drop guys out to 75m with patience and a couple of hits, it's a decent all-round AI weapon combo that can wreak havoc when you learn how to use effectively.

    I bought two Hacksaws and it's my least used MAX weapon, just too limiting but for its purpose, it can't be beat. Extreme close combat. One place I used it effectively yesterday was at Crossroads spawn point that we were being camped at. Deployed, went up the elevator and slaughtered 3 guys almost instantly. The shock from those around them caused panic and managed to get another 3 after reload. Went down the back elevator and started hammering those looking toward the spawn drop area. This allowed another push out of the spawn with enemy not waiting for free kills to drop in. Jumped over the edge but due to the lack of range, had several infantry pecking away at me and I was unable to return fire. Charged into a room to the South, had an LA follow me which I slaughtered but was on about 1 bar of health left. Crouched in the other corner waiting for nano to kick in - got to about 1/4 before the LA came back with a C4 at the other door - I didn't even see it. I probably wasn't as concealed as I thought I was.

    Couldn't have pulled that off with Scatters with slugs but once I had broken up their defence, the limiting factor of the Hacksaws became painfully obvious. Infantry at 20m were able to do more damage on me than I were on them..

    A 2nd Falcon - get some elevation and you can nail infantry at long ranges. The amount of dopey infiltrators I killed at the Crown was insane. I'd get up on a high ledge, wait for one to shoot at me and reveal their position, then *plink*. Dopes.. ;)
  12. SinerAthin

    I'd rather they gave a CQC weapon that was similar in power to the Hacksaw to every MAX.

    The MAX class needs no more nerfs :p
  13. JackOfClubs

    A weapon similar to the Scattercannon sure, but the Hacksaw is a tad too far on the side of overkill. It just needs a little accuracy nerf and everything will be fine. Probably.
  14. SinerAthin

    Accuracy nerf? It's damage was the most insane part of it xD

    And well, why can't the MAX unit have a decent weapon?

    Tbh, I find my HA's LMG to be much deadlier than my VS MAX's double Cosmos/Nebula, but then again, the VS MAX is the worst... :p
  15. JackOfClubs

    Yeah, but the damage is the point.
    If you nerf the damage, the RoF advantage means nothing, defeating the purpose of the weapon. Nerfing the RoF is out of the question because that's what is supposed to make it an attractive option next to the Scattercannon. But nerfing the maximum CoF would let it retain it's niche while stopping it from being a straight upgrade.

    And the MAX does have some good weapons, it's just that every faction only gets one and the descriptions are GODDAMN LIARS. Though really talking about that is pointless until we're closer to May. Then the devs will finally free us from the purgatory of late-beta, and we can have interesting, developed cert options, and an actual niche to fill.

    T͚͉͙̳͍̥́̆ͫͯ̽͘͞͠Ḩ͔̳̪̎ͩ͜ͅE̵̳̮̮̥̞͉͂̒̃ͮͭ́͞N̠̮̤͉͓̥̮̓̿̌̐̈͑̂̎ ̡̛̭̭̻̜̒̿ͬ̍͗ͨW̿͋ͨ͋̂̎̄́͏̣͙̫̣̯̲̲̫̯Ę̸̛̙̃̈́͗̃ ̸̩̰͖̭̉ͩ͒̀ͧͮ͡C̯̯̯̭͈̋̍͑́̊̇͐̅Ọ̩̣̗̝̮͕̙̘̒̒̈́̒N̥̯̞̞̹̞͈͎̓ͮ͛͡S̋̄ͤͨ͗̎͆҉́҉͉̭̹̲̖̝̲ͅUͦ̿̓͏̳̳̳̞̝M̝͚̰͍̩̟̬ͬ͂̅͂̏͗ͣ͆ͦ͜͡E̸͎͇̖͉̩̼ͨ͆̈̎ͩ͘ ̵̻̼͎ͦ̋̃̀͑̃T͎̦͇͕͋̚H̷̛̙̹̤͇͔̄̈́̃̏̂E̴̴̙͖͉͖̫̰̾̅ͯ̀̈ͫͧ ̆̎́͋ͧ҉̼̺̱̰͈̲͝S̢̞̦̪̀̌͐̍͢T̍̎̈ͯ͜͠͏̺͔̞̩̭A̖͍̳͐̔ͅR̵̛̻̯̼̫͂̽ͣ̉̌̏͛̽S̜̠ͥ͒
  16. Ethernalvoid

    That's not possible because the falcon do 750 direct damage,but oneshot infantry
  17. Vortok

    What seems to generally happen is when a direct hit is achieved with something like a Falcon, or a HA Rocket, or a tank shell (like the Prowler, as HEAT/HE is less than 1k per shot direct damage) it applies the indirect damage in addition to the direct damage. I'm not sure, it if completely ignores Flak armor or not due to being a direct impact of it it still mitigates the indirect damage. In the case of the Falcon, 750 direct + 250 indirect hits the required 1000 damage mark for drop an infantry.

    It doesn't seem to apply indirect damage to vehicles just with how the numbers add up, but I'm not 100% certain on that.

    Infantry are 500 health and 500 shields. Infiltrators have 400 shields for a total of 900.
  18. Dakkaface

    Scattercannon is your base gun. Not bad, not great. Cert slugs and it can hit distance in exchange for losing scatter and some damage potential.

    Mattock is good at range. Same rate of fire and magazine size as the Scattercannon, but has reduced damage damage in comparison to all other scatcannons. I have heard that the slugs do 500 damage like every other slug though, so the lower damage per pellet means squat if you are using slugs. This is probably your best all around option if you intend to use slugs. Otherwise, the lower damage is crippling.

    Grinder has a couple extra shots, but the worst accuracy - I'd avoid this one.

    Hacksaw is full auto, blazes through ammunition and is absolute murder on anything inside of 10m when using buckshot. Full auto lets you put alot of shots downrange and it's easy on your fingers, but you NEED an ammo box or terminal nearby because you will blow through ammo like nobody's business. Also, everything outside of 10m will laugh at you and you'll die. Slugs will only partially negate this as the sights don't give a zero distance and full auto fire will make your CoF bloom completely unmanageable. Also has the longest reload time so if you start firing too soon or they get out of dodge before you kill them, they can turn around and kill you in the FOUR SECOND reload time.
  19. Frosty The Pyro

    the answer to that is that asingle falcon does not one shot infantry (baring headshots). But its does hurt like the dickens.
  20. Ethernalvoid

    It's not possible that an automatic shotgun have the half CoF then a semi-auto shotgun. If it is true,it's a bug and probably will be correct soon.

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