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  1. Styrkr

    So here's my problem: Every so often I get this stupid idea and think "Hm... Haven't flown a mossie in a while... Ah, there we go! Now to go fin-BOOM! Well.... That didn't last long."

    It's partly my luck. Like earlier when I strafed a Magrider and my WASD and SPACE locked when going to make my escape (somehow survived) or 3 seconds later when I landed and my mossie decided to do a 180 barrel-roll 2 feet off of the ground.

    Part of it is likely my connection (though my ping is 33ms to the server), like when I get buzzed by another pilot and get chewed to nothing before I can slide my mouse.

    But I still feel like I'm missing something. I have spent hours in VR learning to handle the fighter. I can pull off an Immelman or Reverse Maneuver like and ace. But as soon as any enemy ESF rolls around, my life expectancy drops into the millisecond range. Even if I use a reverse maneuver before they fire, I get shot down while performing it. Isn't the point to prevent them from hitting you? I also can't get a good bead and maintain it (probably just need more practice). And I get out-turned by Reavers. They literally have a smaller turn radius and can simple turn to get behind me with no fancy tricks.

    So, are there any good mosquito pilots out there who can give me any further pointers or tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've been to every site, read every article, and watched every video I could find and I STILL cannot stay in the air!
  2. IamDH

    Fully land then get out

    If you jump out too early your mossy will most likely bounce in any direction/ blow up. Use 3rd person when landing and only get out when you see that blue stuff between the landing gear & the ground.

    Dogfighting is all about practice & the reverse maneuver.

    How to be an ace pilot 101

    Certs: Rotary + Ammo upgrades. Flares

    Reverse maneuver and the banking turn (this is why you got out turned). Pitch left and pitch down to do a banking turn to the right
    This makes your turning angle very sharp

    Time: It'll take a good amount of time till you actually get good judgement.

    How to approach a base: Get a high position and scout the base. First thing to look out for is AA turrets and skyguards. AA MAXes are pretty hard to spot whilst flying and you'll have a good enough time to get away. If you see AA in any shape/form... RUN

    Second thing to look out for is enemy planes. If you are outnumbered turn around and change base. Fly low so they dont see you
    Dont return to the place you just got locked on without flares

    Always attack from above to get the advantage on the enemy.

    Flying isnt something someone can teach you. It comes with time really
    The only thing that you can do is train on the reverse maneuver & banking turn

  3. Styrkr

    Ahhh.... I forgot about the banking turn...... Maybe that'll help. Thanks for the advice. Also, why the rotary?
  4. HJK148

    Rotaries are supposedly better for fighting against aircraft, although I've only ever been able to use them in a dogfight once or twice because of either AA or lock-on spam. Personally I prefer the default nosegun for A2G (They're good for sniping infantry, since the crossheir is smaller.), but rocket pods probably work better for that, since they have more splash damage.

    Also I tend to get shot down a lot in a Mossie, a lot of the time it's because I try to go head on with Burster MAXes... It never ends well. :{
  5. IamDH

    Because you'll inevitably run into enemy aircraft and the rotary is superior to the M18 when fighting an enemy plane.

    Try it out in VR if you dont believe me. The M18 is only good if you want to pick off infantry or tanks maybe

    Dont forget the ammo certs because they are rlly important