[Guide] How to not get killed by an infiltrator

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  1. Scatterblak

    Seriously, guys - threads like 'infs need to be rebalanced', etc? What needs to happen is you need to stop thinking you're playing fortnite and start using your melons. I'm going to tell you what to do to *not* get killed by an infiltrator. I'll probably lose my card for this...

    Infiltrator is all I play. I'm old and bitter (I was in my teens when the original wolfenstein 3d came out), and I don't have the reflexes to compete with you youngsters anymore - but old age and treachery will often overcome youth and skill. So, here are a few simple tips to keep infs like me from killing people like you.

    1. KEEP MOVING. Don't stop. You're not safe ANYWHERE. Don't think that because you're crouched down inside your base behind the crates and around the corner that you can't be hit. If we can even glimpse a pixel of your head from 300 meters, you're done. KEEP MOVING.

    2. LOOK UP. The vast majority of players seem to scan from side to side constantly, and they can hipshot anything from 100 meters, but they don't seem to look up. It's very odd. The tree near the vehicle spawn at TI? I've sat in that tree and popped 20+ at a time without so much as taking a single bullet - the entire time, players are running around below, spraying the area and darklighting until it looked like a rave. Sure, they sprayed up at a little bit of an angle, but a Stalker with the Catlike implant and Ammo Printer can get all the way to the very top of a tree, hide in the foliage, and sit there for 90 minutes.

    3. Travel with a buddy. We're way less likely to take a shot (particularly if we're a stalker) if you're with a friend. We can only kill one at a time (usually) - attacking more than one means there's at least one guy free to attack us. Pass.

    4. Patience. The infs that are annoying you - they're not doing it with skill or better weapons or cloak or anything - they're doing it with patience. Good infiltrators know when to *not* take the shot. Do the same - get a battle rifle or switch to your inf, get back, and watch the tracers. Find out where they are, and wait for them to show their ugly head, and pop them.

    5. In a big battle, stay near the front. We *love* to flank, and pick people off from the sides and back of a battle. Easy pickens.

    6. MANA (or whatever they are - I'm not an engineer), etc - take a shot, and GET OFF THE GUN. Those things make you such an easy target, and believe me, the shield is no deterrent at all.

    7. Terms. BE FAST. With some practice, you can spawn a vehicle in less than a second. Many terms are accessible through a wall - try to use the terms from an angle that's not commonly used, so if an inf is camping it, he has to adjust. Check to see if there's a pile of bodies around the term duh. If an inf is camping your term (I'm talking to you, TI), let some other expendable bullet sponge use the term first, and then jump in about a second later.

    ** An aside. Yes, it's cheap to camp the terms for kills. However, camping the terms to reduce the number of prowlers you guys can pull while my forces are trying to press in is a Win™. It can easily turn the battle, so quit whining and kill the inf.

    Bad/average infs, you're not going to notice - hence no complaining. Good infs - the ones that are the impetus for the 'infs need nerfed!' threads are the ones that are annoying people - these are the guys who probably aren't at the top of the scoreboard, but will have a KD of 20+ for that session. They're hiding above you, in places that only LA's and others with Catlike can get to. They're leveraging the fact that your peripheral vision in-game is far less than in real life, and they're not pulling the trigger unless they're *sure*. You don't have to be a victim - use your head. If you've got bad habits, *you're* the one we'll target, and it'll seem like infs are OP. We're not - you're still playing fortnite, and you need to adjust. And believe me, we have a *much* longer set of crap to remember to help us survive - this is just a little list that'll make a difference if you're frustrated with enemy infs.

    Nice KD for a CEC inf, not even on the scoreboard. 'inf giant KDR need to be nerfed' refuted.


    Up in the rocks at LLTP between Quartz and Indar Exc. Catlike and Ammo Printer - when the enemy builds a base here, sit here for an hour and pick them off.

    In the tree at TI. Have turned some battles from here by stopping prowlers and vannies. LOOK UP!!

    Up in the pipes at a tech plant. There are a lot of hiding places that people never seem to check, and with Catlike, you can jump right up in here if an enemy is pursuing, and they never seem to look up.
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  2. FIN Faravid

    1. In other words, don't use long range weapons or scopes unless you are sniper. Also don't ever use engineer's turret. Also don't be max. Also don't heal people.
    That is not fun, i like using long range weapons. And i understand that you can move while healing, i do that, and maxes should not be used at long range AI role anyway. Point is that i don't want to always constantly keep moving, sometimes i want to take it more slowly and tactically and not just rush blindly all the time. Now i understand movement is important, as it should be. But often the best fights are when there are no (skilled sniper) infriltrators around. In real life snipers are nowhere near as common as they are in most video games, and while Planetside 2 does not have as bad sniping problem as many FPS games, they are still way easier and more common than they are in real life. I understand this game does not intend to perfectly copy real life, but i want to have long range infantry battles that is more than just infriltrator party. At the moment that only happens when there are no skilled enough snipers.
    Now i don't want this game to become all about stationary warfare either. Snipers are good against campers. But i do feel that balance is little off. Bit like with aircraft, in hands of skilled players they are incredibly powerful, but most people can't do anything useful with them. Its problematic and i certainly can't balance it better myself.

