Godsaw is Godly good?

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by TRealdeal, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. TRealdeal

    So I just grinded for the past 3 weeks for all 5 lmg for the directive and recently got the godsaw. It's good, but many other players say otherwise. Can I get a second opinion on the godsaw? Is there a better lmg for the NC?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Moz

    It certainly isn't bad, its very powerful once you learn it.

    However i would say the general feeling is the the Anchor is the MLG weapon of choice for the NC.
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  3. Eternaloptimist

    I'm not MLG but I agree with what Moz says. I saw a video about Anchor that said it was more of a close range LMG but I find it good at longer ranges too.
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  4. Chazt

    I have to say that the Godsaw is indeed good but certainly not the best. Unlike other variants the Godsaw is a sidegrade rather than a straight upgrade. You lose nearly half the magazine in favor of faster velocity, reload, and some more accuracy, whether that is worth it is totally up to you but for the most part I would say that the regular Gauss Saw is superior. There have been plenty of times when I have died in situations I wouldn't have with the extra ammunition from the Gauss Saw.

    Just wait for the Buff. They are currently testing a buff that will allow the GODSAW to deal damage to all types of vehicles, depending on the damage it deals I can see Godsaw squads being a thing.

    Seeing as you already have the Godsaw I don't think I need to explain the differences between the LMG's to you. I prefer the EM1 and the SAW as my go to weapons for strictly NC. The NSX Naginata is a good alternative as well.
  5. Vinson

    I love it as is at any range. feels tighter than the gauss saw.
  6. MavCooL

    What is this GODSAW??? never heard of it... is it the NC stock?? or Gauss SAW S??
  7. JohnGalt36

  8. TheSunlikeOne

    GODSAW is the only NC directive weapon that is worth grinding just because it feels differently (in a good way) than the weapon it is based on. GODSAW has much faster reload speed. Secondary (AV) mode is gimmick though, its damage is too low to be useful. Most likely you won't be able to kill a vehicle, if it's driver is at least semi-compitent.
  9. Moz

    Like most NC guns the GODSAW is powerful once you have mastered it.
  10. brutes359

    Having ARXed the Godsaw myself. I can say without a dought it is a side-grade focused more heavily into a "Heavy Rifle" style of weapon. With short controlled bursts rewarding with high damage and a slighter faster than normal reload speed at the cost of magazine size, it is a good weapon when properly employed.....however. This as a weapon still under-performs on both recoil control and accuracy on console compared to its predecessor, the CS-6 Gauss SAW with universally accepted for-grip and compensator. Though I am unsure whether or not the legendary weapons on PC are capable of still using attachments. On console they are not. This means for all intents and purposes the Godsaw functions similar but generally worse then the standard Gauss saw at all things save reload speed and close quarters combat (where both weapons suffer regardless)

    In addition to its performance issues however, the weapons "Legendary Affect" is more or less a low value gimmick. The ability to damage heavy armor sounds fun at first. But compared to rocket launchers, it really isn't worth using. I typically only use it to scare off Inexperienced Liberator pilots who mistake it for a G-30 Walker. Beyond that, it is useless....maybe once in a blue moon use it to finish off an already flaming sunderer.

    To that end if I could ask any changes to the Godsaw. It would be that it be allowed to use attachments on console....OR lacking that being given a recoil and accuracy buff to match the Gauss saw with for-grip and compensator. As well as change the armor piercing munitions to instead do addition damage to MAX's, Harassers, ESF's and generally any NON-bulletproof vehicles as a means to make the weapon more versatile. After all, it isn't fair to offer a weapon claimed to be an ultra-rare LEGENDARY gun that you have to work weeks with and master up to 5 different guns with just to qualify with, if that gun is going to under-perform compared to a gun that it was not only designed off of. But who's predecessor is a standard issue weapon. it really is rather insulting to the veterans who wasted their time and effort for it.
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