I am very worried about the effect a PS4 PS2 may have on PC PS2

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  1. Snorelamp

    I feel they will need to be separately balanced, but that they won't be.

    A console controller is so much less precise/quick than a mouse, it will be impossible to have weapons be balanced on PC and console with equal stats.

    I imagine large mag size, high RoF, spammy/easier to use weapons will be wrecking the console version. This means a likely TR nerf since most TR weapons are dragged down mainly by horizontal recoil, but have good RoF/mag size.

    Shotguns and the NC MAX especially will probably be nightmarish.

    Precision based close/mid range weapons will be awful.

    I am having trouble even imagining vehicle balance.

    I am wondering how the devs are going to handle this. I am concerned that the PC will end up being lower priority and end up dealing with changes that were intended for console balance but throw PC balance off.

    Also worth considering, is on PS4 we're dealing with 0 cert, BR1 players again. This is WAY different than the environment on live. The number of players with things like lock-ons, ES launchers, C4, dual AV/AI/AA MAXes, etc. etc. will be much smaller and it'll take a long time for console to catch up to PC. This all has a very major effect on perceived balance.

    Plus, the PC is seemingly doing poorly at the moment already. Perhaps part of that is even due to development of the console version.
  2. ShockATC

    As far as i know, they have 2 Teams. One for the PC and one for the PS4 version. At least thats what i heard/read.

    But you may be right, once the PS4 players will start, the big complaining will begin. But due to the fact, that we (the glorious PC masterrace) already play and fight should ease them with their rage.

    The good thing i see with the PS4 launch is, that there will probably a lot more PS4 players than PC Gamers, cause the PS4 is Sony, so is Planetside and they will spam out a lot of ad's.
    So hopefully the PS4 fraction will spend a lot of money, which may come in handy for us PC gamers.

    On the other hand, if the PC gamers keep raging like hell about stupid things like pumpkins (seriously guys...) but the PS4 people wont, then SoE will probably say "F it, dang those PC version, we focus on PS4" - thats what i would do.
    And if PC gamers keep leaving, the pc game will die slowly.

    But lets hope for the best.
    And lets hope once the Playstation version goes live, we can finally have our perfomance back...
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  3. Einharjar

    My only worry is that SOE will do to PS2 on PC what they did on DCU; the PC version is pretty much a ghost town compared to Console version as the Console Port is more supported. They let the PC one die.
    That's my true worry.

    Balance or not, it's what ever one makes more money at less overhead ... which is the PS4; a single platform market.

    What's worse is that even they supported the PS3 port more and still do, that game is still buggy as hell and I've even seen it crash my PS3 system before...
    Havn't seen that since the ROD on the 360.

    Of course, I'm already seeing crashes on PS2's PC version anyway! Yay Hitching / Constant Loading Screen / Memory Dumps!
    Oh well. *shrugs*

    I find my self playing less and less and less. Soon that sub is going to removed at this rate. But I'll still keep tabs. I really do enjoy the premise of Planet Side; just wish PS2 started off in a different direction; console port or not.
  4. Alarox

    They've already said that they will be balancing them separately. Let's hope they will.
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  5. TriumphantJelly

    I just want the framerate, Ameris hsky and Debris physics that I saw somewhere: they're actuallly somewhat good.
  6. Goretzu

    SOE won't do that, no company would do that.

    SOEs accountants will probably say PC PS2 is making $X and PS4 PS2 is making $Y and SOE's management may well decide to concentrate on the higher one (most likely PS4), but it won't be because people complaining about pumpkins, it will purely be down to $$$'s.

    A cynical (but not perhap altogether incorret view) would already be that PC PS2 is viewed rather as a beta for the PS4 version by SOE management as that is where they'd likely expect to make the real money al la DCUO.
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  7. NinjaTurtle

    The PS4 is what is needed to save this game.

    If PS2 is going to survive long term we even as PC players should hope the console version succeeds.
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  8. AdmiralArcher

    turn your render quality down to 50% and enjoy the glorious FPS..........but i think you will have to scrub your eyes out from the horrors of what the game looks like when you do that.
  9. Who Garou

    Their focus definitely seems aimed at the PS4 and not at the PC at the moment.
    I'm assuming that they are going to fix issues with the PS4 version before worrying about the PC version for at least months, and then it will be a priority based on player numbers. It is very likely that there will be more people playing PS2 on the PS4 than on the PC and that means that they will keep their focus on the PS4 and neglect the PC.

