How do I improve my aim?

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  1. Fned

    Don't just practice in the VR, use it to determine your ideal mouse settings for crosshair, ADS, scope, vehicle and tank guns, and aircraft. There is a distinct reward to being obsessive about this for an hour or two, obsessively tweaking your sliders up and down one notch at a time until each interface operates smoothly and instinctually.

    Don't just idly shoot the targets, either. Try things like switching from one target to another in between shots or bursts, moving erratically while shooting, toggling ADS on and off between targets or even between shooting and moving, stuff like that. Don't be afraid to adjust your settings in live, either, if you find yourself making a particular kind of aiming error consistently (like over- or under- correcting when moving your sights onto a target).

    Once you've got it adjusted so that your instincts aren't fighting your control scheme, your aim should improve more rapidly with practice.

    Framerate is a big deal when your targets are live. In VR, turn your framerate on with Alt+f, get in a Lightning with Viper cannon, and drive around shooting full auto at the ground directly in front of you. If you see your framerate drop, it means your system is stuttering whenever it renders weapon hit efffects, and it will likely also drop frames when you're shooting at enemies close up in infantry combat (which will throw off your aim). You'll need to turn down particle effects and rendering quality until you don't see that effect anymore.
  2. DarkStarII

    Maybe I should mention that I am not new to the game. I have over 1000 hours in it, aiming at things (and killing them) is where my skill is 'lacking'.
    Overall, it seems that I just need to upgrade. :( $$$$$

    But anyway, thanks for all the tips everyone. :)
  3. Fned

    I didn't think to adjust my mouse settings based on VR performance until I'd had a BR100 guy for a while... still makes a difference.

    If your computer is giving you crap frames and you can't adjust settings to compensate, then yeah, that'll make it hard to aim close up for sure.
  4. Beerbeerbeer

    I know it sounds obviously simple, but people often lose "sight" of their reticule or crosshairs.

    Practice concentrating on your reticule and/or crosshairs while moving your aim.

    It's very easy to lose sight of it when someone is moving in front of you as your vision naturally focuses on that moving mass, but it takes hand-eye coordination to move your hand so your cursor glides to where your eyes are and your eyes should focus first on the reticule, with your peripheral vision on the target.

    People often (and naturally) flop this focus to their detriment. So again, don't focus on the target, but where your reticule is with respect to that target. Never take your eyes off of it as tracking your target with your peripheral vision is relatively easy.

    A simple way to practice is in the warp gate spawn room. As friendlies spawn and run, try and practice what your eyes focuses on (again the reticule), keeping it on target as they move.

    Also, you can practice shifting targets by simply aiming at different inanimate objects or people. Like a wall mark, aim for it then see if you can quickly shift to a different walk mark farther away.

    Do all of this while ADS and hip firing.

    Also, if you find yourself constantly overshooting their movements, then lower your mouse's dpi. If you find yourself lagging behind target, raise it. It takes a while to find that sweet spot as you may have muscle memory, but it's worth it. I find 900-1000 dpi my ideal range. It may vary depending on your reflexes and control.

    If you can get your accuracy above 25%, that's fairly good. 30% is really good with automatic rifles IMO.
  5. SQPD

    Use your faction's S variant carbine or AR and keep it on 3 round burst. It's a disadvantage but the bursting improves accuracy by reducing the cone of fire and feels like an improvement in aim. Using the burst variant of the default carbine/AR may be a bit more advantageous, so use the S variant if you can afford it.
  6. DarkStarII

    The S variant carbine was the first weapon I ever bought...
  7. cobaltlightning

    Assuming your hardware isn't a problem as others have stated, It's just all about finding a good pace, in my oppinion.

    For example, in wide open areas ('outside' area in a biolab or outside in general) then Sprinting will help close the distance between you and your enemy and avoid some fire at the same time.

    Inversely, for indoors, I wouldn't recommend sprinting unless you gotta ****. The normal run speed will keep your weapon ready for CQC engagements.

    Another tip, if it hasn't been stated yet, is to round your corners. This is best described as aiming at where the enemy can and will appear while strafing and trying to make you way through a chokepoint.

    For attatchments, a Laser Sight is always the way to go in cqc. This will tighten your hipfire a great deal, meaning less missed shots. If it has Softpoint Ammo, that is also a must, as well. Usually, a Supressor wouldn't hurt your CQC potential too much, but you can use a flash suppressor without too much downsides and still be viable at the longer ranged, which I would use nothing more than a 2x reflex sight for.

    Lastly, I would recommend purchasing the NS7 PDW (or the MKV) as CQC Options. While they lack killing potential in close range compared to other options, they are still viable and have some extra versatility attatched to them as well. They're already decently accurate enough that they could get away with using extended magazines over a laser sight.
  8. customer548 the way, did you disable mouse acceleration in your game settings?
  9. DarkStarII

    I don't know, I'll have to look.
    Already auraxium we the NS-7 and about 500 kills in with the MKV ;)
  10. omfgweeee

    1st you have to use the same weapon all the time until you reach the level you are ok with. Get used to the weapon its recoil, understand the range of it. Switch some attachments if u have to. Once you start hiting the body area systematicly you shoulda try to go more for the head.

    Its not something that it will over in a day. Dont give up and i bet after some time you will notice an improvement.