I found how to get kills with the Sptfire, even infiltrators

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Villanuk

    Well having used it last night and not once seeing it kill anyone, let alone get a shot off, I though I need to justify the 750 SC I paid for it, so.

    Place just behind a doorway or better still on a hill, some where they have to walk to without a clear view line and then place claymores near it. Because players do not fear this thing at all and enjoy walking up to and knifing it.. they die by a claymore.. even infils !!

    Yes, that's how to use the great piece of technology, as a decoy.
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  2. ChampagneDragon

    It's got a lot of possibility, but yea, saw an infil walk up and shoot it with his pistol without fear. Clearly not quite worth the 1000 certs I spent on it.
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  3. Villanuk

    I do wonder who signs off and approves new items in the game. Just of late they all have been appalling. Who tests them and actually says, yes this is working as intended?

    Spitfire, Valk and the striker re-vamp were embarrassing to say the least. Is it Higgs who gives the final approval on this, who ever it is, seems detached from the game.

    **** Disclaimer **** This post is not about trolling, just trying to understand the principle concept of how an item is approved and who approves it.
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  4. SerasVic

    They feared that the scaling of those things would be too strong.

    1 is not even a challenge for any player.
    10 of them is almost guaranted death.

    And that's a tough balance to make.
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  5. _itg

    I think they'll be fine if they remove the one-per-resupply restriction. I'm okay with them being a throwaway supplemental defense, more designed to hand you assists than to actually kill things. That just doesn't work very well when you're tied to a terminal, though. They could put the turrets on a 60s cooldown (upgradeable through a cert line, ideally) to mitigate spamming them.
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  6. moriarrr-ceres

    the range of this turret isn't fine. I never seen mine activate even in small rooms (towers). 20 meter? it's near shotgun range and it doesn't activate at time to fire a single round. And like you said, the fact that you can't move position of your turret without having to go at a terminal is a very bad idea; it's boring and nullify one of the strength of this class.
  7. braytz

    i think that the price need a fix: 250 certs for this turret should be a good start.
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  8. Pacster3

    You should take into account that there is still an engi who can do what he wants WHILE this thing is active. It's not meant to kill people on its own.
  9. CorporationUSA

    It's weird seeing people say that their turrets aren't working at all. Every one I've seen(including my own from the trial) worked like they were supposed to.

    My only problem with it is that we only get one, and the low HP as well.
  10. VaIhall

    What's wrong with valkyrie? It gets you from A to B it's not supposed to be a liberator.
  11. Goretzu

    Is it meant to fire at enemies at all? That's what I'm confused about.
  12. Goretzu

    How does it fire for you? In the end last night I was basically setting mine up and watching it (because it just seemed to be doing nothing).

    From what I could see it seemed to turn and track enemies correctly........ it just never opened fire (well it must have once as I got 1 assist from it in 4 hours).

    At one point I watched an infiltrator walk up to my turret, stop about 5m from it in full view, then stop stock still for some reason, I waited about 4-5 seconds then killed him with my Carbine, my turret didn't seem to do anything (although it may have opened fire at the very last moment, not sure).

    I saw many, many enemies run right past it or run up to it and kill it without it doing a thing.

    I'm just puzzled as to how they work, as they seem to work nothing like PS1 Spitfires. :confused:
  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    does it unlocks for all characters when buying with SC?
  14. Villanuk

    I got a Kill :eek:,
  15. Pirbi

    Mine killed a friendly. So it's a good NC weapon.

    I did have some luck with it. Sucks that you can't just deploy another one when it's destroyed.
  16. p10k56

    Thermals are wrong and no weapon for pilot is even wrongier:p
  17. Bixli

    ..with good certs & in good hands , it is nearly an liberator.
  18. Towie

    ...i'd rather they introduce something that isn't insanely overpowered from day 1, everybody then sinks certs or SC into it - only for it to be nerfed to hell. The 'aim low' - then buff to acceptable - isn't such a bad approach to be honest.
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  19. CorporationUSA

    Generally they just beep and then start firing. I've even seen them fire at people through walls. I went up against a few, and they always fired at me. Maybe they go stupid when multiple enemies are in the area?
  20. nightbird

    There is no cert line for it right? I hope they'll add one for HP or lock on time. Right now you should pretend they are a different version of the infil's sensor darts, used for sundie defense or protecting your rear. I've gotten a few kills on mine shooting down LAs c4ing sundies.