Hey Devs! Did you ever get any positive feedback about the respawn system? Like any at all?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

    Cause no one I talk to thinks it was a good idea, or well implemented, everyone, including me (yeah I do talk to my self sometimes), thinks it's absolutely ********.

    Without going into the specifics, it sucks, it's like you did half the job and then were too lazy to think things through, like you had too much to do and were like "**** it, it's late, let's just go with that".

    Could you maybe roll it back to how it was before? I know you guys don't like to make any effort, but that wouldn't really be much of an effort would it?
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  2. OgreMarkX

    They never developed a way to roll back code. Scary. This is why, when I first heard he was redoing the spawn system design, I was saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO in the first place.

    Once it's done, what they do is "tweak" it.

    So you get a bad reaction to a bad reaction to a bad reaction.

    They never stop to ask themselves:

    1. What is our game's core competency (this is why we got the horrible construction implementation that could have been so good)
    2. What do players like and dislike *hint* players LIKE being in the FIGHT, players dislike NOT BEING in the fight (this is why we got this horrible spawn revamp...every time you die you get to be reminded how bad this is. Every. Time. Talk about bad marketing.

    It was more important to one guy that he control battle flow for hundreds of people at all times then it was to let those people have fun and keep playing.

    To the readers: Please, if you're into central planning and think that is a good way to go for anything---THINK AGAIN!

    But prepare yourself, because the pattern is: Double down on dumb. That is how we bled players during the year+ that abomination of a HIVE VP system was in place.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    I'm gona draw you a picture, as they say in French, just in case (don't ban me, I didn't say you were), but just in case you're too ******* dumb to understand.


    I had my sundy at 1. It got killed by another one of your ******** ******* "OH BUT WE DONT WANT TO NERF THEM" liberators.

    There"s another sundy at 2. BUT GUESS WHAT? I CANT SPAWN THERE.

    In fact, netiher can all my buddies at 3 (Quartz Ridge), who are defending the base for ever and ever and ever because they can never ******* spawn at any of the sundies we set up at the next base.

    SO that's at least 4 good reasons, with a ******* picture made especially for ******* ******* who don't understand anything.

    Lots of other things I could go in detail with this map, like for example, if when my sundy (AT 1) was up, no one could spawn there even though it was easiest path to A, and even when they lost their sundies, )and the only one left was mine, no one could spawn there anyway.

    Did I mention, there's a million more other reasons and example why your modifications suck? Why they break the game?

    You're in school, I'm the teacher, and the new spawn system is your homework. I'm giving you a BIG FAT

    For FAIL
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  4. Zizoubaba

    oh wait, one more thing I wanted mention, with my sundy at 1, I go to A point and can't cap, so what do I do?

    I redeploy back to quartz. but GUESS WHAT?

    I CANT


    but wait for it, wait for it, wait for it. If I do manage to get bac without pulling a vehicle (cause I don't wana lose my sundy).

    I go to B point, I cap it, now we have all 3, I redeploy to spawn at my sundy, but guess what?


    yeah you get the idea
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  5. Zizoubaba

    You want another?

    Here's another,


    My sundy is at the BIG RED X.

    SEe it? no, thats normal, its dead, but do you the BIG RED X?

    Whatever the numbers,;figures, population statistics are on the base to the east, the one I'm attacking, because my sundy is not there, but in the BIOLAB territory, then whaver dumb, stupid, idiotic, ********, all around ******* broken and ugly rules you set up only apply to the pop that is in that region. Not in the base that we are attacking.

    Do I have to specify exactly what that means? Or do you get the idea? Cause there's a reason we never ever got any backup, the pop wasn't right for it.
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  6. OgreMarkX

    As I've stated before, the problem here is a central planner mindset.

    The designer bases his design on raw numbers NOT ACTUAL INDIVIDUAL PLAYER EXPERIENCE.

    So to him, it's a numbers game, and therefore, his "best laid" plans will ALWAYS fail due to the laws of unintended consequences COUPLED by the paralyzing effect of his central control (the market of individuals is prevented from correcting for problems as the game evolves.)

    As the problems then grows, the victims are blamed (salty vets) and more central planning is added.

    Central planner economists make this mistake all the time, they think they can account for, and plan for, and react to, all possible outcomes. They cannot.

    In a game it boils down to:

    I control vs I create.
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  7. TR5L4Y3R

    just gonna say i like the spawnsystem ...
    made spawning at farther bases more convinient, join combat has put me so far to fair battles ..
    yes, i had the occasional inability to respawn into a maxpopbattle but that was rather rare in my experience ..
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  8. iller

    I think it's GOOD and that they should keep it exactly this way.

    It actually did the Unthinkable in one way, which was to make Player-Bases a little more Useful to the general public. A lot of the times when you can't spawn in a base's spawnroom in an overcrowded Hex... you're still allowed to spawn in a nearby player's Base which I think is a really cool compromise! ...it's also made Valkyries damn near META tier for coordinated squads.

