Hrmm I didnt see any bug fixes for lockon missles

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by JDS999, May 22, 2013.

  1. JDS999

    Is this the way soe wants their lockons to work. i cant even drive my tank or aircraft near tr forces without getting multiple lockons. its starting to get frustrating, when compared to how easy it is when i attack the vs. i play on waterson and the tr pop is usally around 45-50%(this is a different problem to try to figue out one day) most of the day and i still come to the conclusion that i need to attackt the vs. Every day less piolets and gunner friends sign on bc it isnt fun to attack tr or the vs with 18% pop. i would of thought these smart missles would be fixed since so many complaining about them, but i guess soe felt the need to change 2ndary mtb guns first.(dont think ive seen the forum where people where complaining about those

    typical lib run against tr. fly into region where Platoon vs platoon gunner gets 1-2(if luck usally sometimes nothing renders in time we kill one sundy or tank) kills pop flars turn and run get locked on leaving reigon and mutiple rockets clipping/flying over terrain to kill me. rinse/repeat.

    typical lib run against vs identify aa in region come back for sneak attack on aa targets, destroy, then continue to liberate vs army.

    what im saying is its very frustrating to fight TR with thier ezmode bugged/intentioal Lockons
    and these strikers are a force multipler that helps thier own tanks and aircraft feel even more op