God people are crying nerf already.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by slannmage, Dec 5, 2012.

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  1. slannmage

    Give the game a chance to settle down and let everyone get their unlocks and then see how the game plays out. Am I the only one who is not seeing major balance issues? AV vehicles are fine, they mess you up pretty fast, especially if you run behind the vehicle, AA weapons to myself at least are fine, you're not meant to solo everything in the sky. The problem is people need to invest in AA where as AV you get as standard in the HA class.

    When it comes to the weapons, they're all so generic and boring to use they all feel around the same to me. I get just as many kills whatever faction I play but again people like to cry because they die a lot and it isn't fair or something. Some weapons might be better than others and they'll get tweaked, it isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

    Then aircraft, really I only have two problems with them, Rocket Pods do damage to all types, they need to have it so you have to pick between soft targets and heavily armoured targets. Then I think they'd be balanced as you'll only have one damage type.

    The Lib also needs to have explosion effects on it's under gun because right now it is like someone shooting a standard weapon at you. I find myself being shot at and then suddenly dying out of the blue, it looked and sounded like an infantry shooting me but doing like 1/3 damage per hit lol.

    I just dunno what people are moaning about when it comes to balance. All that will happen is people are going to cry and SOE will ruin the game buffing and nerfing everything.
  2. Judicator Wombat

    You know, a lot of the people complaining were in the beta and complaining about the exact same things back then. Back then everyone had pretty much everything, and the balance was still a joke. There haven't been any real changes since then, so I don't see why anyone would stop complaining about old issues.
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  3. razzer14987

    Yeah i remember all the complaining in the beta i just laughted alot
  4. D0n

    People are bad, sad truth about gaming.

    Go knit or something.
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  5. Sento

    Pretty much what Wombat said. A large chunk of people on the forums and in the game have been playing for months.

    I'v been saying this for a while. I want to see multiple rocket types just as land vehicles have multiple cannon types. I also want to see the rocket pods not be more effective then a Lib. ESFs should be able to do A2G but not nearly as effectively a Lib considering that's the only thing it can do. ESFs should be more A2A focused.

    SOE has been doing this all throughout the beta. Nurfing or buffing something when nobody asked for it, or when people do, they nurf or buff the thing to much. Its always either too weak, or too strong, they never find a balance cause they don't increase or decrease stats incrementally. Instead they just put in some numbers and go "this should work!"
  6. Whiteagle

    Uh, NO.
    Speaking as someone who has actually wasted Station Cash on the Skyguard, I can tell you that you are better off using the default Viper to take out air.

    Hell, you are better off using the Spear Phalanx Cannon then you are sitting in the death trap that is the AA Phalanx Turret...
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  7. D0n

    It already is, hell all the crying on private messages I get a day is the proof.

    This works as bait, see... people who use rocketpods are the fish, the infantry they kill is the worm and I am the fisherman, I have entirely changed my playstyle to hunting other airplanes for the simple fact they are easy free kills when they have pods, it's rewarding (when they don't bail *mutters something about bull*).

    I don't know what game do you guys play.
  8. D0n

    Awww, you thought you were going to be like in beta where you watched TV and farmed everything, sorry =(.

    Ask for a stealth buff, that is the only thing the skyguard is missing, to be slightly invisible to ESF and libs.
  9. rGlory

    I have only one problem with it, but that PROBLEM ruins whole gameplay. Look into leaderboard. Not into top, just in middle. Simple looking into K/D ratio you will easily differentiate rocket spammer and almost anybody else. And difference not 1.3 vs 5.3, but 1.2 vs 70. Is this not a problem for you? If it is not, then what would be?
  10. Whiteagle

    Uh, no...
    But I would like to effectively damage aircraft... WITH THE ******* ANTI-AIR TURRET!!!

    Have you pulled a Skyguard lately?
    You are a more effective Air counter with the Default Viper!
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  11. rGlory

    Oh Mr Fisherman, do you want to play as worm? No? Why do you think everybody else dream about it?
  12. Gavyne

    It's how gamers are, especially FPS gamers. They are just lobbying for what suits them best for what they play the most ingame. Some complaints are valid, but majority are overblown with lots of hyperboles added to their cries. Like I said before, it would seem like everybody has complained about everybody, air complained about air-2-air missiles, infantry complained about tanks, tanks complained about infantry, infantry complained about infantry, infantry complained about air. It would appear everybody's killing everybody, which would indicate the game, as a war game, is working.

    Best example is when people complained about wanting to change Tech Plant's layout. They complained when they saw only 2 entrances to the facility. Once they were told they could drop in from the top & jet pack in from the side, they still complained saying it's not ingenious enough. Then they were told another week later that Sunderers with Shield Diffuser could drive through the plant's biggest front door, now you finally stopped hearing the complaints because now, after all is known, people finally realized they jumped the gun complaining about nerfs & changes with regards to the Tech Plant. This is the very classic example of people crying for changes before all is known, and all of that happened in short 2 weeks after launch.

    Again not saying some complaints aren't valid, many are. But a lot of the issues are overblown, and it came down to simply they died, so they they want to nerf whatever killed them.
  13. Mericulux

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  14. Sento

    Yeah yesteday I took down a good number of rocket podding hovering scythes because they are easy targets. I just meant on the TTK on vehicles that rocket pods have compared to Lib bombing cannons. There should be a larger difference in my opinion.
  15. Jaloro

    Its not that people are bad. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and noone is good at everything.

    The problem is very few people are honest with themselves about their weaknesses. Instead, most people shout "NERF XXYY! It kills me and must therefore be OP!"

    There are some balance issues in the game but they are not nearly as bad as this forum would lead you to believe.
  16. Buzzcut

    Nerf the nerfers. They're OP.
  17. Dnuts175

  18. D0n

    Sure, get on a zone with more AA or hope the pilot cannot evade or is busy trying to rocketpod something or chasing a friendly aircraft, chasing a friendly aircraft is your ticket, use your brain and play in a group.

    Skyguards are fine because they cannot get anymore "anything" this game stacks numbers of vehicles to the point it makes it unplayable for the rest, AA can be hidden behind/among tank zergs, this was the PRIMARY problem in beta and reason why tanks were spammed to kingdom come.

    In case you are thinking of saying: "what about other vehicles in stack numbers and keeping their high damage?".

    The difference is simple, those vehicles are not direct hard counters to others, see while it is required to have about 10 AA to completely DENY every form of aircraft in any number, that is not the situation for tanks and ESF/libs, spamming 40 tanks can get countered by ESF, spamming 10 libs can be countered by ESf and AA, spamming 40 ESf can be countered by AA. All of this done in small numbers.

    Now, this is what could be done for your time spent as an AA, you need to ask the devs to reward you per hit you make on the aircraft ON TOP of the kills you get, the exp should be slight since you will hit alot... but still.

    They cannot touch neither AA damage nor rocketpod damage, the balance as it is right now is borderline working.

    The AA turret seems to be bugged, I lose accuracy when I zoom in, they have also done some changes to the prediction point to hit an aircraft with flak, try that.
  19. somerandom18

    Nerf bullets they aren't meant to kill.
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  20. D0n

    Then use a vehicle or have someone in your squad help protect you like the defenseless creature you are.
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