How do Cert Points work?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Spec_Ops729, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Spec_Ops729

    I saw on the wiki ( that you supposedly get a cert point an hour online or off. Is there a limit to how many points you can get passively offline? I'm asking because I hadn't played the game for at least 3 days and got on today and only got 12 cert points, shouldn't I have gotten at least 72 cert points? Just wondering, thanks for all responses in advance.
  2. KoSGunny

    You only get certs for days you were online. you only get 8 a day per day you were online.

    Hope this helps.

    Don't expect to get much by idling. The little helps sure, but it's worth nothing by itself. you'll have to play to earn anything worthwhile. the little extra just saves you an hour here and there every so often.
  3. Nehlis

    You receive certs every couple of hours for free (rate of which I don't know) , but you get 1 cert every 250 exp. capturing a small facility will give you 1, capturing a medium facility will give you 2 and capturing a large facility will give you 4. A good way to count is every 3 kills or so.
  4. Vashyo

    I think it's 12 certs a day, my VS guy had 12 certs when I logged in on miller with him after a few days of not playing. (I play my NC guy mainly)

    OP u need to log in once a day if u want to earn the offline certs.
  5. Tobax

    16, it was 8 until almost end of beta when certs went from 500exp to 250exp so the rate was doubled. They are earnt over time up to a maximum of 24 hours offline but you must login to claim the certs earnt while offline, so if you come on after 2-3 days for example you'll only have 24 hours worth.
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    *Every 250 XP you earn gets you 1 cert.

    *Ever 6 hours you are offline, you get 2 certs, until you are offline for 48 hours.

    *Ever hour you're online earns you 1 cert passively.
  7. Spec_Ops729

    Ok I get it now, thanks guys!
  8. kamakazeishbear

    yeah I don't know but eh I'm not getting any cert points at all :\ if anyone could help me with that please do

    I have been gaining points and have been playing for 2 days roughly 4-8 hours

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