Higher latency/Worse connection when using vehicles

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by jollybadger, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. jollybadger

    So, even after the hefty latency issues seem to be mitigated (my latency is still higher than the ttk of most weapons, but the flying tanks disappeared), as soon as I spawn an aircraft, my connection immediately switches from "poor" to "bad" and the latency hits 2s and higher again.
    And that, while my connection isn't even fully used to its full extent.
    Symptomatic are:
    Vehicles oscillating between two or more posaitions around one centerpoint; My galaxy for example seems to be at two places at once.
    When I fly Valkyrie, all rumble seat passengers suddenly appear on the right side of the vehicle.
    When using Mosquito/Scythe, I don't even get hitmarkers, when firing a rotary from close range into a Galaxy.
    Sometimes the input simply doesn't happen - I can move my mouse/push keys, but the vehicle doesn't react in any way shape or form.
    The list goes on. And this only happens in Planetside 2 on Cobalt. PTS is fine, other games are running well...

    My connection to other servers usually moves between 30ms and 110ms ping, with little (~0.02%) or no package loss. Now, I'm living in Germany and that goes for servers located eg in South Africa.
    Why can't I play anymore on a server, that is physically located in Amsterdam? I can almost spit over there.
    Either the combination of netcode and connection is really really bad - which would raise the question, why they chose it in the first place. Or there is some strange stuff going on, that I can't figure out.