    It could very well be that we are now the beta testers for the PS4 version of the game.

    Unfortunately, as an ALL ACCESS member, this is guano. As a F2P player, you really can only expect so much out of a free game, but, as a subscriber, you expect a certain amount of reliability out of a product.
    This isn't to argue about F2P players that spend money in the cash shop and how some F2P players pay more money in the cash shop than subscribers spend (because subscribers are expected to make cash shop purchases as well in this new world of F2P-first MMO's)

    This makes me wonder if they are working on PS4'ing the other ALL ACCESS games as well.

    yeah, you should be worried about the PS4 PS2's impact on PC PS2. We are already seeing that impact.
  10. libbmaster

    Aww man... not this again...

    If they need a different control scheme on the PS4, the PS4 team will put it in. It won't effect the PC.

    If anything, we stand to benefit from the PS4 version. A massive amount of work has gone into making PS2 optimized enough run on the PS4. Once the console version goes live and passes it's tests, we should see SOE start to implement those changes on the PC version.
  11. KoS-1

    And their words mean what? Not much! How many time have they held or lived up to their word? Not much!

    Honestly some of the handling changes made to the harasser, in my mind, are for the console. It's harder to handle a vehicle with joystick than keyboard/mouse. So, lets make it "easier".

    The changes in "graphics" and other related items are for the PS4 version, not ours.

    We are the guinepigs and we will end up with, basically a ported PS4 version of the game when it's all said-n-done.
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  12. Archiadus

    I have to disagree with that, what's going to save this game is bug fixes.

    There's a lot of players like myself that keep playing despite the pop imbalance and the seemingly random nerfs and buffs to weapons but when I can't even kill a burning tank because none of my hits register there's really not much fun left to be had in the game.

    Another example would be the vehicle ejection bug where you get thrown up 50~100m, how that's not fixed yet is beyond me really, how it even managed to get in the game is another one of those questions but when I look at the Darklight shining through every wall and obstacle in the game it makes me believe that nothing gets tested anymore.
  13. TheRunDown

    Console Different database, different servers...
    If I can't use my soldier on PS4, I'm not going to bother with it..
    I can't even get Higby or Smedly to answer me when I asked if SC purchases carry across to PS4..
    Again, if not, screw it.. I was only enteraining the idea of PS4 PS2 for travelling or visiting a friends.. not spend another £500 over a year..
  14. Sixstring

    Here's the thing about all that,PC players see things in terms of nerfs console players were born and molded into a life of "play your game,get good and deal with it" atleast for pre-online console generations. No matter what happens the console players will just keep playing and adapt,I have never heard some of the childish whines on console that I have heard from the PC community. The only things in the game I see that need to be changed/nerfed before PS4 release are the lancer and C-4 since they are just too effiecient to the point that once enough players get these tools they can completely shutdown encroaching factions with virtually no nanite cost to keep them in check it seems normal to us by now but to a new player it looks ridiculous. In C-4's case it does cost nanites but it's way more effiecient since the player only loses their nanites if they throw the C-4 giving them infinite tries to kill their target,the reason people use C-4 over pulling tanks is because it's easier not harder they don't have to maintain their investment they just need to wait for an oppurtunity all while regaining the nanites to do the same thing to the next tank these are the kinds of mechanics that don't work in the current game.
  15. patrykK1028

    Why it should be problem? There are.thousands of games both on PC and consoles...
  16. doombro

    I imagine the air meta will be very different on consoles.
  17. Goretzu

    That's got to come back in someway to the PC version I think, as they are merging the code.

    Whether they'll balance seperately or not (it seems like a bit of duplication to me) I can't see them splitting the code again to take care of different mechanics for example.
  18. Xasapis

    Hmm, I plan on playing PS2 for a while, I enjoy myself. However, I don't own a console, nor am I planning on getting one.
  19. gigastar

    Whats needed to save this game is a boatload of performance enhancing... substance, a meta that goes beyond the FotM squabbles and a relaunch.

    All a massively comparitively successful PS4 version will do is give SOE a reason to shift primary development away from PC. You know theyve done this in the past, and they wont be above doing it again.
  20. Bankrotas

    Currently, effect PS4 has on my gameplay is: way lower perfromance 50-70% less, way lower incentive to play due to lower performance.