How to improve your aim.

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  1. Psyqhical

    This guide will teach you how to improve your aiming skills, not just in PS2, but in all competitive First Person Shooter (FPS) games in general.

    while playing FPS games competitively, it is important that your Framerates (fps) and mouse sensitivity remains consistent and before we start messing with our fps and mouse sensitivity, we need to disable a few features that mess with it.

    Let's start with fps. This is different for everyone cause not everybody has the same specs I have. This game is a huge resource hog and unless you have the newest GPU SLI-enabled with 8GB ram and a Hexa-core processor (I'm exaggerating offcourse) your computer is gonna have problems playing the game. Personally, if my fps drop anywhere under 60 frame per second, I actively get worse at the game.

    One of the culprits is; VSync.
    What this feature does is it syncs your fps Hertz to your monitor Hertz. You might think "Wow, this is a good feature!" well, yes, IF your monitor is lower the 75 hertz. If it's higher, I recommend disabling it since in an FPS game you'll want to have an fps as high as possible. The higher your framerates, the better.

    Next you will want to tweak with your graphics settings to achieve the desired fps (I recommend 80-120fps). I found that disabling shadows and putting Rendering Quality to 85% drastically improve framerates. I mean it's like a night and day difference in performance and the game still looks amazing.

    To disable shadows entirely go to your Planetside 2 folder and locate your UserOption.ini file. Open it with any HexEditor program and in [Rendering] find ShadowQuality and change it to 0.

    On a sidenote: Changing your RenderDistance to 1000 also drastically improves framerates.

    I also advise you to not put Graphics Quality to low. This setting doesn't render distortion in the infiltrator's cloak and renders them completely invisible (even when moving) which would mean a huge disadvantage for you.

    For those who are interrested, here is my UserOptions.ini [Rendering] setup:
    This disables most everything and still renders distortion on infiltrators. I get 120 fps in the gateway and ~80 fps on largely populated areas. If with these settings your computer still has problems with fps in Planetside 2 (~60 to 30 fps) I advise you upgrade.

    This concludes the fps portion of the guide.

    On to mouse control. In games there are a lot of features that actively mess with your sensitivity. These features need to be disabled if you want to improve your aiming skills.

    The first feature that we need to disable is called; Enhanced Pointer Precision.
    What it does is make your mouse pointer react to the speed of the mouse you're handling. In other words, a quick jab in one direction will make your mouse move conciderably faster and cover more area of your screen. This ends up messing with your mouse sensitivity in-game as well, as a quick jab moves your view faster than normal.

    The next features are no Planetside 2, but are present in most other games;
    Mouse Acceleration: Commonly found. It's basicly the same as Enhanced Pointer Precision, but this time it's an in-game feature. Disable it for the same reason.

    Mouse Dampening: Rarely found. Mouse Dampening is the opposite of Mouse Acceleration and Enhanced Pointer Precision. The slower you move your mouse, the slower your view moves and you'll be unable to track your target. Disabling it is advised.

    Mouse Smoothing: Commonly found. This feature is probably the worst feature to have on if you want to improve your aiming skills. It actively changes your mouse sensitivity based on the current fps you have. The lower your Framerates, the higher the sensitivity to compensate. Since Framerates are constantly shifting as you play means your sensitivity is constantly shifting as well, resulting in inconsistent aiming.

    This concludes the mouse control portion of the guide.

    I hope this guide will be of use to those new to FPS games and give them a better fighting chance.
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  2. vampwood

    You forgot the biggest one. Practice. These top tier players you see? Thousands upon thousands of hours.
    Also theres no need for 80-120 fps unless you have a 120hz monitor, it will lead to screen tearing.
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  3. Psyqhical

    Can't argue with that, but you can't practice if your sensitivity is constantly shifting by bad fps or shoddy mouse features.
  4. vampwood

    Consistent FPS is semi required. Mouse acceleration can be learned and played with at a high level.
  5. Psyqhical

    fps is more important than you think. Can you play as good on 30 fps as when you are on 120 fps? and yeah, you can compensate for Mouse Acceleration, but disabling it gives you more constistency when aiming, resulting in less practice time needed to get used to it and become better.
  6. vampwood

    I learned to become a very good player on the ****tiest of hardware when I was younger as did a lot of people. Sure the bling helps a bit, but consistency is more important then total fps and again mouse acceleration can easily be learned to be played with and is down to user preference, the biggest thing is not to blame fps or w/e. Its to focus on good habits and just playing a lot till it all becomes natural.

