[Guide] How to Grind Certs Easily.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Wrel, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. Wrel

    Some of the less "honorable" ways to grind certs in Planetside 2.
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  2. Jaggedmallard26

    Please dont advertise.
    My guide follows.
    1: Earn some money
    2:Buy some station cash
    3:Buy things with Station cash
  3. MrHenderson

    So much easier than all that.

    1. Recruit a friend to play Planetside 2
    2. Both of you buy the zephyr
    3. Rotate lib runs
    4. Rack up certs and a 15-1 kdr, then come to the forums to tell all of us how great you are at video games
    5. Flog yourself while staring at your stats, but don't forget to take the hot pocket out of the microwave
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  4. FateJH

    Do you have a sub-guide for step 1?
  5. AnnPerkins

    solo capping an undefended base is boring enough. Trying to get people to watch you solo cap an undefended base is a crime against humanity.
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  6. Jaggedmallard26

    1: Get a decent education
    2: Search for jobs.
    3: Apply for Job
    4: If you got job proceed to next step if not go back to step 2
    5: Do job
    6: Wait till payday
    7: You now have money.
  7. Wrel

    Please troll elsewhere.
  8. JokeForgrim

    7:00 why does the VS turret have no recoil? you should try using an NC turret you have to recorrect every single shot.
  9. Jaggedmallard26

    Its not trolling. Thats your youtube video and you are advertising it to us.
  10. Pixelshader

    bot blizzard games, it's like legal crime
  11. JohnnyMaverik

    Actually it's a pretty good guide. Will do the last one next time I'm on a continent that gets rolled over by the opposing Zerg.
  12. Benton!

    The theory of "more people hurting the game will cause Sony to fix the game" is bugged. That's like seeing a house with its door unlocked, so you go in and steal stuff, and tell everyone to loot the house, cause the more people that do will cause the home owners to lock their door faster...
  13. RasFW

    These are horrible suggestions. You can gain certs far faster by infantry play.
  14. JohnnyMaverik

    All of that stuff isn't hurting the game, it isn't griefing, it isn't hacking, it isn't camping, it's 2 ways to boost cert gain that involve friends and nothing else and one way to punish the Zerg for being Zerg and not caring about defence.
  15. Wrel

    I agree, to an extent. Which is why Part 1 exists.

    Interesting example, but I think it's off base. SOE has a lot of issues to deal with. Where their attention is focused depends on how rampant the epidemic. The more people hacking, the more reason to deal with it.

    If someone's house gets burgled, wouldn't the neighborhood be more apt to lock their doors?

    Ah, like anyone who posts anything in a public forum. I apologize for thinking you were just full of misguided pessimism.

    Much appreciated, glad you found it useful.

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