[Suggestion] GALAXY DEPLOYMENT: New era of sky bases

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  1. Mr. Creative Ideas

    Part I. Introduction

    Hi all. Today we gonna talk about Galaxy and, especially - the absolutely new concept of a mobile spawn base in the air. Are you interested? So, let’s go.
    Galaxy… the biggest air vehicle in the game, one of the most expensive to spawn and so.. underestimated. But I think, we can change this.
    My suggestion is to make an opportunity for every Galaxy to deploy and transform into mobile spawn base the same as Sundy does it. But with one remark -
    Galaxy will be able to do this right in the air...
    But how it will work?
    Part II. Mechanism of working

    Every Galaxy, without buying any upgrade or module can deploy, being in the air. To do this, it has to reach its minimum speed (1-5 KPH) and deploy (pressing deployment button, “B”, as a default).
    Being deployed, Galaxy starts to levitate in the air and doesn’t moves at all. Even the pilot can’t move it until he will undeploy Galaxy. Being deployed, all players can choose levitating Galaxy as a mobile base, like Sundy.
    That’s how it looks from the air and ground:
    But, where will players spawn?..
    Part III. The cargo compartment of Galaxy
    Look at the picture below. All Galaxy have already a cargo compartment at the rear part. You can even see a silhouette of a door, marked with some red dots.
    So, when Galaxy will deploy in the air, the cargo compartmentdoor will open automatically and there will be a small area inside of the aircraft, where:
    • new players will spawn
    • an equipment terminal (for switching weapon and classes, including MAX) will be situated.
    • Smth like this:
    • [IMG]
    Part IV. Some important balance and technique aspects
    - All players, that spawn on (or in) Galaxy appear in that small area for cargo.
    - All players, that leave Galaxy during its deployment automatically enters the cargo area and do not fall.
    - All players, that are inside the cargo area can get inside Galaxy - they can use Galaxy’s weapons to defend or just sit there.
    - When the pilot leaves his sit, Galaxy doesn’t fall. Same with the death. Galaxy will stay in the air for 20 min without no one inside and then - despawn.
    - Players inside the cargo area CAN repair it, using repair tools.
    - During deployment, even a pilot can’t move Galaxy.
    - If there players inside cargo compartment and Galaxy has been undeployed all players will automatically put inside Galaxy. If there more than is possible, some of them will fall.

    Part V. Additional modules
    To make Galaxy more sustainable from attacks, I suggest adding some defensive modules in addition to those, that we already have.
    These are what we have right now:
      1. [IMG]
      2. I suggest to add next modules:
      3. - Deployment shield (works the same, as Sundy’s)
      4. - NEW: Ambient illusion. It works only when Galaxy is deployed. Being deployed, Galaxy becomes invincible but creates some illusions of itself around Galaxy at different distances, according to the level of the module. Enemyes can fire at Galaxy illusions, but do not harm Galaxy and do not reveal it. Although, if someone will heat real Galaxy (that is invincible) the illusions will be deactivated for 10 seconds.
    So, that it’s I hope, the people will like this idea. Of course, I know about Galaxy deployment in the past (that it existed), but it was pretty the same as the Sundy one - not in the air. Here, I decided to go further. If you liked this idea, comment it.
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  2. Demigan

    Nope nope nope.

    In the beta we had deployable Galaxies. They needed to be landed for it to work but they overshadowed the Sunderer and vehicle combat so much that it made them nigh on obsolete.
    And you are trying to introduce even better versions by making it deploy while flying.

    I'm all for deployable Galaxies if they have proper restrictions and advantages. For example you can only deploy them a certain distance outside of bases. But when you do it offers you the ability to spawn light vehicles like Lightnings there, potentially fueled by Cortium as well.
    That way a Galaxy becomes a pocket PMB. Quick to set up, gives you a chance to set up flanks with light vehicles and gives the defenders a chance to call in vehicle support without relying on the vehicle pads that will almost guaranteed be locked down by the attackers.

    If someone says "but what about my construction? That makes construction almost obsolete!". Well construction was a bad appandage to the game from the start. Hives sucked for everyone except the one building it and without Hives their use has become glorified spawnpoints and Router generators. The construction system needs to be overhauled to be faster and have more connection to the main game.
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  3. TR5L4Y3R

    hhhhmmm .... let´s rather not have skybases .... and iirc galaxies are already mobile spawnpoints for squads and platoons like with the valkyrie ..
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  4. Mr. Creative Ideas

    thank you for replying! so, let me right now say some things
    Yeah, I know about Galaxy's deployment in beta. I didn't test it, but it was rather the same one, as Sundy has even right now. What I suggest is absolutely different - an opportunity to spawn right in the air.
    So, I see you are worried about its super popularity?
    I think it's a balance error, that can be fixed by:

