how is sniping these days ?

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  1. ArcKnight

    I have only played for a few days since I started college 2 years ago and I won't be back in game till next year

    so how are my fellow snipers doing these days ?

    are we still hated by others for our long range OHK's ?

    is the railjack worth getting?, I already have a longshot, also what is the moonshot like in comparison?
    I know the rail has the highest projectile velocity so how much would it be if you attach a suppressor ?

    are there any new changes planned that will affect sniping down the line ?

    are warpgate fights still good sniping grounds these days ? and how's the crown doing ?
  2. FeralBoy

    Wow, someone else who went through a similar experience as me. I too started college, although as a non-traditional *cough* older *cough* student, right as Beta ended. I was unable due to time and money constraints to begin playing again until after I graduated. I basically missed over 2 years from launch myself.

    Q: How is sniping?
    A: Fun, in moderate doses :p

    1) Yes, we are still hated by people who refuse to change, that also expect to keep standing still on a battlefield, and live....

    2) I don't currently play any other faction than TR except to keep my passive cert gains updated, but if you enjoy sniping and have a subscription I don't know why you wouldn't get the Railjack. If you sub and play regularly certs are very easy to come by. I am not endorsing it by any means though, I just like to collect guns, and yes, I bought it with StationCash for all my NC alts I never play. :D (Also, in general I only use a suppressor when I'm trying to prolong my life by sniping at close range, where I won't pay the price of giving away my exact position and most crucially, won't lose that OHK potential that goes away at distance when using a suppressor).

    3) I am not aware of any changes in the works that will have any noticeable impact, positively or negatively on sniping.

    4) I imagine most snipers have different places/methods they prefer to ply their trade. Personally I don't find the Crown/Ti Alloys to be nearly the target rich environment it once was during Beta.

    Best of luck friend in your endeavor to obtain a degree and further your lot in life, and your education and knowledge. Hopefully we and the game will still be here when you're done. :cool:
  3. ArcKnight

    hope so, I'm saving up my cash now, since they raised the min-requirements I now have to upgrade by ram and graphics card

    I remember TI alloys being great for sniping, one battle during BETA the enemy kept coming back to the same spot no matter how many times I sniped them, I eventually got bored and went back to get a HEAT lightning and started bombarding that spot :D

    also why is it so hard for our victims to not stand still, its a nightmare to OHK a moving target, sniping requires a lot of positioning and patience and if someone stops moving then our trigger finger just gets itchy

    so the crown doesn't have big battles anymore ? or is it dominated by vehicles ?
  4. FeralBoy

    Oh sure, there are still huge, long drawn out battles between The Crown and Ti Alloys. But yes, I feel they are mainly dominated outside the control points by vehicles.
  5. ArcKnight

    so the one thing we can't kill is dominating the area................. I wonder how jumpy the engineers are in an attempt to avoid getting their heads popped when they get out to repair their vehicles
  6. _itg

    I'm fine. How are you?

    I haven't heard many complaints lately, but I'm sure those people are still out there.

    The Railjack is basically a slightly downgraded Longshot. Its trigger delay causes more problems trying to hit a target than the high velocity solves, and the inconvenience traits (small mag, slow RoF) get in the way, too. It does have a longer OHK range than any other sniper rifle, though, so if you're trying to kill someone over 300m away, it's the gun to use.

    The Moonshot is good (basically a Longshot with some small perks and IMO smaller drawbacks) but it's a little weird to get used to, due to a bug where the recoil seems to occur slightly before the shot actually fires. Some people will point out that the effective behavior is similar to a zeroed scope in real life, but that's not how any other scope works in game. All the same, you can get used to this, and at long ranges, it feels like less bullet drop.

    Suppressing the Railjack is an interesting idea, but the devs secretly gave this gun the highest suppressor penalty in the game, I guess simply to punish your creativity. Its suppressed velocity is not much better than that of the Longshot.



    The Crown got changed at some point (not sure if it was before or after you left), but it's a pretty decent place to snipe. Warpgate fights don't really happen, at least on my server.
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  7. ArcKnight

    fine, looking through youtube and the forums to catch up on what happened these past 2 years

    how long is the delay ?

    so its basically a longshot with better stats

    so, railjack + supressor = longshot with free stealth
    if you master the delay then the end result is a essentially a better longshot....... would this qualify as power-creep ?

    is there any site or spreadsheet where I can find the numbers for the suppressed velocity ?

    sad, warpgate fights were pretty epic since the area near the gate are choke points mostly and offer pretty good sniping opportunity
  8. _itg


    It does have an extra 30m/s velocity and a faster reload, but it also has a slightly lower OHK distance and double the minimap ping. I'd say it's a good trade, but it's not a straight upgrade.

