Hitching, Frameskipping,Splitsecondfreezes

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by SynaptixBrainstorm, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. TwwIX

    I've been experiencing random stuttering ever since the Valkyrie patch. Goes from a steady 60+ fps to single digits. I've never experienced these performance issues before and i have been playing the game since the technical test.
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  2. Mikromancer

    been getting this for far longer than just the valk patch, it's been present on and off since before OMFG. I had thought it fixed during OMFG, but then when hossin was released it came back, albeit nowhere near as bad. but since the valk? ******* unplayable. it's disgusting that this issue has been around for so goddamn long with little to no improvement except by indirect means.

    Please for the love of god do something about it, your game is unplayable.

    was that obnoxious enough to get any attention? I hope so.
  3. NC_agent00kevin

    I was fine until I updated from 314.22, the best PS2 drivers STILL.
  4. Rantgen

    In the past few days i was thinking about getting more ram to help the game run smoothly. Then yesterday i logged in the PTS for the striker update. The PTS has a 64 bit client, i logged and:
    >the loading time was faster then ever
    >i logged directly at the warpgate. 60 fps since the first second, and it wasn't empty (there were few players logged)
    >even the continent map or the social menu were fast to respond. Not even a second loading

    I'm starting to think that all this stutter, lag and everything is due to a server fault. After the PTS i logged in game for a quick match. I was playing fine, then appeared the "bad connection" thingy on the corner of the screen and bam! 1/2 fps for about 2 minutes.

    In a nutshell: the PTS works freakingly good, while the standard game is choppy as hell. Figure out why, SOE, and fix it. At least make us know that you're aware of the problem, and what is causing it
  5. SynaptixBrainstorm

    After today hotfix my game is running like before the valkpatch (perfectly fine).
  6. dezusa

    Fixed? like, '32bit pre-valk patch' fixed?
    very strange.:eek:
  7. Traveller

    The stutter\freeze issue has NOT been resolved. The frequency seems to have decreased somewhat, but the problem is still there. Its been made 'less worse'.

    -Avatar and weapons animations are still gltichting and freezing as well-no real change, perhaps like the macro-stutter issue-slightly less worse than 2 days ago-at best.
    -Still getting shot across the map to random zones when I should respawning in either the sunderer I actually selected, or the nearest zone. Another fellow in platoon said eariler, 'How did I get over to the other side of the map?'.

    And so on....
  8. tigerchips

    I logged in yesterday only to find that the stuttering had returned big time. So i repeated some of the steps that had gotton rid of it before...

    1) Cleaned registry and other things with Auslogics registry cleaner
    2) Cleaned registry and other things with CCleaner
    3) Defragged hard drive with Auslogics disk defrag

    Problem vanished when i next logged on. Not sure if it was just a fluke.

    Download and try these only if you know what you are doing...

    I clicked on all the options available in the CCleaner and Auslogics registry cleaner.
  9. slawo

    for me game is totaly unplayable, before valkyrie patch i say " good work SOE " game work like never before smooth and const fps, now is
    Hitching, Frameskipping,Splitsecondfreezes and my hdd all time loading some **** propably memory leak, person who made this path and cant fix this should cut balls :mad:
  10. zapardus

    wow the game is really, totally f*** up right now.. it's never been in so bad shape.. I wonder how long it'll be b4 they do something about the stuttering and freezes... holy god .. they should at least let us use the x86 .exe without manually replacing the f*** files every time..
  11. SynaptixBrainstorm

  12. SynaptixBrainstorm

    i've got no idea why ....but ffs i played the last couple of days perfectly fine again in all kinds of sized fights....and today?! today there is nothing but hitching in medium fights....there was not even a hotfix that could cause that...what is wrongo_O
  13. NanoBitSplit

    It's nice to know SOE still refuses to even acknowledge the existence of the constant microstutters.
  14. SynaptixBrainstorm

    ughhh....what is this man...im so tired of trying to play and everytime its the same...

    Ok im only running 4GB of ram but i did before the valk patch and it worked there...so is it really only memorieleak? would it help to upgrade to 8GB of ram ? would it???? somebody knows that?
  15. GiorgyGR

    @ SynaptixBrainstorm

    Sorry mate..it won't be fixed upgrading your RAM.
    I have 12 gigs +videocard with 2 extra and i m facing the same $..t (among other $..t as well)
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  16. Solitrius

    very welcome.
    Same probs here. so there are so many other which has the same probs. but not fixed till now.

    i hope for all of us, that'll be fixed soon. maybe before x-mas.
    otherwise for all, have a nice day (without PS2)
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  17. SynaptixBrainstorm

    FFS thanks for your answer though!

    Man these game performance problems should be the highest priority over all other stuff. I dont have much from new vehicles like the valkyrie if the game runs like trash. Such a shame:confused:
  18. Stachelkeule

    oh, nothing changed? time to play Firefall, again.
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  19. Damz49

    Man they only had 3.5 weeks to fix it and a 15 devs team ... oh wait !

    I reinstalled my OS on 64bits instead of 32, I dont have any more crashes or long freezes but framerate is so low it's still unplayable.

    Had a perfect framerate (40fps without drop) for 1mn but then 10-7-20-45-1-0-0-0-60-30 etc.

    So, dont switch to 64 it's not better at all.

    Also tried with the 32bits client, same problem.
  20. Joay

    Do you know? I dont see how this could have any affect on the game