    Also, honestly I find myself playing at 30fps often because of this games optimization as do a lot of other people, and this really isn't a game that having higher fps is THAT much of a big deal because of the slow movement and how the weapons function.
  7. PanzerGoddess

    This is +99999999, this saying practice makes perfect....well thats true.
    ...i play at around 40-50 constant and do quite well....the whole practice thing is not a lie. I put five years doing competitive play in counter strike traveling across the US...and the biggest time consumption...practice and videos, lots of practice and teamwork and lots of watching videos of our rivalrys. Your whole concept on having the best fps for better aim is waaaayyy inaccurate...Practice and patience is the key. Unless your fps is like 10...well then I doubt anyone can play with that.

    I keep my settings simple, low mouse sensitivity. This is not quake, TFC, need for bat **** crazy mouse sensitivity...this is my opinion.

    And like vamp said, this is not a super fast passed game....

    Everyone has their own playstyle. I think this post has some great advice, grats on the job well done, but you should realize this is not by far just a few ways to better your aim. So as far as the whole idea that this will improve your aiming skills on all fps...that is incorrect. I dont need to brag but I know what I had to do to improve my aim, this post did not even come close.
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  8. aR2k

    How to improve your aim.
    Very simple.

    Make sure your fps never dips below 30, preferably never below 60.
    Make sure you dont make the common mistake of using the standard sensitivity, its way too high.
    You want your character in game to move just as much as your hand moves in real life, this makes reaction shots easier, and makes eye-hand coordination easier. Muscle memory is key here.

    Lots of lots of practice.

    The end.
  9. Pella

    Use Mouse Raw input.

    That is all.
  10. iller

    I get some headshots every day at that FPS while using the Suppressor.... though it's such a Bizarro thing to have to adjust to (from being at that rate in every single big fight) that it literally makes me a worse shot when I'm getting 45 FPS .... totally overlead targets and even missing a couple of stationary players. It's frikkin sad
  11. Kanzy

    Thanks for the info, I really struggle in large battles with FPS that will get as low as 10-15 when the fight goes on for a while and really have a hard time aiming and am not talking about my sniper rifle but even with other classes. I have gotten used to it though so now am a bit disoriented with the higher fps and need some time to get used to that :)
  12. Roklut

    I totally agree that having a good framerate is key to improving your aim. I am playing consistently at around 20-35 FPS which allows me to at least kill players. However, in CQB I am at a complete disadvantage since a low framerate = unsmooth gameplay. Right now I simply have to adjust my tactics and avoid point blank combat as much as possible.
  13. Wobberjockey

    in my experience, GOOD frame rate is subjective but CONSISTENT FPS is a necessity. i managed to play some games semi competitively at 9 FPS while i was in college (no cha-ching to pay for silicon bling).

    did i die alot because people popped in on me? yes i did
    did my play improve once i got up to 30? yes, it did
    but i was still able to hold my own because my FPS was relatively consistent, and i could accomidate for it.

    it's why everyone notices lag spikes, but nobody really notices a consistent 25-30 MS ping
  14. eckart

    whats your system spec? im running a 3570k at 3.7ghz and a radeon 7870 with tweaked useroptions and unparked cores, and still i drop to 40ish fps in battles with super high population (miller big faciltities etc.)
  15. Psyqhical

    I'm using a gaming PC greatly optimized for it. Can play Crysis 2 and Farcry 3 on ultra without any fps dips. However I play PS2 on Low to Medium settings. One of the reasons being is that this game is poorly optimized and too many things are happening at once, SOE are still optimizing some settings as we speak. There was supposed to be an Ultra setting in the game, but at the moment no computer in the world can run it.

    I'm using;
    intel i5 - 2500K ~3.3Ghz (4 cores)
    Nvidia GTX 560 Ti Sonic (2.7GB Vram)
    4Gb RAM

    My FPS is about 60-70 in battles with high population (zervan amp station, ect...) and it's limited by my CPU.
  16. Adamar09

    To improve performance in that case, overclock, or overclock harder. 3570k should be able to do at least 4, perhaps even 4.5GHz?

    40FPS in big fights is quite reasonably, really.
  17. Toshogu

    This post is moot 750fps is what the game has our bullets going ALL GUNS in this game have unrealistically slow ballistics. To give you an idea 750fps is what most revolvers shoot their bullets. Our bullets go @ subsonic speeds.

    @ drawdistance about 400m it takes our fastest rifle .5seconds to travel. That means a character unless he decides to sit still the entire time can move his head 11ft in any direction in that time. If we bring gun speeds up to real world equivalents say the slowest going 1800fps and the fastest going 2800fps suddenly the problems that everyone has disappear. Instead of having 11ft of moving @ 400m characters will have 2ft and less depending on which sniper rifle you use. As draw distances increase this problem will become glaringly obvious.

    As it is now, I actively dodge bullets when doing sniper battles @ 250m+ This is something that shouldn't be.
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