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  1. Thaumasurge

    In Planetside 2's optimizations, there is an option called Vertical FOV. Vertical FOV is NOT the same as Horizontal FOV and for some FPS gamers on PC, this might confuse a few of you

    The default Vertical FOV in Planetside 2 is 55, which for those with GeForce Experience, is the constant recommendation (please Send Feedback to them if you have the program to change it)

    Using http://www.rjdown.co.uk/projects/bfbc2/fovcalculator.php as the guideline, a Vertical FOV of 55 results in the following Horizontal FOVs based on aspect ratio.

    1024x768 or 4:3 - Vertical 55 = Horizontal 69
    1920x1080 or 16:9 - Vertical 55 = Horizontal 85
    1680x1050 or 16:10 - Vertical 55 = Horizontal 79

    The maximum allowed veritical FOV in Planetside 2 is 74. Using the same calculator, this results in the following Horizontal FOVs based on aspect ratio.

    1024x768 or 4:3 - Vertical 74 = Horizontal 90
    1920x1080 or 16:9 - Vertical 74 = Horizontal 106
    1680x1050 or 16:10 - Vertical 74 = Horizontal 100

    As you can see, playing on a horizontal FOV of 69 would be potentially motion sickening to players. Ideally, FPS games on a PC should be playing at a minimum of 90 Horizontal FOV to avoid that problem. The following shows the minimum horizontal FOV for each of the ratios to achieve 90 Horizontal FOV.

    1024x768 or 4:3 - Horizontal 90 = Vertical 74
    1920x1080 or 16:9 - Horizontal 90 = Vertical 59
    1680x1050 or 16:10 - Horizontal 90 = Vertical 65

    TL; DR - If you want to play at the minimum of 90 Horizontal FOV, set your Vertical FOV in-game to 74, 59, and 65 for 4:3, 16:9, and 16:10 resolutions respectively. Use the calculator in the link above if you want some other desired Horizontal FOV or have some non-standard resolution. Higher FOV means you see more, stay alive longer, and enjoy more of the game!
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  2. Duvenel

    Here, have my like and bump!
  3. Tejota

    OK, very good. And then, what happen when FOV Hor is locked at 105 and I use 5760x1080 res ??

  4. VikingVR

    +1. Nice write up and explanation for single screens! I'm going to give this a shot when I get home tonight :)
  5. frag85

    Bump because this needs attention.

    Smedley had said in a tweet that he was going to have the PS2 devs work on it, which I was very skeptical about at the time and after nearly a year I seriously doubt they are and he was just saying it to keep us quiet. I have to play in a window so I don't get motion sick after a couple minutes of play, and so I can play effectively. It worked fine before november last year and then they initiated the locked FOV.

    Here is a video demonstrating.

  6. frag85

    This is beyond ridiculous. The developers really need to look into this. Its been what? Over a year since a somewhat proper FOV was in the game before it was removed?
  7. f0d

    bring back proper FOV adjustment please
    100horiz 74vert is just too low for me
  8. JohnnyBftw

    Bump and thumbs up.
    It helped me a lot trying to figure out the best FOV for my 27" 1080p panel.
  9. CzechErface

    I would like 180+ H and 120+ V please, thank you
  10. MittRackRObama

    "Let's go again dad. That coaster was so much fun!"

  11. Nasher

    In beta you could go higher, but there were problems. Which were... you could see through walls if the FOV was much higher.

    The "fix" was just to put in a hard cap on the FOV :/
  12. Maxence822

    So I have not tried this in game but based on what I'm reading here I can't switch my FOV ingame currently?
  13. RainbowDash9

    its actually not locked at all. you can raise it in the ini. i set it to 100 :p
  14. Lord_Mogul

    Will try that out.
    *hoping for quake-style 130 Horz-FOV*
  15. drstrange2014

    Useful post. Thank you.

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