    -changing the cost of Galaxy when it's created
    -making a time restriction for deployment (from 5 min to 20 min, according to amount of players in the area)

    Also, do not forget, that Galaxy is an air vehicle and it's much much easier to destroy (or at least detect) it than Sundy. With Sundy, you can just hide in the bushes and turn on an invisible mode, but not with Galaxy.
    With Galaxy, you have to defend yourself from constant attacks of:
    -enemies air vehicles
    -ground anti-air vehicles
    -anti-air turrets
    so many ways to destroy Galaxy... it's not true?
  5. Mr. Creative Ideas

    thank you for commenting! and right now, let me say something..
    Of course, I know the fact, that Galaxies are already mobile spawnpoints for squads and platoons, but.. is it enough? I mean, this transport cost 450 nanites, which is more than almost any other vehicle. Also, comparing Gal to its efficiency and theoretical possibilities I'm sure that Galaxy will be in the last place in this virtual top.

    Of course, it's very very hard to find any balanced solutions in the game like PlanetSide 2 - because of enormous locations, the enormous amount of players at one moment on the battlefield.
    But I think. anything can be changed, fixed, corrected. Of course, if you will write more concrete things and problems we have to know and to solve... :)
  6. Demigan

    1. Currently squads and platoons already have no problem wasting 3 entire Galaxies to Gal drop. You would just have made that cheaper by letting them re-use their Galaxies for free.
    2. Restrictions based on amount of players in the area is a mute point. Players would simply spawn in on one of the many air-towers that won't be contested and have virtually zero population. Additionally you cannot prevent players from spawning Galaxies in the Warpgate. It would be unfair and bad gameplay to spawn in on the Warpgate and find out you can't spawn something because someone else already did a moment ago.
    3. Galaxies are much harder to destroy and detect than a Sunderer. A Sunderer needs to use the roads to reach it's destination, a Galaxy does not. Galaxies would simply move to the sky ceiling where they'll render only about a Hex out, but be rarely spotted because it's not in player view unless they are specifically looking for it. There is also at least 4x more AV weapons available to destroy Sunderers than there is AA available on top of that there's about 50x more AV actually pulled at any point in time which makes the "but there's so many things that can damage it!" argument mute. Besides that it's about effectiveness of destroying the target. By simply moving to the sky ceiling before deploying you can eliminate almost every single ground-based AA platform from being a viable threat and the air-game hasn't been enjoyed by the average player for literal years now so you would leave destruction of these Galaxies up to the few air users in the game. Ofcourse I haven't even mentioned the fact that you can repair it from the inside of the Galaxy, which is ludicrously powerful.
      We already know how this works out because we already have had squads and platoons using the squad-spawn feature to hover at the sky ceiling and basically do the exact thing you are describing but with less advantages behind it: They are almost impossible to remove unless you have air-superiority above the base.
    The feature wouldn't create good gameplay. It just makes Sunderers almost obsolete, it makes it easier to spawn in on area's and circumvent defenders, it is much harder to get rid off once it's there, it's easier and faster to get to the next base unhindered, the only way to "balance" this is by creating such giant restrictions and disadvantages into the feature that it becomes nigh impossible to balance.
  7. Mr. Creative Ideas

    nice to hear some critics! so, let's discuss it...

    Yeah, this can be true. But do all players in the game plays in squads and platoons? I think not. Teamwork is essential importantant in such games like PL2, but as I think, squads and platoons should have the same opportunities, than usual solo players, because they already have the strongest weapon in the game - cooperation.
    Also, anything or almost anything we will add to the game will change squads and platoons gameplay. If we make it easier for the players, we do the same for squads. It's inevitable, but this doesn't mean that it's something bad. It means, that we have to pay more attention to those suggestions.

    So, my idea wasn’t just to make a limit of Galaxy which you can spawn. My idea was to make a limit for deployment time. From 5 to 20 min, according to different aspects, like the number of players in nearby. This means, that if there are, for example, many players, the Galaxy will be able to deploy just for 5 min, and then undeploy.
    I think, there isn't any problem in quantities of Galaxies, rather - in their efficiency.

    Nope. As there aren't any obstacles in the air it's also very easy to detect Galaxy. Just look at it and mark. Of course, you are right about those Galaxies, that climb as high to the sky as it's possible, but they are remaining undetectable only because there aren't interesting for anyone. The same with Sundy or any other vehicle, that hides on the edge of the map - no one can detect them, but also they are quite useless.
    A problem, that I see here and which you also marked is a difficulty in killing those Galaxies. But there are many possibilities in the game to change this. The only thing we have to do - is to understand what we want. As I understand, we need to make Galaxy not so strong and unreachable. These becomes possible if:
    -we will add more damage, more fire range for anti-air turrets against Galaxy;
    -it's also possible to create new types of anti-air turrets, based on rockets lock-on missiles;
    -we can make infantry rockets launchers (that have Heavy Assault) cheaper, add them damage or range against Galaxy;
    and many other things. BUT
    We shouldn't do it all at one time. We have to find a balance. I just said ideas, that can create it.

