I know how to teleport hack

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Beerbeerbeer, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. Beerbeerbeer

    It’s easy and undetectable. It’s actually not a hack per se, but another game file modification like the hit-box hack, which still works.
  2. CobaltTR

    I think at this point it might just be best to spread all common exploits on this forum. The people who already use them will keep doing so and those who don't want to wont. Its simply the best way to spread awareness to the devs in the hope that they will take bigger action.

    So tell us, what are the steps to apply this ****
  3. Demigan

    As a tangent. I would have loved to see teleportation become an LA ability. Just imagine Unreal Tournaments translocators with perhaps a few interesting tidbits thrown in like making it visible on the radar (or not), adding a maximum range etc.
  4. Beerbeerbeer

    It doesn’t matter how much awareness the devs have, there’s NOTHING they can do about it unless they completely redo the game code. People have no idea how easy this game is compromised because of game-file modifications, which ARE NOT DETECTED BY BE.

    A tiny bit of research and you can easily do your own hacks.

    And, the only people who get caught are those who purposely try and get caught. Lol, it’s comical actually.
  5. JudgeNu

    Just let everyone have hacks.
  6. TRspy007

    Not saying you hack, but I would like to ask those who do one question. Why? What is the purpose of modifying a game to win? There's no point in playing the game then, you know the outcome already. Do you actually have fun doing so? Does it not get boring?

    No matter how bad you are, you can always ask vets for help, look at tutorials or learn from your mistakes. Is it not more fun to actually see your progression in a game, and get the thrill of not knowing what's going to happen next? Why else would you play a game? Why not watch videos of others playing, since it's not you that's playing anyways? Or do you actually feel like you are the one that's mowing down an army or whatever by himself?

    I understand there will always be hackers, I would just like to understand why, and how you consider hacking a game for more than 5 minutes fun.
  7. Demigan

    Three reasons:
    • Desperation for success
    • Griefing
    • Discontent with the game
    I've personally cheated once (or actually, used a massive exploitation offered by some clan members) for the last reason. Every step the game made seemed negative. The game actually self-terminated relatively shortly afterwards.

    Some players just need to have success no matter what. They might feel they should be better and need to "show" that with a cheat... It's flawed logic but yes these cheaters exist. Others just want that power fantasy of being awesome, or will use subtle cheats to gain respect and recognition in the community.

    And ofcourse the griefers who just get enjoyment out of annoying people. I've actually had a few friends who fell into this category and they just couldn't help themselves. They make up their own rules about what constitutes winning. In Paintball this means that you have to leave the biggest bruises on your opponents, but they accept the bruises they get back in return. I also once played one of those games where you have to retract your hand quickly or get hit, and my opponent bruised the bones in my hand and his own so badly that he couldn't even take several tests in the time alloted to him and he had to redo an entire year (fortunately I didn't have to take tests anymore and received less bruising in the end). Yet he was still convinced that winning that game was worth it somehow, before that I always thought that some real-life consequences would wake them up but nope. These people can't help themselves, the goal of any game to them isn't necessarily winning but hurting your opponent even at the cost of their own enjoyment of the game.
  8. Beerbeerbeer

    There will always be hackers, griefers and exploiters. ALWAYS. It’s an immutable fact of life.

    The only way to not have these types of people is to prevent them from hacking in the first place. Who majorly failed in that department? This is one of the easiest games to hack and exploit.
  9. Johannes Kaiser

    Well, people chat to imprive the fun they have in a game, at least I'd assume most people do. In singleplayer games this is fine as it has no price, but in multiplayer games other players suffer for it. So cheaters in online games can be defined as "those who don't give a f*ck about the others". There is a difference between skippin dungeons in Skyrim via disabling collision (because they are annoying and far too frequent, but that's a personal opinion) and modifying the extent to which someone is able to ruin other players' dayby killing them when and where they really should not be able to.
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