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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ianneman, Nov 15, 2013.

  1. Ianneman

    So, I haven't played for about a year, and I come back and suddenly the HS/NV scope doesn't work anymore during the day? I mean, you can see through it, but enemies don't light up, AT ALL. About a year back they were less effective in day situations, but enemies would still light up slightly, you'd see a slight white/turquoise frame around them.

    Why has this ability been removed from the HS/NV scope? Or is it a bug/oversight? Because of this change the upgrade is pretty much useless half of the time now...
  2. Xasapis

    Are you talking about enemies in general or infiltrators in particular? Because indeed, with the new system, infiltrators are completely invisible through IRNV when cloaked.
  3. Aegie

    Sadly, I think they nerfed teh HS/NV scope because it is the only non-sniper scope that provides a truly accurate center of the COF and thus was a huge improvement over all the other inaccurate scopes that bob around like crazy despite the center of the COF always being dead center screen. So yeah, they added scope sway, increased the ADS delay, and reduced the visual effectiveness in certain situations in an attempt to make it as bad as the other scopes.
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  4. Ianneman

    Enemies in general, it was like they had this thin white frame around them with HS/NV scope on during daylight. I agree that infiltrators should be completely invisible, but to take away this slight ability in daylight for normal infantry really just makes this scope completely useless HALF the time.
  5. Hatesphere

    I think that's part of the point, its meant to be a night vision scope not a daytime help me find targets scope.
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  6. libbmaster

    They removed night vision's ability to highlight enemies, because people were using it over thermal on vehicles. It also applied to the scopes.

    So now night-vision sees farther, but thermal highlights enemies.
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  7. Ianneman

    It's not meant to be a night vision scope, it's an infrared scope, meaning that things that are hotter than their environment light up. This applies both during daytime and night-time.
  8. JonboyX

    They segregated Night Vision - the process of amplifying light sources - from Thermal Vision - the process of identifying and outlining heat sources - about 5-6 months ago.

    Night vision now has a longer range than thermal, but lights everything fairly evenly; albeit with a hue.
    Thermal better separates 'targets' from their background, hence the higher cost, but has a shorter range.

    Those are the differences, but the restrictions are that you can't get thermal on infantry scopes.
  9. Kociboss

    ...And it's still the best choice anyways. I mean - scope is a matter of preference but HS/NV is still the most accurate one. Sadly.
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  10. Kitakami

    Yep. :(

    I wonder if reworking the scopes is on SOE's to-do list? Considering it's a major component of infantry combat, you'd think they'd be on it like Jawas on a lost droid.
  11. Gheeta

    HS/NV and thermal does not work properly with medium graphics quality. With high and low it mostly works fine.
  12. Hatesphere

    i never seem to have an issue with the 1X and 2X scopes on my NC like people keep claiming makes all the difference. at most ranges its minimal, at long range I am spending more time looking at where my tracers are going.
  13. Crackulous

    I hardly see anyone with that scope, whether it be friend or foe. There's practically no reason for choosing it when the iron sights are just as good.
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  14. MajiinBuu

    I like the old HS/NV scope. There was no focus delay, and people were highlighted. Now it's just crappy white nightvision.
  15. Xasapis

    I think the OP is referring to vehicles IRNV scopes and not the infantry ones. Thus the partial confusion.

    Bottom line, thermal is the new IRNV scope. Infrared has larger range but doesn't highlight targets.
  16. Aegie

    True, but there are so many drawbacks to it now (plus I prefer a more long range sharpshooter style) that I only run HS/NV when I am using smoke.
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  17. Corporate Thug

    I don't understand how so many people love that scope, it makes the game look awful and I hate looking at it on my guns. It takes longer to acquire targets and even at night targets aren't very hard to see. I much rather have a 2x reflex.


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  18. Ryekir

    No, he's talking about the original IRNV scope that was in beta/release. It was essentially what thermal optics for vehicles are, but on your infantry weapon.

    It was really the only real scope option at the time because the nights were so dark that you couldn't see anything further than 5m in front of you without it (and flashlights only let you see to 10m and were a giant "shoot me" sign). Sadly, they nerfed how dark the nights were (and made it basically day time all the time) and modified the infantry scope to be the HS/NV one that we have now (which actually was necessary because it was ridiculously overpowered).
  19. Lucidius134

    'HS/NV" is the scope for infantry weapons.
    Back in beta, it used to highlight people as orange.

    People used to call Nightvision for vehicles IR/NV because it lit up targets but it doesn't anymore.
  20. Ianneman

    Oh wow, a lot has been clarified by your responds, thanks! I missed all that nerfing (thankfully). It still doesn't make any sense why they still call it an Infrared scope and it doesn't light up targets in daytime at all.

    Night vision devices magnify ALL light, really good ones also the infrared band, if they have a built-in detector for it. Thus it allows you to SEE in general at night.
    Infrared devices detect temperature levels. You don't "see" with infrared, what you see is a rendering of a reading of the environment that your devices takes. It allows you to "see" at night because different objects have different temperatures and radiate it differently, so you see like... a collage of different temperatures. Living beings stand out as shining beacons because they are far hotter. At night they light up GREATLY, during daylight, they simply light up.

    If it's a night-vision, change the name/description to simply night-vision. If it's infrared, make targets light up during the day also. If it's night-vision infrared, you still have to make targets light up during the day.

    Just sayin.
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