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  1. Jbrain

    I am pretty new to planet side and I am at battlerank 40 and still climbing and I love the game but I do see certain things in the game I just honestly feel like I have been kicked in the gut by the developers and the following is one example of it.

    I started playing NC because like a lot of people I enjoy the underdogs in the story. I always felt like when people claimed dev biased people were being silly but after experiencing the scenario I cant help be wonder why, ok here goes..

    I play NC and as NC player of course I use a max from time to time though mostly to defend... I have tried to use my max in all types of situations trying to copy what I see our enemies do with their maxes, that being vanu mostly but tr isn't left out. I have spent a lot of station cash and certs to equip my max and I had some small successes here and there......

    I play with my nephew on waterson on off times as vanu and I just couldn't believe all of the things I could pull off with the bare stock max.. I realized as bad as the nc mx weapons are that the biggest and most glaring problem with it is its clipsize and reload speed. I just could not believe that the vanu max had I think 65 rounds per clip with like a 3 ish reload.. that alone is amazingly better than the nc max, 10 count max with EXT mags ? I rushed in a room filled with enemies with my vanu max and could cause the enemy to have to fall back because I could just kill after kill after kill.. On a similary attempt on my NC max I had to get close enough to be able to do any at all dmg and then after some very fast gun play I spent the next 6 seconds PER arm reloading all the while being shot to pieces. The killing potential wasn't even close

    After the two experiences the differences in how well thought out one max was over the other, I just couldn't believe it, I sat at my computer with the most disgusted feeling I have ever had in a MMO that something as blatantly broken has been allowed to continue on in the game. I will be honest, I told my self I was done with this game but I just couldn't leave yet without trying to understand this. Tr max has the same weapon issues we have as NC but at least you get more than 6 rounds to fire before having to reload for eternity.

    So, why ?? why in the world hasn't this been fixed.. even if I got a kill with every shot in my nc, it still wouldn't come close to what you can do in a vanu max. The range is so bad, the reload, the ammo pool. Shotguns are quite possible the worst decision as a primary tool kit as I have ever heard of. Please tell me good news, someone give me some hope that this will be fixed.. cause now all that excitement I had when playing is just replaced with this feeling of being gut punched. Its a horrid feeling.

    Thank you
  2. Nerp

    I would gladly take the scatmax off your hands during biolab alerts.
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  3. Aelyn

    That's the thing when each faction has their own strengths and weaknesses. I agree that it's not always the easiest thing to do, but try to learn to play each faction's role and you will be far more successful.
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  4. Jerox

    Faction traits, that's what you've been experiencing.
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  5. Udnknome

    NC's max was nerfed to it's current state due to it being too powerful at close range against other maxes. If they can somehow figure out how to give it back the power against infantry while maintaining it's nerf power against other maxes, maybe we'll have a competitive max.

    To the TR that replied. I'd prefer Dual Mercies in a Biolab any day. A NC MAX guarding a door can only kill a couple people before the grenade/rocket spam pushes you back. At least with Mercies, someone actually has to step into my fire in order to effectively grenade/rocket me.

    VS AI max is kinda 'meh' ... If you're really good at being accurate, it overpowers the other maxes, can't spam the doorway and hope a target jumps into your fire like TR though.

    NC scatmax needs some retooling to put it on par with the other two maxes, though even I'll admit it was originally OP. Hopefully it gets a relook from the Devs someday soon.
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  6. Outreach

    TLDR: VS max op pls nerf

    There i saved you the trouble.
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  7. Nody

    Tell you what Udn, I'll trade you VS MAX and ES ability for yours across the board. You get Comets, Blueshifts and ZoE etc. and we get your Grinders, Shield etc. since you're so UP anyway you should not mind.
  8. Richard Nixon

    Yeah, I'd take dual mercies over a scatmax too.

    To the OP: TR/VS MAXes are for holding the line. They're built for suppressive fire. NC MAXes are linebreakers. Your high alpha damage is what opens the hole in the defenses for your buddies to get through. No, you WONT be able to solo like a TR/VS MAX can, but dual shotties + aegis = better teamplay. Roll with some buddies if you wanna be a good scatmax.
  9. Udnknome

    I guess you read "overpowers other maxes" as "VS is OP". That really wasn't my intent. VS AI max is more accurate at range than TR and obviously NC. Of the three it's the only max you can realistically get 100% accuracy, and if you do you will usually win.

    Unfortunately most VS are not that accurate with this weapon and usually use the AV against infantry because it is more forgiving. The larger projectile and splash damage makes it more forgiving.

    Most of the people that believe the NC Max is still OP i guess don't remember how hard it was hit with the nerf bat about 3 months after release. There are stats you can look up that show the average kills/death of each faction's max. TR and VS outperform NC and have for a long time.
  10. Crashsplash

    This is a standard forumside post.

    They normally go along the lines of. "I have been playing as XX using the blargh-gun and one day I tried YY empire and their gun is so much better".

    I reckon around 10% of all threads are just like this.

    For what it's worth I play TR and NC maxes tear me up, probably more than VS ones do. If there is a quality difference I would bet that the difference is in you. Probably you and your style suits the VS more than the NC max, if there is a difference then it will most likely be that.
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  11. Lord_Avatar

    Troll post if I ever saw one... :D
  12. Jbrain

    Thanks for all the replies.. I have seen a few points id like to address though..

    This game like a most has units for certain situations. Each faction has access to medics, assaults, engineers and so forth.

    We all play the same game and I have seen people say the NC max is for this and the tr max is for this and the vs max is for something different but that is or at least it SHOULD NOT be the case when talking about maxes. Maxes are here to serve a specific purpose and that purpose is supposed to be the same across the board. Max Units are for breaking lines, holding lines and that should be true for all of the maxes.. the problem is that specifically the NC max is terrible at it compared to the other maxes, now I know someone will say nc maxes defend and yes we can get away with a little defense mainly only because the enemy is coming strait toward us.

    You can argue all day long about faction specific traits and what not but I digress and fail to see anything that makes my NC max a ravaging tornado of death that justifies a 6 round clip.. 6 ROUNDS and then you reload for another 6 seconds, that means in a 1 minute brawl, I have to reload about 5 times, that's 30 seconds total out of a minute I am being shot, not doing dmg, not doing anything but dieing. I see no justification for this at all. The worst part is it completely makes me not want to support the game.. I already went from a sub to f2p not because of this alone but because Its obvious the devs don't care. I know nerfs come and go, but when years go by and data has been gathered long enough to show that NC maxes under perform in most situations it was designed for while the enemy factions shines in most of the right areas. I also want to point out the range limit as well.. having 6 rounds for a instagib from 60 yards away I could understand the limit.. but were talking a mechanic that makes us have to be within 10 meters and limits us to a 6 round clip on top of that already large draw back..

    I enjoy the game to keep playing for a while more.. I just want people to relize that things like this is why people quit I know that when I experienced it myself I was so disgusted and felt really really let down by this dev team. I stayed and my nephew still plays with me but my two best friends quit soon after we made vanu toons to test out certain aspects we felt neglectd on at the time. I am holding a small candle of faith in my heart that devs know about this and have the data to prove it and may do something about it.

    Thank you all for the replies and look forward to seeing you guys in game.. cant wait for the matherson/waterson merger !!