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  1. d_carey Developer

    Downtime Start: 6am PDT

    Note: Where applicable, PS2 Community Issue Tracker bug ID's entered in parenthesis

    • Valkyrie composite armor now increases resistance to aircraft nose cannons by 2/3/4/5% up from 1/2/3/4%
    • Small arms damage against Valkyrie reduced by 25%
    • Valkyrie base resistance to flak increased from 25% to 37%
    • Valkyrie base resistance to armor piercing bullets increased from 50% to 70%
    • Increased the power of the Valkyrie airbrake
    • Passengers in the rumble seat of the Valkyrie now have an innate resistance to Flak and other explosive damage
    • Input lag addressed
    • Mouse Smoothing Toggle and sensitivity added to the settings page
    • Pitch keys no longer control aircraft freelook (PS-93)
    • Buttons that call the chat window should no longer occasionally fail to give window focus after the first hit (PS-32)
    • Toggling the mouse and setting waypoints on the main map and minimap should now work again (thanks Itzhaki)
    • The tilde key [~] can be bound again (PS-242)
    • The Grave Accent key can be bound again (European keyboards)
    • The 'interact' action binding should now work if bound to any character keys (won't work with non-character keys yet, but we have a task in for a future update)
    • Spotting without a target will no longer bring up an empty menu
    • Minimap icons should more reliably represent in-world actors (PS-188, PS-183)
    • Fixed the Sidearms Master tier for the NC to include the LA8 Rebel, not the LA80 sniper rifle (PS-244)
    • Water around Grouney Dam has the kill plane re-enabled
    • Water deaths on Hossin are no longer revivable
    • 2 Client crashes fixed
    • Zone crash fix
    • Up x 61
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.