I actually think the changes were mostly good

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Jawarisin, Feb 25, 2015.

  1. Jawarisin

    No seriously, I mean there's a few hiccups here and there. ZOE for instance, but it's never been that great except when it was OP anyways. NC's shield got a well deserved buff as well as the God Saw.
    TR I don't really know the butcher so...

    EMP's should remove those abilities. Overheating mana turret was maybe a bit much though.

    and my favorite is the buff on Nano Armor Cloaking. I'm still not sure it's going to be worthwhile, I'll have to test it out. But seriously, it was the less used cloak before, then it got nerfed (even though nearly nobody used it). And now they are giving it a bit of attention. I still personally think they should make it stack with nanoweave armor, but otherwise, it's always nice to know they are looking at it.
  2. Ballto21


    Only thing that seems like it may not really change anything for the better is ZOE, Nano armor has always been pretty sub par in my opinion, 4s longer cloak and faster recharge is better in my opinion. The no shimmer thing is nice but with the moving visibility and the hit registration marker shooter side i dont see it changing much. A real buff to nano armor is lowing the cooldown at max rank from 12 (11?) seconds to 8 at max rank, to be a 1:1 second cooldown ratio, still not as fast as the 2:1 second recharge of hunter.

    The question is will it drain those skills through walls like it does for cloak.

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