How to be good at light assault?

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Maxence822, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Agiond

    VS has, IMO, the best carabine in the game: the Pulsar C. It's a beast at mid-long range, with almost no recoil.

    But somehow, i always come back to NC. The NC weapons have something... something that makes me stay with them even if they don't perform as well. Maybe it's the weapon sound, that playing NC just feels right or all that together.
  2. Jedesis

    I consider myself a "good" LA, 27-34% accuracy on Carbines, 80-120 kills per hour, above 7+ KDR on all. It all comes down to playing smart, situational awareness, target acquisition and skillful aiming, like seriously burst fire at range.. I roll max nanowave/ASC and medical kits.

    Good luck and happy hunting!
  3. Leivve

    They have the best "percision carbine", Best CQC carbine is a tie between the GD-7F and the LC2 Lynx. I favor LC2 because; 1, TR master race; 2, DAT FIRE RATE; 3, DAT MAG SIZE
  4. Iridar51

    I don't really think there's one best carbine overall, as different players prefer different playstyles, and there's always a weapon that would suit a specific player the most.

    However, it can be argued, that LA is really weak at range, and Pulsar C is a weapon that is strongest in our arsenal at range, so in that sense, Pulsar C is the best carbine to go toe-to-toe with other classes.

    We can also sort of determine the best carbine by the method of exclusion: what one weapon would you choose if you knew you would had to use it forever? In my opinion, that weapon should be Jaguar, as it is versatile with an accent on CQC, and favors both skilled and unskilled players. So in that sense, Jaguar is the best carbine in the game.

    As for CQC carbines, I don't really think Lynx is better than GD-7F. First place is tied between Serpent and GD-7F, which have their own kinks between them, but - in my mind - Lynx is clearly inferior to them. What Lynx gains in RoF is not enough to compensate for loss in bullet damage.
  5. Leivve

    Yeah I love my LC3 too, that's why it's the only gun I have aurax

    And like you said, everyone has their own preferences. I'm a hipfire bullet happy player who still misses the days when ADS wasn't even a thing. So the lynx is right up my alley, LC3 too, but Jaguar has versatility that I think is more important.

    I haven't toyed to much with vanu weapons, all I know is people who have say VS have no right to complain about weapons because apparently the Orion and Serpent are over powered (I've never had a problem with them, they kill me just as quickly as any other gun).
  6. Iridar51

    Well VS love to say they got crappy ARs, but who doesn't? I can't think of a single AR that I could say about: "yeah, that's really great weapon, singular among competition". There are *good* rifles out there, but they don't stand out as much. Serpent isn't OP, but it's really, really good, as I said, tied with GD-7F.

    Orion is OP, no other way around it. In vacuum, it's not so obvious, but when used on VS (invisible half the time thanks to camo) HA (******* immortal ****) it really becomes blatantly imbalanced as a weapon with high DPS, relatively good accuracy and 50 rounds per mag.
  7. Leivve

    TR don't, we actually boast about having the best ARs in the game.
  8. AlterEgo

    I would love to destroy the Orion and replace it with a weapon that ACTUALLY acts like a VS weapon, not a TR one.
    Hint hint, that'd be the Polaris. Love the thing, man:D
  9. Iridar51

    Meh. People may boast that, but I don't agree with it.

    Cycler is okay, but, like TRAC 5, it lacks attachment options to make it stand out.

    Cycler TRV is actually pretty strong, essentially being an AR version of GD-7F, though with a bit more recoil. In fact, that's why I don't like about TAR as well - recoil. Too much of it. Those two weapons just shake like crazy, making them absolutely non-viable anywhere but CQC.

    TORQ isn't something I'm willing to touch, as it's in a really, really weird place.

    While SABR is definitely the best burst weapon in the game and it can be amazingly strong, I still don't like it for being always being in a burst mode, which only holds it back for no reason. So in my eyes we're left without an effective ranged AR, while all other options are strictly CQC. Guess can always use NS-11A - that's what VS medics are doing.

    I guess my point is - even if TR do have the best ARs among three factions, they are still meh weapons overall, and I can't say: "Yeah, this is the weapon of my dream!" about any of them.
  10. Leivve

    Sounds like you need some TORQ in your life. Take the T1 then ADD those attachments you feel are missing.
  11. Iridar51

    I'm biased against 125 damage non-SMG weapons. TORQ has its points as the most suppressor-friendly AR in the game, but other than that - I'd rather just use Cycler with those attachments that are missing.

    Weapon balance in this game is such bull **** =\
  12. Leivve

    *flips table*
    Just be ******* happy senpai! ****!
  13. Iridar51

    What gave you the impression that I'm never happy? I don't overload my posts with smiles, doesn't mean there's no emotion behind them.
  14. Reclaimer77

    I tried playing VS medic. I really did. But wow, the VS Assault Rifles are just SO poor overall compared to my TR Medic. And the VS trait of having pathetic damage per clip (err battery), while manageable as Light Assault using Carbines, becomes a MAJOR handicap while playing Medic.

    VS Medic it's basically use the Terminus or go home. And the Pulsar VS1 has got to be the worst starting rifle in the game for any class imo.