Have you ever encountered almost invulnerable players?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by DarkStarAnubis, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. DarkStarAnubis

    Today I found an Infiltrator who could absorb an incredible amount of punishment without dying. I dumped the entire Kindred mag on him (as a stationary target) a couple of times and in both cases he just moved serenely away,

    I know you can say "Mate you were not really hitting him." but I have killed at the same distance a lot of other players with much less bullets.

  2. Exileant

    :confused: Check your ping. If you are in the green, they probably have a minor cheat going. :( Using just enough extra shields to dominate the masses is common practice sadly. ;) Simply use a shotgun on them. :D It may take you a full clip, but they go down in a reasonable time frame. :p Then you can gloat about evolving into a player that beats cheaters. o_O Hit a celebratory dance not unlike this--

    Afterwards, YOU will have a distinct advantage.... :eek: As they will be blind. :confused: *Gags*
  3. JibbaJabba

    Yeah I've had this.

    Seems it happens a lot. Sometimes it's blantant enough I snap off a shadowplay video and go double check. 90% of the time roughly there is some reason. Bloom was making shots miss and my RNG was just bad. Maybe there was a short gap in line of sight where a medkit could have been hit...

    Those remaining 10% seems to come in two variants. One is just not getting hitmarkers. Like yeah, lots of misses from randomness, but the stuff that was clearly hitting didn't register markers. As best I can tell this happens when the server is strugglign. I hear others complaining about hitreg usually.

    But the other variant. Some small percent of that 10%. I'm sitting here replaying in slow mo counting on my fingers. I know the ranged and damage fall off of my gun and.... Well !@#. Dude just ain't dying. Sometimes they don't actually kill me, but they get away when they should not have gotten away.

    Not sure if this is lag or cheating. They can't actually control if a hit happens (that's your client), or if that hit does enough damage to their health to kill thim (that's the server). I think they can stop inbound packets for a bit to ignore the damage while they keep shooting, but eventually they gotta let packets in and the server has been keeping track.

    I think if you mag dump into someone, they don't die, but then many seconds after killing you suddenly they die? I think that's either network on their side, or them manipulating the network.

    I think if you mag dump into someone, they don't die, and just cold get away (whether they killed you or not). I think that's your outbound network, possibly server load.

    tl;dr Yeah, I've seen this.
  4. Liewec123

    i believe some people are just blessed by the DBG gods.
    the prominent youtubers for example can go on several minute killing sprees,
    taking very little damage while multiple enemies spray guns at them,
    and i just watch and think "if i tried that i'd be dead in 0.2 seconds."

    i feel a lot also that i am cursed by these DBG gods,
    i can get the drop on someone, spray them with my weapon
    and then they'll turn and INSTANTLY kill me no matter the weapon
    and the death screen might show that i managed to almost destroy their shield...

    so yep, i certainly agree that some people seem to take far less damage!
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  5. Zizoubaba

    I encounted once or twice only, once not long ago, like a week or two, a player that "shimmered".

    Not sure how else to put it, its like he was blinking, constantly.

    I got behind him, shot him again and again, not only did not die, he totally ignored me.. I reloaded, shot him again, and he ran away really fast..

    But that's the only time I encountered what seemed to be "real" invulnerability.
  6. then00b

    Oh, that's a known cheat? I've been suspicious of lots of people that seem to soak unimaginably high amounts of bullets but it's not exactly easy to confirm in big fights.
  7. Exileant

    o_O Mmm-hm. :confused: That is why it is so popular. It is almost impossible to distinguish if executed properly, as it can easily be passed off as server lag. The going alibi is: :mad: "Your ping can be perfect, but if the server is old or malfunctioning you will still suffer latency issues." Which is rare, but also true. However, that being the case you just have to deal with it, because there is nothing you can do to change it. :( If the staff tried, you would have instances where a few (or in D.C.U.O.'s case years ago... MANY,) innocent people would get caught up in the ban net. Nobody wants that. Thankfully heavier weapons seem to take care of them. :confused: Dropping an entire clip of shotgun shells and them not dying is proof of them cheating, so well below that is their limit. o_O Sadly.... The cheat will prevent most of the sidearms from killing in a single clip... Some times, you will even get someone bold enough to push the limit passed a one-slash kill knife. ;) But again that is rare, as it is a dead giveaway that they are cheating. I have seen it happen though.
  8. razklonitel

    Game has a lot of delay and just unregisters shots. Seen a trillion times how i got just 2 shoted while i just spray 60 bullets into some one just to take 50% of their shield or nothing. But i dont expect much from this game.
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  9. TobiMK

    You'd probably be better off improving at the game, rather than blaming your lack of aim on some ridiculous "extra shield" hacks. If you need a full clip of a shotgun to kill someone, that isn't an achievement to be proud of.
  10. TobiMK

    It's not. It's just yet another player looking for excuses for lack of personal skill. If someone doesn't die in a reasonable amount of time, the most likely explanations are that 1. you missed a lot/got ****** over by COF/etc 2. there was some sort of lag involved.
  11. JudgeNu

    It makes me think the kill screen is broken and has been forever.
    Ever been killed by a HA and the death screen has a medkit in his hand?
    Fkn tryhards lol.
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  12. ZDarkShadowsZ

    I agree. I sure do love shooting some guy in the back with a pump-action shotgun, only for them to turn around and kill me whilst apparently taking no damage...
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  13. TRspy007