    ...been seeing a lot more Valks in the air lately

    I think the players who actually hate it... are all the FOREVER ALONE'rs who usually make up a MAJORITY of the forum no-lifers and Redditors. ...the sorts of people who pride themselves on their 3.0 KDR's from years of Solo farming where they relied on their $3000 dollar Computers to just plain out-FrameRate all the other Plebs in infantry MeatGrinders all day long so they really don't even WANT to try and comprehend the whole "Combined Arms" and Strategy/Logistics concepts this game was intended to live up to.
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  9. Zizoubaba

    No dude, the players that hate it, are the ones that play the game trying to reach objectives and win. EDIT->(to specify, those who just wana fight, respawn here and there from fight to fight, their really happy about this.)The organised outfits that are here to win the alert, solo players too who don't simply redeploy and then click on a green button if they think there will be a nice fight, but actually do something that contributes to the war effort.

    Anyway, by the way, I'm a solo player and I bet I can teach you a thing or two about "combined arms" like you say, not to mention the fact that most solo players ironically play with a lot more teamwork because they play with their whole faction, while you and your squad plays only with your squad.
  10. FLHuk

    I've noticed that every single player that hates it also owns a grasshopper named Dave!

    I like it and my grasshopper is on order.
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  11. Liewec123

    Another reason:
    Well it's a two parter, firstly, most of the time you can't spawn one base back from the base you're defending...
    So if you plan on pulling a sundy, to help fight the zeg, forget it!
    Secondly, if by a miracle you can spawn one base back, you get a 20 second respawn...
    So if like me you enjoy combat flash, you will need to wait 20 seconds, spawn the flash, travel to the base, get killed quickly, repeat!
    This 20 second respawn for the very next hex is BS and needs to go,
    if it was made this way to counter redeployside then how about you geniuses increase the redeploy timer to 20 seconds instead...

    And Another One!
    How come it it forcing us to zerg so hard?!
    I thought the whole point of this moronic change (to something that worked fine) was to "encourage balanced fights".
    Instead the spawn options that light up first are the ones were my team have a colossal overpop...

    DBG please revert everything you've done recently, every time you touch something, you ruin it.
    Let's accept the fact that you have no clue what you're doing and just leave things alone, k?
    You touched nc max, broke it.
    You "revamped" spawn system, ruined it.
    You tried to change the vehicle and infantry meta with your infamous CAI patch...how'd that go again?
    You turned the promising construction system into nothing but orbital strike BS that is only used by farmers to ruin lattice fights.
    You tried to balance airgame and made it even more skyknight-only by nerfing airlock to death and adding a high damage skillshot.

    Let's face it, everything DBG change becomes worse.
    Every time they change something, they damage the game.
    They have intentions, and end up making the exact opposite happen, it's really quite impressive.
    Aim for balance, create imbalance, aim to improve a core system, Make it far far worse,
    Wreldone DBG, Wreldone.
    (Not that they even read these forums)
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  12. buggygame

    Low pop on hosin
    Cannot spawn into one of two fights.
    Join combat.
    Dropped in (a defending base situation) around 3 vs including a max. Great game.
    Since I was dropped there, why could I not spawn in the spawn room in safety instead? Logic?
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  13. Zizoubaba

    no way! there is no way!

  14. TR5L4Y3R

    what bout gals?
  15. TR5L4Y3R

  16. Blam320

    The problem is more institutional, at least on Connery. People believe the only way you can have fun is if you're steamrolling, which lends itself to the creation of huge zerg-fits and zerg platoons that jump lattice whenever so much as a stiff breeze comes their way; they want things to be easy. So, what needs to happen is the system either needs to force uncontested zergs to disperse, by punishing players who add to a faction's overpop, or it needs to funnel large numbers of players at once into these bases, to oppose the zerg.

    That, or we can implement BFRs, and let skilled mech pilots deal with the zerg for us.
  17. Madharmx

    There will always be zerging, no matter what they do.
    Game should not punish player (in any way, let it be the spawn denial) that wants to contribute in a large group of player for whatever reason.
    I try to avoid clusterf** aka zergs, mainly because of poor framerate, and the new spawn system works as bad as I was in a zergfest.
    Liewec123 few posts above accurately introduced the current spawning issues, no need to repeat.
    New spawn rules is the absolutely NR1 that gets my frustration beyond boiling next to exploding.
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  18. buggygame

    Not sure what DBG are trying to achieve.
    As someone else said, central planning does not work.
    On many, many occasions when lone-wolf, I find myself simply starring at the map screen not able to redeploy into a fight because spawn options (sundies etc) are no longer available even when within 200m(?) as previously. Especially irritating when the populations are very low.
    ‘Zergs’ happen anyway; and it may be that the new system has made them worse. For example, I often join a squad in an attempt to find a spawn. So, as with the alerts, the gameplay is then ‘zerging’, watching maxes kills things, and getting wiped by counter (max) crash.
    Perhaps DBG have some other business motivation behind what they have done, but from my perspective the game is much worse – much harder to actually play.
    (Plus of course, the join combat is a hoot: drop you in the middle of enemies or the pain field outside the spawn room windows. Good fun.).

