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Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by FAFFA7070, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. FAFFA7070

    Hello to all guys, I wanted to ask some advice: I'm using the heavy assault of the Terran Republic and I would ask if such ability is better shield generator or resistive nano fabrics. I also ask if it is better T9 Carv S or MCG I apologize for the bad English but I'm Italian ^ ^ Thanks in advance :)
  2. Kyutaru

    Neither choice is always better. The shield generator gives you an effective boost of health, it's good for taking lots of damage at once like in close range combat. The resist shield gives you an effective boost of damage reduction, it's good for taking small amounts of damage over a period of time like in long range combat.

    Similarly, the CARV-9 is a highly versatile assault weapon used for being on the move and pulling off instantaneous shots. The MCG is more damaging, but it has a slow spinup time and reduces your movement speed when firing, making it more of a supporting weapon than a primary assault tool. The MCG is good for mowing down large packs of players or taking out MAX units, but you need to predict when you're going to engage the enemy and start the spinup at that time. This makes the MCG a great ambushing or defensive weapon. The CARV-S is better for attacking or mobile combat because of the lack of a spinup and the added speed of firing from the hip.
  3. FAFFA7070

    Thank you very much: I made ​​my choice. I will use the T9 Carv S and the shield generator, because they are more likely in the fighting closequarters than in long-haul and long-time Spin up MCG would be fatal. Thanks again ^ ^

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