    I don't know, what will be interesting for people. All of us are unique, and all of us want something special. This forum was created with the purpose of sharing ideas, that every player could have. Game balance, in my opinion, is a very flexible thing. It's hard to find it, but it's even harder to think, that something won't work until it won't be realized.
    Thank you for criticizing me, I appreciate it. Write more, if you want!
  8. JustGotSuspended

    I'm guessing you weren't there during beta?

    lol. I appreciate how nicely formatted and all the effort you put in your post. That said I feel you might've not done throughout research on the matter.

    However I don't feel it was a bad idea to let galaxies deploy. Even the terminal at the back, I don't see why they removed because it was handier than it seems. Given how fast sunderers and galaxies can die, I don't feel it would be too game-breaking. They could even have floating "sky-bases" for galaxies only. I remember they had a bug one year where we had floating rocks and trees in the sky. They could take it to the next level and make actual sky bases, see how it works.

    Ofc deployable galaxies then will be the only option of attacking this bases. Transporting a few vehicles would be interesting, if that's possible. I say transport because spawning vehicles there would be a bit op, unless there's a set limit like 2 lightnings or 1 mbt, etc. And ofc, the galaxy should be fitted to either transport infantry, or a handful of vehicles. Not both. With anvils ppl can already flank and drop an armor platoon. Letting modified gals drop 2-3 more isn't gamebreaking.

    For obvious reasons, the invincible galaxy module shouldn't be considered. I'd be against cloaking this thing as well. I'm a bit worried about players falling to their death as well.
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  9. JustGotSuspended

    I don't really agree with you, but the rest of your points I think are fair and have been discussed by the other guy.

    This one I feel doesn't belong here. Squads and platoons will never run out of resources. They have anvils, they have boosts, and they have a lot of players. There's always gonna be a few dudes with enough nanites for vehicles. They have no problem "wasting" mass resources for gal drops as you mention. So letting them reuse galaxies has 0 effect. Whether they reuse them or not, they'll have enough nanites to pull more regardless. It's like increasing nanite costs for the harasser. 0 effect, except for solo players. Plus you mention they throw them away. Thanks to redeployside, I doubt most will reuse their gal (if it's still alive) to travel half the map, over redeploying, pulling a gal elsewhere or spawning in another available one.
  10. Mr. Creative Ideas

    hello! so nice to read your comment, thank you)
    Unfortunately not. :(

    Thank you!) I really try to share my suggestions as clear and interesting as it’s possible.

    Omg, that is very good, that not only I understand the fragility of Sundys and Gals. Also, very nice idea about sky-bases.
    Absolutely agree, squads and platoons always will be remaining the most powerful weapon in the game and, as they have tons of resources it’s quite naive to worry about their total domination if we will add deployable galaxies.
    I mistook, I had to say invisible galaxies, but not invincible. So, Gal will be able to become invisible but will spawn around itself its illusions. If you will hit the invisible Gal, its invisibility and illusions will be turned off.

    Thank you, write more, if you want. It’s very nice to read such types of comments!
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  11. pnkdth

    Rather than assuming everything else has to be as-is and with more of a "yes, and..."-attitude I really like this idea as concept.

    For its implementation to not overshadow the Sunderer there are number of things which can be done to make each different:
    • Making the sunderer more tanky and/or giving the driver a weapon slot. Change the shield module to be always on or something more creative. Additionally, it could even turned into something scarier (at a cost) to make it more of a focal point.
    • During deployment mode a Galaxy becomes a more vulnerable target by reducing airspeed and rocket launchers (and other lock-on weapons) more quickly locks on to target. Reduced airspeed would also make it an easier target for "dumb" weapons like flak cannons.
    • Restricted from flying too high up, doing so deactivates the deployment and puts you down to a cooldown to activate again (to prevent players from bobbing up and down).
    My aim here to have air units feel more engaged in the battle while not overshadowing ground, for example, making sure the Galaxy doesn't become something which is flying around at the flight ceiling but actually forces it to get down into the fight if it wants to add to the fight.
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  12. OneShadowWarrior

    Galaxies were mobile spawn points when the game was first released, there were no ground battles, so they removed it.
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  13. LodeTria

    You know people don't know what they are talking about when they say squads are using galaxys to travel.
    They use valks instead and if you spent anytime actually in a squad interested in capping bases, you'd know that.
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  14. Mr. Creative Ideas

