How Is Planetside 2 These Days?

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  1. RayDrazon

    I played Planetside 2 several months ago but quit because of how horrible this game runs on my laptop. I had a lot of fun though regardless. Now, I think I'll give Planetside 2 another try. (I saw on mmobomb an article about Planetside 2's developers creating a video about optimizing the game.) How well does Planetside 2 run now?

    What has changed? Back when I played, the Crown was constantly being fought for and the other continents were relatively empty. Has this changed now?

    Is there any big change I should know? (I quit around 6 months ago.)

    Please post and comment below. Thanks.
  2. Aegie

    [SOE now rewarding people who play ~1 hour a week as TR]
    [no, seriously]
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  3. Cougarbrit

    It's not optimised yet, there has been no noticable increase in performance so far, it'll be another month or two before optimisation is complete.

    Crown has completely changed, the Holy Trinity of Crown, Ti and Crossroads is no more a zerg trap, you'll get good fights all over Indar now, and 4 or 5 of the bases have been deleted. Esamir has changed, it has snowy trees in places, many of the bases have been redone, a lot of the bases are now walled up, Amerish is still the same.

    Also Lattice system, looking at a map tells you all you need to know on that really, on Indar and Esamir.

    Also Harassers, buggies that are faster than racer flashes (incidentally flashes now have passenger seats) and can pack Empire specific vehicle secondary weaponry as well as NS secondary weaponry (basically MBT and Sunderer weapons), 3 man crew, 3rd seat is an exposed repair seat.

    Lots of other changes, but that's the major stuff off the top of my head, I suggest combing through the GU and Hotfix notes if you want a better summary, though there's been a lot of hotfixes.
  4. phreec

    Well The Crown has been reworked so it's no longer a constant grind. Indar and Esamir have gotten a lattice system, Amerish remains hex for now.

    They're working on the performance and optimization but nothing major yet. Just remember to turn Shadows and Flora off to get some extra frames out of your system.

    Also you can try using this recruitment link of mine to get a XP boost and a few guns if you haven't logged on in the past 6 months.
  5. Robes

    Made the crown near impossible to defend, points are now on the bridges.

    The population is dropping hard due to game running like ****, massive population imbalances and just overall seemingly lack of care from the devs.

    Game actually runs worse than it did a few months ago (dont worry though, they've stopped working on content for 5 or 6 months to try and fix the performance).

    Only one continent has fighting on it at a time (due to the pop dropping), the only time it isn't indar is when theres an alert.

    Faction wise TR is hugely overpopulated and they decided to run an event while they are so if you want the free exp boosts you have to play TR atleast once a week.

    If you can get past that games great.
  6. Flashtirade

    You've missed out on a lot. Here's some things you'll need to know.

    - If you couldn't run the game well back then, you probably won't be able to now. Optimization is nowhere near complete. It's going to be a long process, and until it's done new content is on hold.
    - The Crown was nerfed.
    - All bases have had their capture times changed.
    - I'm not sure when lattice came out, but it did. Lattice is those lines you see on Indar and Esamir: base captures progress along them. Amerish does not have lattice, but it will eventually.
    - Esamir got a huge makeover. It's now more friendly to infantry because of more irregular terrain and huge walls around most bases. If you liked tanking, it's not the place for you anymore. People now fight on it though, Amerish is still empty outside of alerts and ghostcapping.
    - Speaking of tanks, armor and AP rounds have been changed. Tanks have more armor in general, AP rounds are now much stronger against armored targets than before.
    - ESF noseguns have been changed. The Vortek is now more in line with the TR Rotary and the VS Turbo Laser, stock noseguns now have bigger mag sizes. Mag size upgrades have been nerfed.
    - The Harasser, a 3-person dune buggy, was released. Its capacity to carry heavy AV weapons coupled with high speed and durability (with composite armor) have drastically changed vehicle gameplay, probably for the worse.
    - Speaking of weapons, the Vanu arsenal now sounds better.
    - Shotguns have been nerfed.
    - Forward grips were nerfed.
    - IR/NV for both weapons and vehicles have been nerfed, albeit in different ways. IR for guns has a longer ADS time, IR for vehicles no longer highlights players and other vehicles like thermal does.
    - Some weapons have gotten better models.
    - The MANA AV turret has been added. It's extremely powerful, spammable, and accurate if you can aim its wire-guided rockets. It is not limited by range, to the detriment of many a vehicle driver/pilot.
    - Empire-specific launchers have been added. TR get a buffed Annihilator, VS get a superfast chargeable laser cannon, NC get a camera-guided rocket launcher.
    - New MAX AV weapons have been added. TR get a powerful rocket autocannon, VS get another chargeable laser cannon, NC get more guided rockets.
    - Empire-specific MAX abilities have been added. TR get something like Anchor, VS get super speed at the cost of vulnerability, NC get a shield.
    - The flash gained the ability to cloak (if you drive it as an infiltrator and use the Wraith module) and mount a shotgun to the front (it's pretty bad). Scout radar was nerfed, and the ATV now costs 100 resources to pull.
    - You now get much more xp for killing vehicles, even more if you kill a tank with a tank weapon or an ESF with an ESF weapon.
    - You get less xp for killing freshly spawned players. You get more xp for killing players who have earned quite a bit of xp in one life.
    - Alerts have been added to the game. They are server-wide objectives with time limits, and there is an xp reward for whoever participates. The reward is based on much of the goal is achieved before time ends (the alert can be terminated early if one side has completed all objectives) as well as how long you as a player have been participating in that alert.

