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Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Corezer, Feb 6, 2017.

  1. Corezer

    Solstice Burst is just the best weapon in the game!

    Combining super low recoil with burst carbine's low 1st shot recoil and tight moving cone traits makes it easy mode, and combining its middle of the ground RoF with having a full 3 round burst means you'd have to break your whole hand to not be able to fire it for max RoF up close.

  2. FirePhox

    The solstice burst is incredible. I used to use it a lot when it was buffed and I've auraxed it but the got bored because its not really challenging to use. Even beyond 50m, it's very easy to chain headshots with and has best in class ADs CoF.

    I suspect it will probably be on the chopping board for some nerfs eventually but atm it's flying under the radar because there's more powerful things in the infantry game.
  3. Demigan

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: The burst variants have been made into super-powerful weapons since their last update, and almost no one seems to notice. Accurate enough to hipfire for the head with accuracy up to 15m or maybe even longer, and when I say 'hipfire for the head' I mean actually aiming at the head as normally I would mean 'shoot for the neck region to maximize hits'. When you get at longer ranges you can use ADS to keep hitting your opponents and get a lot of DPS downrange where most weapons would start losing DPS due to misses.
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  4. Corezer

    I find the other 2 to be inferior. the 2 shots of the GCB with it's negative 25% first shot on a high amount of recoil creates a pretty large amount of variation. It's just not smooth like the other 2 and in the end I would still actually rather rock the auraxium carbine I am brain farting the name of... The T5B is good, but the SB is ammo efficient enough that you will be doing short reloads 95% of the time and even the long reload is plenty short enough compared to the T5B's "short" reload, therefore I don't see a great advantage with the extra 12 bullets, certainly not enough to deal with the extra recoil for.

    Of course if you're TR it's not like u can pick up enemy weapons, so against the TR arsenal of carbines it performs well and is a good choice.
  5. Tattoon

    Its good at medium and longer range. But once you get a enemy in the face. Like running into a small room/area you usually draw the short straw. Especially if you are engineer. for LA i tend to use the other Solstice more. Unless i know i will take a high-ground point and "snipe" like a vehicle terminal etc.
  6. Klondor

    Trac-5 Burst, nuff said :cool:
  7. Tattoon