Give MAX units Travel Mode from PS1.

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  1. Metalsheep

    The title really says it all, with the removal of Charge from the MAX units should the changes from the PTS go through. I think that MAX units should get Travel Mode back from PS1, which I feel influenced Charge as an ability in PS2 to begin with.

    We already have the running animation and movement speed, the way it works would just have to be tweaked a bit.

    For those of you that don't really remember PS1, or didn't play, MAX units could hit Q and enter Travel Mode, where the MAX weapon systems would shut down and the MAX would slowly build up speed over the course of about 5 seconds. Turning would become rather difficult and the MAX had to decelerate over about the same period of time, and come to a complete stop or to walking speed in order to re-engage its weapons. This ability was innate and all MAX could use it.

    This basically allowed MAX units to run from base to base without assistance from a Vehicle, as Vehicles that could carry MAXs weren't too common. Of course, taking a Sunderer/Galaxy was faster, but it did allow MAXs to travel independently if necessary. With clever or skilled use it could allow MAXs to quickly respond to other areas of a base as well.

    If implemented the same way as it was in PS1, It could still give MAX units a way to travel base to base without having to deconstruct and lose nanites. Or travel from Spawn to the fight/squad at a faster pace but requiring to reduce speed before being combat capable. And, while not a panic button like Charge, could allow a MAX to retreat from an unfavorable situation but incurring a lengthy windup to full speed. This would also make MAXs a bit less vulnerable out in the open, as they don't have to be the absolute slowest thing on the field any longer.

    What does Forumside think? Does Travel Mode have a place in PS2 with the removal of charge?
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  2. FateJH

    Does that mean you're also proposing that our Sunderers and our Galaxies only have two (dedicated) seats available for MAXes too?
  3. Metalsheep

    Not necessarily. But personally, I have oftentimes found myself without a ride after a fight, either a successful defense or on offense, where Sunderers will just drive away with no passengers or just gunners. Or need to get across a larger base to my squad. I feel like it would at least be a nice QOL change since now MAX units have 0 way to augment their movement speed, ZoE aside.
  4. EPIC389

    Personally, I feel like the max should be able to spawn a special vehicle just for them. They can only use their hand weapons, with no weapons being mounted on the vehicle. The vehicle would be like a flash, probably more durable and can move at that speed. Its a compromise vehicle, its only meant to allow the max to get from A-B without having to waste another 450 resources.
  5. Daigons

    Two thumbs up for the removal of MAX charge and two fingers in the eyes of those low life players who only play MAXs.
  6. FieldMarshall

    Assuming it would work like its PS1 counterpart, i think travel mode is reasonably balanced compared to the other MAX abilities.
    Its also situational which is nice.

    Though (comparing it to PS1) i would suggest lowering its speed and making it a cooldown ability.
    Maybe even increase damage taken while traveling, to prevent unstoppable MAX crashes.
  7. Savadrin

    I can just see a whole army of Raven MAXes charging my player base, and it hurts already.
  8. Metalsheep

    Tank Mines are already an existing counter to a tactic like a Travel Mode crash. Im not sure how Flak Armor mitigates Tank Mines on PTS, but they already 1shot MAX units. They would be quite hard to dodge while running full speed with your turning ability reduced. And even if Flak allows you to take one, you can just stack mines.

    Out in the open a Travel Mode MAX would also still be prey to most vehicles that can outrun them. Which should be all of them aside from maybe MBTs. Which could still plink them with good aim. They just wouldnt be AS easy to kill as they are now.
  9. Kristan

    +1 to that.