    I'm probably missing some things, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head. Some else will fill that in for you.
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  7. Drsexxytime

    Optimizations not done (though were supposed to be an on-going thing since launch)
    Population balances are out of control, enhanced by "alerts" (though you're VS on Mattherson, so you're fine, you'll dominate or at least be competitive depending if the VS are playing their TR alts or not).
    Servers are becoming a ghost town. On Mattherson, you're ok though, as off "prime time" VS pop usually jumps up a healthy 10% advantage at least over the other two and they just steam roll due to this.

    There has been no, zip, zilch, nada Major Content patches in this game since launch bringing in direly needed new content. It's stagnant.
  8. NightmareP69

    -Population balance is still horrible, TR overpop on almost all servers
    -Striker is still spamed by every TR
    -The optimization patch is still far away
    -More hats
    -More people leaving every day (mainly VS and NC who are tired of the TR overpop and the constant love SOE shows only to TR players)

    And that's about it, welcome back.
  9. reticentbassist

    I find the game balance to be really great and the game play very enjoyable.

    They are still working on optimization, and are hoping to make sure that even low end PC's get 60 FPS. We will see what actually happens when the patch comes through.

    I would really recommend just upgrading your computer if at all possible, you can EASILY get a decent gaming rig for ~500 USD.

    Nothing personal, but I do not think that people who cannot or will not upgrade their computers should expect to be able to play modern games, or at least every modern game. There are certain requirements which simply MUST be met in order to play some games, and there is nothing wrong with that.
  10. RayDrazon

    Hmm... logged on today. In terms of optimization, the frame rate was more or less the same as when I left, at 40 fps at the warpgate on minimum settings; seems to match what everyone's saying in this thread XD.
  11. Cougarbrit

    Isn't that for new accounts/chars though? Dude's a BR50, that's probably too much playtime to give up on.
  12. Kid Gloves

    You can guarantee that the moment the optimisation patch goes live SOE will be making a big song and dance about it.
  13. phreec

    Bottom reads:
    So I'd guess it's also for returning players.
  14. Sledgecrushr

    If you quit because of performance issues then you will probably be disappointed. I built a new computer and average between 50-100fps, so there are gains in performance through better hardware. Overall the game has been reballanced. Infantry is a lot tougher. Explosives have been nerfed.

    Personally I am having a great time playing ps2. It has been some of the best fps gameplay i have ever enjoyed.
  15. DaCrippler

    nothing other than the fact this game blows big donkey dicks now so you missed out on the good times my advice buy arma3
  16. DaCrippler

    sledgecrusher dont you love that you have two gpus but ps2 only runs on one soe *****
  17. Sledgecrushr

    Ps2 runs just fine on my 2x 660ti.
  18. DaCrippler

    will run better if you disable one of your gpus and you shouldnt have two they should work together but they dont
  19. DaCrippler

    i have two gtx 670s and my fps goes up when i disable one but only in ps2 because the coders are not the best in the buiz
  20. KariH

    When I strated NC has huge population. Now terrans have huge population in some servers. Some servers are dominated totally by expert vanu poulation ..... well ... except AUSTRALIA whos Vanu population is nonexistent time to time! Australian Vanus - STAND UP and FIGHT - my Vanu character cannot conquere all continets alone!