    Of course, I will give more creative ideas!) Let’s start

    So, I was thinking about such upgrades for Sunderer which could make it stronger. This is what I decided:
    1. Separate defensive modules into 2 groups: defensive modules, which work passively and make it more tanky, and those, which help Sundy to be safer when deployed or to support allies. Here is the new list of modules (some of them are new):
    Self-defense modules

    - Nanite Auto Repair System (without changes)
    - Mine guard (+70% damage reduction from mines and +800 health points)
    - Armor compaction (+30% damage reduction from small arms and +400 hp)
    - Reinforced armor ( +20 damage reduction from big arms and +400 hp)
    - Anti-explosion armor (+50% damage reduction from C-4 and +1000 hp)
    Small arms - all infantry rockets launchers, anti-personnel and anti-air turrets, Harasser’s and ANT’s arms, Valkyrie’s arms.
    Big arms - anti-ground turret, arms of all other not mentioned ground and air vehicles.
    Base-defense modules
    - Deployment shield (+2500 shields when deployed and +500 shield in undeployed, normal status)
    - SCM (without changes)
    - Vehicle Ammo Dispenser (without changes)
    - Proximity Repair System (without changes)

    2. Add more utility modules, such as:
    Utility modules
    - Gate Shield Diffuser (without changes)
    - Smoke Screen (without changes)
    - Fire Suppression System (without changes)

    - "Chameleon" module (makes Sunderer invisible for 6 seconds and gives it movement boost: increase maximum speed, acceleration, brakes, traction, and turns; Cooldown: 90 sec)
    - Emergency shield (gives Sunderer 1000 shields for 10 sec or until they will be destroyed, Cooldown: 60 sec)
    - Metamorph shield (restores Sunderer its volume of shields and gradually reduces shield damage for 20 seconds to 90%; Cooldown: 80 sec)
    Sunderer has shields only when Deployment shield is installed. So, Metamorph shield will restore 500 or 2500 shields, according to the status of Sundy (deployed/undeployed)
    - Metamorph armor (restores additional vehicle health (if there is) and gradually reduces damage for 20 seconds to 90%; Cooldown: 80 sec)
    By additional vehicle health, I mean only the health points, that Sunderer gain by using Self-Defensive modules (Mine guard, Armor compaction, Reinforced armor, and Anti-explosion armor)

    3. Also, I have some theoretical ideas about the ability to spend nanites, for making temporal upgrades of Sundy, but this will be discussed later.

    For now, it’s all, thank you for your attention. Please, comment, if you want :)
  15. Mr. Creative Ideas

    After Sundy, I will say my Galaxy suggestions.
    1. Add next defensive modules (function only when deployed):
    - Ambient illusion. When deployed, makes Galaxy invisible, but creates illusions of Galaxy in a certain radius around it (maximum - 70 meters). Illusions are invulnerable but exist only for 20-30 seconds and that appear in other places. A maximum number of illusions - 3. If anyone will hit the real Galaxy, its invisibility and illusions will be turned off for 10 sec.
    - Deployment shield. (the same, as I described it for a new Sunderer)
    - Gravitational distortion. When deployed, generates a gravitation area around Galaxy, that distorts most of the projectiles, that were going to Galaxy. Chance of distortion - 60%.

    2.Add next utility modules (function, only when activated, except for Crew landing system):
    - Decoy Flares (without changes)
    - Fire Suppression System (without changes)
    - Warp maneuver (or Blink). When activated, teleport Galaxy for a short distance in the direction of its movement. Blink distance: 400-500 meters. Cooldown: 90 sec.
    - Afterburner. When activated, increase Galaxies mobility: acceleration, roll, turns, and air brakes for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 80 sec.
    - Sky shield. When activated, Galaxy gains a shield, that absorbs 100% of damage for 5 sec. Cooldown: 180 seconds.
    - Crew landing system. Function passively. Has there levels, that proves a unique upgrade for those, who fall from Galaxy, such as:
    First level. Gain the ability to better control the trajectory of falling.
    Second level. Gain the ability to control the speed of falling - you can increase or decrease it.
    Third level. Gain the ability to make a super-short blink in the air into the direction of your view (only once for falling). Distance - 10 meters.

    That's all for now.
  16. Johannes Kaiser

    I find this idea highly interesting, but - as others have pointed out before - dangerous.
    Although I think this could relatively easily be sorted: Only allow a Galaxy to deploy up to 300 m above the ground. This means it is within lockon range all the time. Will people fail to see it? Probably some, but it should be about thumb-sized or something. Easy to see if yu are looking for it. Will people choose to not attack it even when spotted? Certainly. But guess what, that is their choice and subsequently their problem. A 300 m altitude Galaxy is easy to spot and to destroy, which should balance the fact that is it quite darn convenient to use. Maybe cap the possible repair per second, otherwise you'll have 3 just about untargetable Engies repairing the thing constantly, effectively negating all but the most concentrated efforts.