    I meant the velocity is not much better than a *suppressed* longshot. In other words, you're getting all the penalties for free with virtually no benefit. There is a spreadsheet out there with the attachment effects somewhere if you go googling for it. IIRC, the Railack suppressor penalty is about 50%, vs. 40% for most guns, including all other sniper rifles.
  9. ArcKnight

    oh great, so a suppressed railjack = suppressed longshot with a delay

    I think I'll sick to the longshot since most of my kills stay less than 200m so I won't need to compensate much for bullet drop
    200ms doesn't seem like much especially for counter sniping so i might get it in the future, probably

    also the moonshot sounds like its meant for shooting from behind spawn rooms than sniping due to the larger ping detection area and the lower OHK range
  10. _itg

    Nah, the Moonshot is fine for general-purpose sniping. You're likely to be outside the minimap range of your targets regardless, and if anyone hunting you can't get within 40m of you by following your tracers, you're not shooting enough people. Just set up a high-level motion spotter, and you'll know if anyone's coming to kill you in plenty of time to prepare or to run. The lower OHK range isn't much less than 300m. IIRC, it's around 280m.

    Btw, the Railjack is actually bad for countersniping. The delay means you're more likely to get countersniped yourself, and another sniper who is wary of you can probably get a shot off and recloak faster than you can actually fire at him.
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  11. Campagne

    I agree a lot with what _itg said. But I'd like to add my supplementary thoughts, if I may, on the Railjack.
    (A lot of what has been said already will be repeated, just as a sort of summary to help me collect my thoughts.)

    On paper, the Railjack is a great weapon. However, in its practical use, I'd say you're just pain better off with the Longshot.

    When compared to the Longshot, without taking the delay into effect:
    • Highest ease of use against stationary targets
    • Longest OHHK range of any infantry weapon in the game
    • Unique in both sound, function and aesthetics
    • Is an actual gauss weapon for NC (and isn't even a shotgun)
    • Has an overall lower volume of shots
    • When suppressed velocity is comparable when LS remains unsuppressed
    • When suppressed has significantly greater drop than an unsuppressed LS (about two mildots more at ~100m-150m)
    • Understandably sometimes viewed as a crutch by other snipers whom have never used it (I've gotten a fair few tells about it)
    The delay (200ms):
    • Effectively negates the benefit of the increased projectile velocity out to about 200m
    • Requires you to be still for longer amounts of time when firing
    • "Fidgeting" targets are difficult to accurately hit
    • Leading targets becomes much more difficult
    • Short range shots become much more difficult
    • Counter-sniping becomes almost impossible against skilled enemies
    • Counter-sniping becomes significantly easier against you
    Ultimately, it's a fun and interesting weapon, but unless you're sharpshooting from >300m, it is in a practical sense, a downgrade to the Longshot.
  12. ArcKnight

    mm hmm, so its pretty useless for me then, I prefer sniping at targets at 200m max

    I heard we got a fully auto and shotgun pistol, I can already assume how our stalker cloak brethren are waiting in the shadows with an evil smirk on their faces

    also off topic, I remember shooting through spawnroom shields were disabled, it is still like that ?
  13. Campagne

    Yeah, the Longshot is really just the best for most scenarios.

    Don't get too excited about the Magscatter. It is/was pretty awful. It's been buffed recently, but it's still sort of an underboss mixed with a knife in terms of range and damage. The Emissary auto pistol seems good though. Low damage and rate of fire, but very controllable. Personally, I still prefer a good old Rebel, or Commissioner.

    Nope! Defenders are fully able to fire from most spawn rooms.
  14. ArcKnight

    sweet, when I'm camped in my spawn room I bust out one of my trusty old bolt action rifles and start popping anyone brave enough to poke their head out muahahahahahahaha

    also is the trap really a sniper rifle cause it feels more like a battle rifle
  15. _itg

    It's a sniper rifle in name only. It is more of a battle rifle in functionality.
  16. Campagne

    I've never used it myself, but from what I can tell it's more of burst AR for the infiltrator than it is an actual sniper rifle.
  17. ArcKnight

    so the story behind its release is:

    patch notes: we have a set of ES sniper rifles...
    TR: so what is it ?
    Admiral Ackbar: IT'S A TRAP!
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  18. Scroffel5

    For super long range sniping, and hey, even up closer, the Railjack is worth getting. It has the highest damage of a sniper, the only one able to OHK over 300+ on Infiltrators, your biggest threat. Lots of people hate the 0.2sec delay, but it really helps you when you get into closer ranges and when people are moving targets. It does not help when they are sitting still, because if they flinch and you can't react within 0.2 seconds, you miss.

    I really like the Railjack. Now, for the suppressor, it does lower your muzzle velocity. I guess you could get it if you wanted to, but it still makes your shot much slower, which makes you have to lead your targets even with the 0.2sec delay. That means you have to trace their head while the 0.2sec delay is going, but while still leading your target. Get the suppressor only if you really really need stealth and that's your playstyle. Otherwise, go without it.

    Sniping is a ton of fun, and I hope you come back to Planetside!
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  19. lamsai

    new update's death cam screwed over snipers pretty bad imo
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