    3. Also travel with medics

    4. Only works if there are not too many/enough skilled snipers.

    5. Just another reason not to use long range weapons unless you are sniper

    6. In other words, don't use heavy machine gun like heavy machine gun, use it like carbine or assault rifle or light machine gun.
    As regular infantry i can often take out MANA turrets, though they are nice with squads for defending indoors. I don't know if they should be tweaked or not.
  3. Tasogie

    My biggest thing, si dont spam shots. As a Sniper if you take 20 shots at me an miss. My first act is to relocate an headshot follows. Because I know your banging away like mad. As OP said. Wait for them to stand still even if its 2 seconds an they will eventually. Then take shot. I get random headshots on move sometimes, but its too rare to be called skill. It isnt worth it unless you know you can get the kill.
    Miss that shot on a HA, an hes coming for you.
  4. Twin Suns

    To kill a infil, you must think like a infil. ;)
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  5. Scatterblak

    My #1 fear is an LA who also plays inf. They kill me every time.
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  6. Scatterblak

    No idea - I don't play a sniper.
  7. Towie

    PLEASE don't try to justify camping terminals ! (yes yes I know it's perfectly valid - but UNBELIEVABLY annoying....)
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  8. Scroffel5

    Infiltrators are made to be annoying. The best game is the mind game. When you make someone extremely mad at you, it makes them worse at everything they do. That is how it usually works. You can beat an Infiltrator, but first, play the mind game. Randomly stand still for a split second, move, watch the tracer when they shoot at you. Go to a term, don't click it, stand still for a split second, move, watch the tracer as they shoot at you. Randomly shoot a shot when you are in their vicinity to bait them out. Make them come to you straight on. You can beat them full physical, but it isn't the smartest thing to do.
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  9. Scatterblak

    I *hate* players like you. For myself, I won't engage you - it's suicide. Chances are, you've got a bonehead teammate someplace nearby who's standing still waiting for a headshot - that's the guy I'll go after.
  10. JibbaJabba


    The infiltrator is broken right now and is invisible for people with low graphics.

    Spare us the wall of text lecture.
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  11. Quimcity

    I see loads of people complaining that the infiltrator is broken and you can't see them on low graphics settings, but I've played this game since Beta with about 4 different PC's since then, and I've never been able to see a stationary cloaker on any settings.

    The only time I can see them is if I walk into them or they are moving. What do I need to do to see a stationary cloaker?
    I'm currently running on an i7 7800K CPU with an Nvidia 1080ti gfx card and a Asus VX279HG 27" monitor at 1920x1080 res.

    If everyone else can see them I want that ability too but I do think that all cloakers should be completely invisible if stationary.
  12. JibbaJabba

    Stalkers are meant to be nearly invisible. That is not a broken game mechanic and I don't think it needs any tweaks.

    Your defenses are the usual: Know where they are likely to be. You can then use careful inspection, test shots, darklight, the "bump" technique or similar to deal.

    But yea, right now on the servers infiltrators are generally broken. Moving and non-stalker infiltrators are completely invisible. As a result many more people are running infiltrator to take advantage.

    It's frustrating to players... particularly the new and returning ones we have a surge of right now. It has generated a bunch of "nerf/balance infiltrators" posts.

    The graphics need fixed and the rest of this stuff will sort itself out.
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  13. Skraggz

    I do things like all the time, followed by pulling either a Infil and running over to them to stab them and commence to taunt or tell them how I need a ride, OR I pull LA and Flank and follow up with the same results... No shame here.
  14. Scatterblak

    Exactly. And you can't even pretend that it doesn't feel like a solid gold bl0wjob to pop some stalker from behind when he isn't expecting it. :)
  15. Hegeteus

    I've learned during my long time in PS2 that there's no infil that cannot be stopped, no matter what they do or who they are. I don't have faith on those who claim otherwise here, because I've hunted down much scarier and more talented boogeymen on Miller than forums have to offer. What it takes is experience most of all, and the patience to study the most worthwhile opponents. After that, anything that I have faced rarely gets to pull a same trick on me more than once in a fight or I consider the failure to be on my responsability.
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  16. TR5L4Y3R

    i definetively had a latency issue were the infil already headshoted me before he was visible, like he stood in the doorway i was firing at before .. i got shot THEN he apeared .. not the other way round .. THIS is the most frustrating .. ..

    it´s already annoying to not know which direction they are, but in the situation were you can´t see them in time cause of serverissues .. f ck that ..

    maybe cloaks should have a slight delay befor the infil is able to fire and have to manualy decolak instead on autodecloaking through firing ..
  17. 0dineye

    But they do have a delay and the auto decloak is in the settings if you don't like it.
  18. TR5L4Y3R

    dude i´m speaking about enemy infiltrators, it´s not a class i do like to play myself, so what do i care if there is the a autodecloakoption? .. i´m asking that if they can´t handle the latency issues then maybe they should REMOVE the autoclockoption to make it a bit more fair to other players ..
    the delay i feel is not significant enough at least what tested in VR ..
  19. Heini

    To 7. Terms
    You should always press H and look above the minimap to see if any enemies are in your hex. You can easily see if there are any infiltrators lurking around. Also using smoke on terminals works great, unless the enemy is using night vision or has turned off smoke (if this exploit is still possible)
  20. Scrundle

    The points may well be accurate but it underlines a problem.
    Your mere EXISTENCE dictates how I must play, what gives you that right? Your "guide" is actually just a list of option reducing rules.
    "Don't do this" "Don't do that" "Don't go there" "Don't <x>" "Don't <y>" while you are free to do all of these things with impunity, by dint of your class as opposed to any personal skill.
    Unacceptable in my opinion. Do I think infiltrators are a problem? No. You and your playstyle may well be though and age is a poor excuse; my favourite video game while growing up was Lords of Time by level9 computing, on the CPC 464, that in no way restricts me to a one-sided front-loaded playstyle.
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