    Most likely lag. I'd say with the latency issues, and the fact many players are still playing from high ping/lat countries, it's lag. Could be on your end - could be on his. I've encountered a few players like this, they practically teleport, kill me without losing a bit of health despite me landing headshots. I play on Connery and these guys usually are from an outfit called "I AM FROM TAIWAN", which I can assume is true based on such lat/ping issues with them. There are also lone players that lag around and seem invincible too, but it's just because they are playing 3 seconds behind you.
  14. Exileant

    ;) Sure it is when every last one of my rounds go into them at spitting distance without them dodging. It is not cheating is real and rampant, anyone here will tell you and just about everyone here has a few videos to prove it. o_O I pride myself on not caring if a person cheats, I make a way to kill them in the most embarrassing way. :confused: Bringing down a heavy that survives a direct hit from a tank blast and then drinks up a full clip of my shotgun, or my entire side arm clip and THEN my entire shotguns clip at rank 28, and the next H.A. B.R. 100 only take 5 Blasts WITH AN OVER-SHIELD? :oops: Ssssssssssh...... :p Lay down Tobi.
  15. Towie

    To be brutally honest - the game is so utterly infested with cheats now, it's extremely hard to tell a 'legit good player' versus yet another hack using scumbag.

    Come on scumbags - you're giving the legitimately good players a really bad name....
  16. gunnner10

    Everyone likes to say it's lag that causes this. Either way, it just goes to show this game is more Lag based than skill based.
  17. ObiVanuKenobi

    You'll get destroyed in any fps if you have a bad connection or bad framerate, it's not just Planetside. You can try to play basketball with gummy boots and a raincoat and complain that it's a gear not skill based game but good luck.

    Also some people don't know this but players who freshly spawned get invulnerability while they're in a loading screen. If they crash during loading there's a chance that their character will get stuck in this state for a few minutes or until they reconnect. Anyone who's played for a while has probably seen invincible players remaining after a destroyed Sunderer or inside the spawn tube of a capped base.
  18. Alkasirn

    Pft, constantly. I also get the feeling I *am* the almost invulnerable player sometimes. Got so many stories, but here's some:

    I went to defend a sundy parked under a short cliff as a LA and noticed a lot of HAs shooting at it from above. So I floated up and. Just kept killing them. No player ever shot at me, although I'd say about 70% of them had their primary weapon out. After a while it started looking a little hostile; they seemed less interested in the sundy and more interested in this LA that kept killing them. Still never shot me. Lot of em looked at me but nobody ever did anything. Only damage I took the whole time was from a spitfire (that was placed after about a minute of me shooting fish in a barrel), and I single-handedly stopped people from using the cliff. (They flanked around and just C4'd the sundy but ANYWAY...)

    That was miserable. I couldn't be proud of that. You figure, either I stumbled across a whole squad's worth of BR80-120 HAs that have never played a first person shooter before *or* they never even had the chance to fight back. Killing a bunch of players who wouldn't have been able to retaliate even if they WERE cheating? What's that prove?

    And just as a generic experience that happens at least once a session: I'll get enough hitmarkers to notice I do ~1,200-1,800 base damage (before multipliers) to players, usually within 10-15m (when it happens from ~80m away I don't find it so odd cause of damage dropoff and whatnot), Whenever they appear, it seems like they're always on their way to single-handedly kill 12+ players effortlessly. Just like I did in the above story.

    Partially unrelated cause the player in question DID die, but I feel it reveals a LOT about the game's netcode: there was that one time I was running behind a teammate and I saw them stop, shoot at a wall for a second, then continue running. That was the most confused I've ever been playing PS2, especially because what happened next was the game said that player saved me while an enemy's corpse slid around the corner, bumped into me, and I instantly died from full health. I saw my teammate, the corpse saw me, my teammate saw the corpse (which is why it was a corpse when I saw it), but specifically I saw the corpse after a ~3 second delay? But they couldn't have been a corpse when they turned the corner and shot me? So the fact that they were a corpse was updated on time? But where they were aiming and their position wasn't? But it's not like my game just didn't receive the packet; I watched their corpse turn the corner, change direction, etc. as they must have done on their screen; they didn't teleport or walk through any walls? The game knew the exact path they took, which it wouldn't have if it was missing information? It just didn't want to tell me until it was too late? :confused:???

    That's really unbecoming of a stable, wired 56ms connection (as if packet drops explain why, sometimes, everybody else refuses to shoot you... surely their connections can't all be bad at the same time?) - and it was ALSO miserable for obvious reasons. Seems some people just get this "curse" where this game's combat isn't enjoyable regardless of the outcome.

    Needless to say, I got some ideas for why this game's population dropped significantly shortly after launch, never recovered, and is still [very slowly] dying. Lots of people seem to have noticed this, relatively speaking. (You figure, forums are dead as it is, and would you fault someone for not being here to discuss this if they were experiencing these sorts of things the entire time, and any attempt to discuss it was met by certain players going "git gud lol 12 hitmarkers means your aim bad just shoot head scrub"?)

    Basically, what I'm saying is, what happened to the 20,000+ players PlanetSide 2 had that left early on? SOE (I think it was SOE at the time anyway) decided it was because "lag aka fps" was bad. But then why didn't they come back after updates like OMFG? Oh well, I'm sure it's just cause Vanu is OP or whatever.
  19. YellowJacketXV

    Might have been infiltrator with high ping or nano armor cloak.
    I don't really prefer nano armor cloak but it exists. It gives bonus shield health and damage resistance.

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