Game balance and you.

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  1. Ourous

    I go straight for the most underpowered/least used guns because they're generally the most fun/interesting
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  2. siiix

    thats because what people think is OP , is actually UP for the really good players

    as far as aiming i'm one of the worst players there is, over all i do very well but mostly support

    i use the fracture every day now, on a good day i can get a 1.2 KDR maybe, its surer rare that i can kill a SKILLED enemy equipped with machine gun with my max lev5 kinetic amor + dual fracture.. of course unless he has already damaged HP

    a player with superior aim would never use that junk to kill , simply because machine guns kill in probably half the time ... what the fracture and shotguns do is give the really bad aim players a chance to get SOME kills

    the fracture (and shotguns) gives noobs a chance to maybe reach a KDR of 1, but the best of the best would get MUCH lover KDR then what they usually have if they only use shotguns and fractures

    so its NOT pride... and ALL weapons ARE well balanced ! u chose the weapon that fits your skill set the best

    you want proof:
    here is my brilliant stats (BR58) KDR 0.31!/5428010618038844593/killboard
  3. ent|ty

    I like inbalance, gives me a chance to show how a supposed UP weapon, faction or feature can still own. Then laugh at players who come to forums to ask for it to be nerfed.

    Excellent, I like your attitude :D Let's go on a Lasher rampage.
  4. IamDH

    You don't like getting kills?
    I find it unlikely that someone would pick a worse weapon if he had an option
  5. Posse

    The nerf cries are always exaggerated, there was never something that was completely gamebreaking and actually heavily shifted the outcomes at a macro level.
  6. esperen

    The problem with this line of thinking is that is drastically undermines the whole purpose of this game: three factions battling it out and being inherently balanced.

    When one faction gains a huge advantage in weapons or vehicles, most pubbies are going to jump ship and join that faction. Case in point: Mattherson. Where god knows how many players have gone over to the VS because of this supposed ZOE awesomeness. It renders the other factions **** and unable to do anything productive because they are basically outpopped everywhere they go.

    Solution: Actually test this **** and stop leaving it up to the players to do so. Encourage test server use somehow (sc for game time/ useful comments?) The fixes that keep coming out of SOE are horribad. You go from something underpowered to way over the top without any middle ground. It's ridiculous.