    I guess there is no point continuing the feedback. DGB seem not inclined to respond on their own forum - although I could have missed it.
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  19. Who Garou

    You didn't miss it.
    You can always go look at Forums>Announcements>DEV Tracker
    There you can see the DEV posts.
    Last DEV post June 7th.

    Those these are officially the DBG Forums for Planetside 2; the DEVs of Planetside 2 have always used Reddit as their "official" communications medium with the community. They apparently despise communicating with the player base through the official forums and tend to only want to communicate with those that know that they don't use the official forums and follow them to use another companies product in order to communicate with them.
    This is wrong on multiple levels and really should be looked into by DBG. Is DBG in charge of Planetside 2 or are the DEVs of Planetside 2 and outside group serving up their game through DBG (like Dragon Prophet aka Dragon's Profit). I could have sworn that Planetside 2 was directly under and part of DBG's (and previously SOE), but, based on the inherent reluctance to treat the DBG official Planetside 2 forums as their means of communication with the Planetside 2 community, apparenlty they do not work for DBG and are their own entity who can decide how, where, and with with members of the Planetside 2 community rather than using the official forums.
    This is troubling.

    in fact, you can look at my SIG. This was changed after the DEVs said that they would look at and interact with the official forums instead of entirely ignoring the existence of the DBG's official Planetside 2 forums.

    When you go to the main, game page for Planetside 2, you can get directed to the official Planetside 2 website. There is a link at the top to the forums. TO THE FORUMS - there is NOT a link to REDDIT.
    The DEVs don't ALERT players to go to REDDIT. They have to figure it out for themselves that 98% (or what appears to be that much) of the conversation is just players talking among themselves and that any of this that we discuss here that gets any DEV attention was most likely brought up in PMs directly to the DEVs (yes, any member can PM the DEVs directly through these forums) or, probably more likely, if posted by someone on REDDIT that either read it here or thought up the same idea (100th Monkey)
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  20. Who Garou

    I feel the same pain.

    This is a game that sells itself on being MASSIVE FPS battles. The spawn system forces players into finding alternate means to join large battles. It's counter productive.
    The game isn't sold as being a MMO Strategy game of immense proportions. If it was, then I would understand why the DEVs would want to force players into small battles all along the fronts. Heck, if that was the case, i would understand if they wouldn't allow the placement of platoon markers or squad waypoints on a region that is overpopped by friendlies. But that isn't what this game is billed/sold as being. (If it was the case, I would even argue that the game would select which side the player was on when they zoned into a region for the first time and readjusted them to the lowest population faction every time that they respawned at the warpgate.)

    We want to get to a big fight - especially when server population is low.

    There was no reason to decrease the spawn distance for sunderers from 600m to 400m.
    One should NEVER be totally blocked from spawning to a front-line friendly base. Currently, even after waiting the full time for everything to unlock, I'm experiencing that the front-line friendly base NEVER opens as a spawn option if there is a battle there or moving out of it for the next base. You better hope you have a sunderer within 400 m or a spawn beacon at the previous base if you want to be able to respawn to pull a new ground vehicle - or - just fall back even another base further from where the actual battle is to be able to move up from there.

    It's not good. it is frustrating for players. Frustration for players in a F2P makes games that are not frustrating a better option. Driving away F2P players (to greener pastures or more massively bloody ones - as the case generally is) reduces the number of players in-game that make the battle MASSIVE for the paying player-base. Turning a MASSIVE FPS into small scale battles that can be found in other 12-vs-12 or 24-vs-24 FPS's is taking away a reason to play Planetside 2 over other games.

    I play Planetside 2 to fight in large 48-vs-48 or even better 96+-vs-96+ battles.
    I can see capping it when it gets so bad that the servers can't visualize enemy units within 25 m. I've been at bases where the VS flooded a point so that there were so many VS there that the server wasn't visuaulizing ANY VS on the point and only showing me friendlies that were there but we were unable to capture the point with dozens of friendly players on the point due to all the invisible enemy on the point (not cloaked, but simply not being visualized). And I can see why that needs to be stopped, but, at the same time, I'm not playing Planetside 2 so that my full platoon is being broken up over multiple 12v12 fights because every time that small base battle reaches balance, it is no longer an option and the platoon, apparently, is supposed to trickle itself out over the length of the front.
    I enjoyed playing the game far more when it wasn't frustrating to try to get to the front-lines in order to do battle with the enemy.
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