Hey, did I mention today I hate Alerts?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Oheck, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Oheck

    yep! I do. Worst idea to insert into a continental warfare game ever. Especially this frequently. Just logged out in disgust when two platoons worth of enemies just disappeared from the fight when that alert hit. One second tracers and explosions all over the place and suddenly..nothin. Good job completely interrupting gameplay for a stupid bloody bio dome chaos fest alert.
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  2. Juni

    I invite you to leave and never come back then, Alerts are here to stay.
  3. Oheck

    Your reply is appreciated low threshold gamer, continue.
  4. Juni

    Your thread that has been posted thousands of times before about the same thing is also appreciated, the reply from SOE was to add more Alerts and more frequently.
  5. Iosef Stalin

    Alerts are only real good necause they give you tons of Xp, and they get people on esamir and Amerish. otherwise, it is kind of a pointless idea, and isnt backed by any purpose
  6. Oheck

    So...they ignored thousands of posts like this one. I stand by my initial post then. ;) Go enjoy the alert while I rant. pthh!
  7. Ronin Oni

    They (SOE) ignore them cause many times more thousands are in the alert enjoying the frack outta them :D
  8. LT_Latency

    Just hit instant action and start fighting again.
  9. Neckaru

    As lousy as alerts are, the advantages associated with them make them tolerable.
  10. FigM

    I think they just moved, they didn't just quit the game. You can move to where the new fight is

    I'll only agree that "capture all facilities of 1 type" is stupid alert, that is almost identical to "capture continent" or "capture all continents"
  11. NucNuc

    I like the old alerts aka Continent domination alerts.
    I dont like the new alerts because ... they are not really funny. Mostly the side with the biggest numbers serverwide wins. (and I play on a faction that has overpop...yeah, xp is nice at the end, but the fights aren´t).
    I don´t like the fact that alerts are too often, inflating the experience (read not: XP) for all alerts and good will to gather up a group and do something meaningfful.
  12. Crator

    I don't mind them cause it gives a purpose, or goal, to the game. OP, you mention continental warfare, which is true, but there's isn't the appropriate setup in place for continental domination/locking yet. I think once we get more continents with inter-continent connections and hopefully home continents with removal of 3-empire footholds it should be better. They will have to rethink those alerts when that happens too...
  13. Oheck

    I wasn't suggesting they quit. Yes, they abandoned the current battle immediately to chase the facility alert XP bonanza. The continent alerts are tolerable. We are in agreement on the facility alerts. Terrible idea. Thanks for the civil response.
  14. Oheck

    Agreed. Its one thing to have events take place, but to have them take place so regularly, to have it empty an area of two platoons worth of players, or to have your outfit mid fight suddenly relocate...I just find frustrating.