How the stalker cloak should work

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  1. Master

    Currently the drain on stalker cloak is FIXED, no matter your movement. It currently PUNISHES you from any movement other than sprinting bc you are not using your energy, fully. It's better to get the hunter cloak bc you get an SMG w/ it.

    In other games with cloaking, there are some mechanics that are used and reused. Id like to say, if it aint broke, dont fix it. Please use either of the following mechanics for stealth cloak.

    You will always cover X distance but you will choose how you get there.
    • Lets say the distance you can travel is 40m before your energy reaches 0. If you walk/crouch+walk, your drain is decreased, if you run, it will drain quicker. No matter your speed, you will reach 40m if you dont stop for regen.
    Your cloak will allow you to cover more distance, if you move slower
    • You can sprint to 40m or you can walk to 50m or crouch walk to 60m. Again the values are just examples for everyone to understand the mechanics.
    Crouch walk will not drain energy.
    • Staying still will regen energy but crouch walk will not drain energy. Faster movements such as sprinting will put a heavy drain on energy and walking will be a slower drain.
    Fixed drains will encourage faster movement over "stealthier" movement. Please reconsider the stalker cloak mechanics.
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  2. DrBobcat

    This is a great suggestion and one I highly support. I believe the "Cloak and Dagger" from TF2 would be a better concept to model the Stalker Cloak after. Bare minimum, it would be nice if gravity lifts didn't drain energy.
  3. HlllBllly

    great suggestion. full support to Master.

    i am happy to have a cloak option though!