How to fix the Galaxy [Machinima Joke] -- (By ZorantheBear and Romas)

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  1. Phrygen

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  2. Reloaded

    I LOVED the original poster.

    I LOVE this video even more.

    I laughed at everything all over again! Amazing.
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  3. Pseudo Neo

    I'm some random guy on the internet and I approve the narration. Its the best. Somebody should hire this guy so he can afford food and stuff!
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  4. Sordid

    That was AWESOME! :eek:

    I particularly like how the "More Dakka" screen has so much dakka that it doesn't quite fit on the screen. :D
    On the other hand, I was disappointed by the lack of a fart sound when the gal dropped the ammo crate.

    Needless to say, agreed with almost everything in the video.
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  5. Phrygen

    oh you....;)
  6. JokeForgrim

    That was a good lol! I remember reading the JPG that said all this.

    I agree with all of it emotionally (except \/ \/). I guess if they gave the gal any lib weapons it would be OP but 5 bulldogs or 2 bulldogs and 3 furies would make at least 6 people want to be in a gal.

    Although personally (logically) I dont agree with the overhaul, I always saw galaxies as the "challenging" aircraft. You have no main gun and you are the slowest of them all, therefore every ESF kill or Lib kill was earned... You actually managed to ram something with the turtle-craft?

    I can also see the Ammo supply thing causing Sooooooo many accidents. The ammount of ESFs i see rammed out of the skies by friendlies (by accident) at the moment is enough for a youtube compilation. If they had a reason to be that close I can see it getting even worse... Although I guess if its only an Air resupply they can make the range pretty awesome (as the ammo crates+ammo sundies would do the ground) But yeah... Mainly I see ESFs Avoid friendly Libs and Gals like a plague and cant see Ammo changing that, when they can just jet off 200m to the nearest place with an Ammo pad+Not getting rammed.

    Anywho good vid, Hopefully they make galaxies more noob friendly so people will bother to invest the 1000+ certs to make it awesome (just like every vehicle in the game) instead of spawning a stock one then failing and QQing on the forums.
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  7. Phrygen

    new road map overhaul?
  8. JokeForgrim

    Yep, the "planned overhaul" (4 months ago last i checked) is there something new in the roadmap? (Guess I will go check bbs)
  9. Sordid

  10. Phrygen

    Whatever they plan to do to the galaxy (besides ammo / repair) is far far away from becoming reality. I wouldn't be surprised if they wait till after the resource revamp.
  11. JokeForgrim

    Yay! See you in 6 months then :(
  12. Llaf

    The poster was great, this is better. All these ideas are fantastic, I might even fly a galaxy if they became that awesome, and I hate flying in this game.
  13. Rohnlex

    2 years later...
  14. Sulsa

    That was really, really good.

    REALLY good.
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  15. Phrygen

  16. Phrygen

    Original Picture post found:

  17. Axehilt

    Some pretty good suggestions in there.

    Reminds me of a suggestion I made in beta. Which went something like this:

    Aegis Overcharger: Players gain a full bonus shield bar when exiting a Galaxy. Each player can only gain this effect once every 60 seconds. This is an inherent trait of the Galaxy and requires no certs or slots.

    Basically give players a reason to fly, drop from, and (defensively) fear Galaxies. Because yeah, as it stands Galaxies are seldom useful except as a slight optimization to herding cattle players who have trouble understanding they can get anywhere they want quickly, on their own.

    But hey, at least because of the vehicle resource system (and longer cooldowns) Galaxies are still better off in PS2 than they were in PS1 (where they were mostly just fodder and/or big packages of delicious reaver rocket XP.) There are times where I actually value a quick Galaxy trip in PS2, and I'd never say that in PS1.
  18. Phrygen

    interesting idea. Maybe a cert line.
  19. EliteEskimo

    Much like the initial save the Galaxy thread this thread and the video is awesome. Now all we need is AJAY in this thread.:D By fixing the Galaxy we would actually end lots of different problems with the game like people teleporting everywhere instead of relying on Sunderers and Galaxys. Making Galaxys more important for transportation would also make the air game more exciting, since guarding Galaxies would be profitable for certs since they would be a big target now that they play a valuable part on the battlefield. Once we do that we can make a "Save the Sunderer Thread" and make them more important for transportation thus making them more important to be guarded and finally MBT's will have an important role too WOOOO! :eek::cool::eek:
  20. Axehilt

    I wouldn't do it as a cert line for a few reasons:
    • Player drops are a Galaxy's primary role. So if it fails to be amazing at the one thing it's specialized at, its design has failed.
    • Players shouldn't wonder whether a Galaxy has this trait; it should be something they can rely on, so any galaxy they enter will have this benefit. (Which has the secondary benefit of making it an outright buff to Galaxies, which is what they need right now.)
    • Good PVP is about winning or losing because of player skill, not play time. PS2 already has too much vertical progression (becoming stronger by playing longer.) PS1 was a much better design in that you became more flexible (lateral progression) rather than stronger.