How to progress Recon directive?

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Disglthur, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Disglthur

    What do I have to do to get some readonable progression here?
    I use both the bleep-blooping device one puts on the ground and crossbow with bleep-blooping bolts. Both reveal enemies but I seldom get the points for kills others get when they are in that particular area. Do help, please!


  2. TerminalT6

    Usually spamming darts into highly concentrated areas nets you tons of recon bonuses. It's usually pretty easy, which makes me wonder whether there's a bug or something. (or maybe something's changed since I got this directive) Otherwise, just spam darts in biolabs and the like.
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  3. Disglthur

    I will do this. Thank you!
  4. Disglthur

    Update: I am now collecting more bleep-bloop ribbons, but it's still slow work - just not as slow as before. I guess the pistol variant is indeed the way to go. Thanks again! :)
  5. SixNineFour

    You can also just pick a radar ESF or valkyre with stealth and park it somewhere safe while sitting on it as infiltrator. It counts towards recon directive as long as your class is infiltrator.
  6. Disglthur

    Ah, yes. I actually have a Reaver prepped for that very purpose. I found that I was all too vulnerable, though, since I'd need to hover quite close to the ground to be effective recon-wise. But you can equip the Valkyrie with the Recon schmoop too? With a trusty goon in the turret and that could very well work. Thank you! :)

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