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  1. Ziggurat8

    So I've been thinking about loadstars from PS1 and I think the game could use something to fly ground vehicles around the map. I never liked the idea of driving vehicles into air craft, just seems to clunky and slow.

    Enter the Galaxy Skyhook. It would be essentially the same as a galaxy with the personnel section of the Galaxy removed. It would maintain the same gunner positions as the current galaxy but have no extra seats. In place of the troop section it would have a cable that would latch onto friendly vehicles and hoist them up under the galaxy. The vehicle would then be arial released with a parachute system and float slowly to the ground.

    While in transit the transported vehicle is non functional until after landing on the ground. The vehicle would be vulnerable to enemy AV during the entire process so dropping them into the middle of a battlefield could be a very risky maneuver. They could even be destroyed separate from the skyhook during transport but would cause massive damage to the skyhook if destroyed while engaged.
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  2. Colodie

    I see too may problems with tanks and fury buses on the roof of the base farming infantry nonstop. Wouldbyou really like lockdown prowlers ontop of towers and every single mountain? However this is sonthing tht could add a lot to the game.

    The way I see it the galaxy would sacrifice its wing guns and passenger space. The skycrane galaxy would alo loose safefall for its occupants.

    It would essentially land ontop of a vehicle and the driver could enter the galaxy like a infantry enters a tank. The vehicle would be completly disabled while in flight. To drop the vehicle the vehicl driver would pick a location in a cone underneath the galaxy. The location must not be in a no deploy zone and also have sufficent space around it to prevent vehicles on mountains or wedged in impossible places. A skycrane would then land the vehicls in the designated spot. The skycrane would be its own separate vehicle and could be shot down to destroy the package. It would have about as much health as a valk. There would be no way to cancel the drop once it had started

    To drop the galaxy must use skycranes. Each vehicle costs a certan amounk of skycranes to drop. Flash would take one harassers 3, Lightnings and ANT's 4 and MBT's and Sundies would take 6. A galaxy would be able to carry 12 skycranes max.

    The galaxy would be able to carry 6 flashes at a time 2 harassers and 1 of every other vehicle.
  3. PlanetBound

    Battlefield Vietnam had that feature. Really difficult to hook on but it was cool once you got the hang of it. I'm in.
  4. FateJH

  5. Anonynonymous

    I don't know. Do you really want people placing and deploying sunderers or god forbid the prowlers on high and normally impossible to get to spots? Maybe limit it to weight class of lighting tanks and below? But that will still be pretty broken.
  6. Ziggurat8

    I don't really see it as being that big of a problem. Every empire has long range AV. Sitting on top of a mountain or base gives you very limited mobility. Traction is the same, so if you couldn't drive up to the spot, getting dropped onto it means if you move to far you'll slide down or fall off. The term is referred to as "sitting duck" C4 LA would have s field day, AV MAXs and long range AV would easily pick them off.

    As for sunderers, no deploy zones are the same so you're not going to be able to deploy on top of say an enemy tech plant or something like that. Deploying on top of or behind mountain ranges already happens quite a bit. It's infantry, unless it's directly outside of a base I usually ignore big groups of infantry in hills and mountains.

    Imagine a prowler locked down on top of a base. I cant think of many things that would be a bigger better target than that. Sure you could park it up there and lock it down, but it's not running away at 30% hp like locked down prowlers do in normal engagements. It will drive off, flip over and explode, sit there and explode, or tie down 4 engineers trying to keep it alive. Still not that big of a deal.